The Wellness Aspect of Cannabis

When we talk about wellness, we are talking about much more than just our physical health. Wellness is about our connection between our mind, body, and spirit. It involves more than just going to the doctor once a year. Instead, find ways to seek balance in all aspects of yourself in order to live at your fullest potential.

Now that cannabis has been legalized recreationally in 19 states, more people are turning to cannabis to enhance their overall wellness. Finally, more research is being done on how cannabis can improve people's lives. 

If you are searching google for a “dispensary near me open” don’t go in blind. Know what mental and physical benefits you want to derive from cannabis to guide the strain you choose. The budtenders at your local dispensary are there to help. 

How to Shop for Cannabis to Support Wellness

Cannabis use can be about so much more than “getting high.” It can help you be more creative, get better sleep, enhance your sex life, alleviate chronic pain, and increase appetite. In fact, with the rise of CBD products, you can still reap the benefits of cannabis with none of the psychotropic effects. 

Many brands are embracing the health benefits of cannabis, creating quite a buzz. While many people smoke flower to achieve a stress-relieving high from cannabis, you can also try edibles, tinctures, or topicals. If you are nervous about the psychotropic effects of THC, consider a topical CBD cream. 

If you find yourself feeling anxious, CBD on its own can relieve stress in the mind and body. Many dispensaries offer CBD-infused beverages, which can help when you feel more anxious. 

Choosing the Right Flower or Strain 

Walking into a new dispensary can feel slightly overwhelming, especially if you are new to the world of cannabis. Sativa, Hybrid, Indica, CBD dominant – it can get a little confusing. Turn to your budtender for support. They can help describe aspects of the different products available to give you a sense of how different strains can support your wellness. With this, you can also check the Cannabis dispensary near me for better guidance for various products available for you.

While you may recognize certain strains by name, certain elements may change between dispensaries and farms. If you are shopping for cannabis to relieve a specific symptom, having knowledge of chemotype and chemovars can serve you in choosing the right flower to support your personal wellness journey. 


Type I

THC dominant. This type of cannabis will have the most potent psychotropic effect. It can be great when you want to drop your ego for a while and find a state of creative flow. 

Type II

Has a balanced 1:1 ratio between THC and CBD. Some recent studies argue that this balance improves efficacy with lessened “negative” psychotropic side effects. Most studies on cannabis are still so new that it is hard to say for sure without longer trials to provide more evidence. However, this is the most common chemotype recommended by physicians. 

Type III

CBD dominant. This chemotype can be perfect for newer users or those with a lower tolerance to THC. These will have little to no psychotropic effect depending on the level of THC present. 

Just because THC produces a psychotropic effect doesn’t mean it cannot also support your wellness. Many people use mind-altering substances like alcohol to destress daily – THC is no different. With the legalization of cannabis, the stigma surrounding it is quickly melting away. 


Chemovars are a way of quantifying the specific components present in each plant or strain by distinct chemical groups. This field of research is still relatively new, but it is how different terpene profiles within each cannabis variety have been discovered. Knowledge about chemovars can be helpful when choosing a cannabis product to treat a specific concern. 

Many dispensaries will list which terpenes appear in each strain on their labeling or website. Some common terpenes which alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety  include: 

  • Limonene
  • Caryophyllene 
  • Myrcene 

These three terpenes can help relieve symptoms of chronic pain, like migraines. 

There are many more terpenes, so don’t be shy! Describe to your budtender or wellness provider what you are looking to achieve through using cannabis. Let them guide you towards what cannabis will best support your journey towards a more balanced life. 

Experiment to Find What’s Right for YOU

Cannabis can support all aspects of wellness: mind, body, and spirit. Be willing to try different strains, chemotypes, and terpene profiles to find what best helps YOU. Try an indica gummy to support sleep or a topical CBD lotion for arthritic pain in your hands. 

Now that the stigma around cannabis use has dissolved, it’s easier than ever to find a dispensary near you. Many local dispensaries even deliver. If you are at all curious about how cannabis can support your wellness, be willing to give it a  try. 

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