The Zero Waste Cleaning Supplies You Must Have

How to make the cleaning experience sustainable and effective.

Cleaning supplies don’t need harmful chemicals to work effectively. Image Courtesy of Unsplash

The coronavirus pandemic has made many of us extremely scared of dirt, bacteria, and viruses. Many families across the world are overusing hand sanitizer, bleach, and many other chemical solutions that clean effectively different kinds of surfaces. While cleanness is very important for us more than ever, it is important to acknowledge that cleaning should not be a synonym of overusing chemicals that harm our planet.

Just in 2020, the demand for bleach has grown exponentially, even though it has been widely reported that the over exposure to bleach can cause health damage to our body or to our skin. As the climate change consequences are getting bigger and more problematic every year in different countries across the world, let’s aim for cleaning techniques that are effective, sustainable, and healthy for your body and for the planet. Here are some of the most sustainable cleaning supplies on the market that you can buy right now from home. 

L.O.C. Multi-Purpose Cleaner by Amway

One bottle of L.O.C. cleaner will last you about a year! Image Courtesy of Amazon.

One of the biggest contributors to climate change and the environmental crisis is the immense amount of trash that we produce every day. Food packaging, single-use plastics, and any kind of package that doesn’t make it to the recycling center.

The cleaners that you see in the grocery store are diluted with water, you use a ton of it very quickly, and then you go to buy more after a couple of weeks. So over time, you are producing a lot of trash with the cleaner containers that are often made with some of the thickest and most pollutant plastics there are.

The great thing about L.O.C is that it is highly concentrated, so you only need one bottle for several months as you will dilute the cleaner with tap water to use it. You can have a reusable bottle at home, a bucket, or any cleaning tool so that you can mix the cleaner with water. You can clean any washable surface with L.O.C, even your hands!
One bottle of 33.8 fl. oz. is enough for 353 uses, this means that you can clean every day for almost one year straight with that same bottle! You can order your L.O.C. cleaner here. It will save you time, money, and space in your trash bin!

100% Cotton Wash Cloths by Softolle. 

An average person uses 3000 paper towels a year, this means that 13 billion pounds of paper towels are used every single year! Hundreds of trees and millions of gallons of water are used to supply our demand for paper towels, but the truth is, we don’t really need them. We could just be using reusable towels, wash them, and save a lot of trees on the way.

The 100% cotton wash cloths by Softolle are multipurpose towels highly absorbent and non scratchy. You can use these multipurpose towels to wash for face, for the gym, or to clean your kitchen or any part of your house. You can even use them for restaurants, hotels, or any commercial space to clean the dust and the dirt. They are even more absorbent than paper towels, so they will make your cleaning experience easier, faster, and you won’t have to buy paper towels any more!

You can order your 24 piece kit of reusable towels here, to start cleaning the surfaces around you in the most sustainable way!

All Purpose Scrubber by Redecker

A wonderful cleaning tool that is plastic-free. Image Courtesy of Reddecker.

Many art teachers say that painting requires skills, but also good quality tools and supplies, without them, it is hard for painters to come up with a great painting, even if they have great skills. The same happens when it comes to cleaning. Cheap tools are mass produced to be sold at very affordable prices, but there is no quality guaranteed. Quite the opposite, you might struggle even more to clean with those tools, and to make things worse. Most of these cheap supplies are made of plastic, one of the biggest pollutants on our planet.

The All Purpose Scrubber by Redecker has stiff bristles made of natural fibers. It is heat resistant, and highly durable. It is highly recommended to use it in pots, pans, and different kinds of surfaces that require heavy duty cleaning. The scrubber is made in Germany with untreated beachwood so the materials are very sturdy. If you want it to be long lasting make sure to wash it with mild shampoo and air dry.  You can order yours here.

Essential Oils by Young Living.

Some of the best aromas from nature are now in a little bottle. Image Courtesy of Huffington Post.

One of the most natural and effective ways to clean is using essential oils. Essential oils come from different plants, fruits, and vegetables. They are highly concentrated and processed to make sure you get only the very best part of the plant. Lime oil is a very effective one. Try diffusing lime oil to purify your house, office, or environment around you. You can also add a few drops to an atomizer with water to disinfect surfaces in your kitchen and in your house.

Lime oil can also remove grease, oil, or even crayon marks! One of the wonderful things about essential oils is that you can use them for multiple things. The refreshing aroma of the lime essential oil uplifts your environment as well and encourages creativity. It is perfect for students, classrooms, children, or any working environment in times when you might feel uninspired to work.

 Young Living essential oils are some of the best available in the market. They don’t contain chemicals, and they are highly concentrated, so you will only need a few drops depending on what you are using it for and it will be a long-lasting investment that can clean the surfaces and the air around you. You can get your lime essential oil here and start using this wonderful gift from nature to us!

Bamboo Mop and Duster by Microfiber Wholesale

Some of the most needed cleaning supplies are now made of bamboo in a very effective and sustainable way. Image Courtesy of Amazon.

When it comes to zero waste cleaning supplies it is important to stop for a minute and think. Where do the raw materials from this product come from? How does that affect the environment? What are some of the most sustainable raw materials? The answer to the last question is: bamboo. Bamboo is a type of plant that grows very quickly, doesn’t require pesticides or chemical fertilisers, and grows in different kinds of environments.

For the last couple of years, many companies with sustainable values have been exploring the potential of bamboo in many products that we use in our everyday life. The ultimate example of this exploration is the bamboo mop and duster. These tools are super helpful in every house to clean out the dust on the floor, shelves, and all kinds of surfaces. The mop is lightweight and has a maneuverable full 360° swivel, perfect to clean surfaces hard to reach. The duster has a flexible core to accomodate your needs, and everything is machine washable by following the instructions included in the package. 

Say goodbye to plastic tools and welcome these extremely helpful tools by ordering them here. 


Cleaning your windows, making your silverware shine again, getting rid of ants, cleaning difficult surfaces, and removing bath stains. These are some of the many uses for distilled vinegar. Vinegar has been used ever since the ancient Babylonians were around back in 3000 B.C. Over the last couple of centuries, scientists have discovered the biggest potential of vinegar, and how it can be used for multiple purposes.

This is a great substance to have at home as it is natural, it won’t contain chemicals that pollute water once you flush it away, and it is not made with harmful chemicals as many other cleaners that are currently sold in the supermarket. If you are not convinced yet, take a look at the 50 uses for distilled vinegar. It is so versatile that it will be one of your favorite substances to clean now!

You are nature, you are part of the environment that composes this planet. Remember that everything that comes from labs, and is synthetic, will have some sort of negative impact in the environment. Sometimes it will be small, sometimes it will be huge, but it is still a negative impact. You are one in 7 billion people across the world, but your actions, and your decisions matter to the planet. Encourage yourself to use sustainable cleaning techniques that will make your life and your home cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable. 

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