Triumphs and Victories: A Closer Look at the Six of Wands

Let’s learn about the wonderful six of wands tarot card and their many meanings.

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There is an air of diplomacy and victory in the six of wand's tarot card. In this particular depiction, we see a mirrored image of a woman who sits upon the sand dunes in the desert. Three wands are positioned on either side of the woman. The sky is a fiery red and orange, adorned with the King Cobra snake, flower motifs, and a large moon. The woman’s dress seems to be made out of a celestial body and she is glancing toward a better and secure future. This card really encapsulates the essence of the wand suit within the tarot deck. How exactly should you interpret this card when it shows itself within your tarot card spread? First and foremost, it’s important to understand the suit of wands and why it’s crucial to the tarot deck as a whole. 

What are the wand suits? 

The suit of wands is one of the four suits within the tarot deck. This suit is associated with the minor arcana which has to do with everyday events. The suit of wands is usually associated with primal energy, spirituality, inspiration, determination, strength, intuition, creativity, ambition, expansion, and original thoughts. 

It also relates to the source of energy and it symbolizes human willpower. This suit can be a powerful card in a tarot reading and can usually symbolize a person’s creative potential. There is also the astrological connection between the suit of wands and the fire signs of the zodiac wheel. 

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The Astrological Connotations of the Six of Wands 

The suit of wands is associated with Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo signs. Specifically, we are looking at the six of wands, which actually represents the planet Jupiter placed in the sign of Leo. The six of wands is commonly coined as the victory card and with the planetary placements, we can see why this card is associated with victory. 

The planet Jupiter was called "The Greater Benefic" by ancient astrologers. Jupiter in Leo can often create pride in oneself, which can be healthy but when imbalanced, can become toxic. Leo represents royalty and leadership and can be considered the fire sign who is the most outgoing out of the other two. The connections between the six of wands and these celestial bodies are important when looking closely at the depictions and meanings of the card itself. 

Numerology of the number six 

Since the tarot deck is closely related to playing cards, we can compare the suits in the tarot to the suits in playing cards. Numerology is just as important when looking at the suit cards or “pip” cards. The number six is the number of self-actualization, the combination of masculine and feminine energy, and the importance of balance. 

The number six in the Kabbalist tree of life also represents harmony and communication. The number six is included in the emotional triad of the Kabbalistic tree of life. When talking about the six of swords, it’s important to remember how this number impacts your reading. 

The wands are an important part of the minor arcana suits. Photo courtesy of Rodnae Productions.

The six of wands keywords: 

  • Success
  • Victory
  • Public recognition 
  • Progress
  • Achievements
  • Recognition 

The six of wands in a tarot spread

The six of wands in a general sense are associated with triumph and victory. It can also illustrate the powerful and fearless energy of a person. It can show that the battle has been won and you are the one on top. Of course, this meaning can vary according to which type of spread you are practicing. With every card, there is a dualistic approach, and this depends on if the card is in an upright position or a downturned one. 

Upright position in love

In regards to a love tarot card spread, this card is an absolute victory for you! This card can represent the battle of a relationship you have fought for and have won. This is a testament to your achievements and a sure sign that this relationship will benefit you in the future. This card can also represent your partner in the relationship, who may feel the same way. Both parties will share the wealth of many accomplishments. 

This is a card of endless and fearless support from one another, and you know that you can count on each other. If you have been experiencing some sort of issues in a relationship, it can signify the end of these troubles, which will ultimately benefit the relationship. The time and attention you have been putting into this relationship will pay off in the end. 

Upright position in career

This card is definitely a lucky one when it comes to your career and monetary status. Be prepared for things to increase rapidly! The six of wands is considered a good omen in all aspects of life, but especially when it comes to your career. There is a chance that your efforts will be publicly recognized within your company or the general public. If you work in a field that constantly works in the public eye, this card gives you the okay that you’re doing well and it’ll grant you wonderful opportunities. 

There is a chance that a promotion or great new career choice will make itself known. This choice will be easy for you to make because you feel secure and ready to grow. Regarding finances, you are currently stable and confident that your wealth will continue to increase. This card is also telling you to enjoy your hard earnings and treat yourself like the champion you are!

Upright position in your life journey

The six of wands are a blessing when it comes to affirming the journey you are on in life. This card shows confidence and optimism for the future. It can also be a significant card for good health physically and mentally. It’s a reminder to yourself that you are doing amazing so far and there are many more blessings to come. 

If you’ve been working on a lot of personal problems and issues, this card is here to let you know that you are on the right path to success and that whatever you’re doing to take care of yourself is paying off. This card may also mean you’ll be receiving some sort of recognition from someone or a group of people. Although this card is an amazing one to have within your spread, it can be a gentle reminder to be humble in all your endeavors. 

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Downturned position in love

The six of wands in a downturned position can be a little alarming when it comes to love spreads. When this card makes itself known, it can affirm that you’re trying to fix a lost cause when it comes to relationships. It is the opposite of feeling triumphant and victorious. It could indicate that there is a spiritual or mental block that is causing you or your partner to avoid fixing a relationship. 

This can also indicate that there is no confidence in yourself (or a partner) and it’s becoming an issue in the relationship. The love that you deserve is not being given to you. When this card shows itself in a reversed position, it’s telling you to really think about if this relationship will be worth it in the end. 

Downturned position in career

The opposite of victory and triumph is loss and uncertainty. There is a loss of success in your career or finances. This card is a waving red flag when it's reversed in a career and finance spread. There could be the possibility that you may lose an important deal in your job or there will be a big financial burden or loss very soon. 

If you’ve been working on a project that seems to constantly be failing, it could be a sign to let this project go to avoid further loss for you. It can also be an affirmative nod toward ill feelings within your job setting. This card is a warning! 

Downturned position in your life journey 

The downturned position of the card is the opposite in career and love spreads and isn’t any different regarding the position in your life journey. If you’re asking a question during this spread, it can mean that you’re going in the wrong direction and if you continue to take this path, it could be detrimental to you and your spiritual well-being. Your time is being spent on constantly doubting yourself or a certain situation, and this is causing stress.

It can also be pointing out that you haven’t been properly recognized for the work that you’ve been doing, especially for yourself. There could be a hostile environment that isn’t celebrating the successes you've been achieving. This can be a reminder to surround yourself with a great support system and people you trust because this card can also represent treachery

The lesson given by the six of wands

This card can become a sort of wild card, especially when you are looking at upright and downturned positions. Overall, this card is an important aspect of your reading and it can be an essential part of making a certain decision. Remember that this card represents fire and life, it’s giving you a gentle reminder to enjoy your successes and take care of yourself and your spiritual well-being. 

What do you associate with this card and how has it affected your readings?

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