The Shocking Truth About Travel Blogging

Being a travel blogger is far from an easy job that requires a lot of effort and hard work. This is a very time-consuming work, but in most cases it brings a very strong result.

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Travel blogging is always an irreplaceable opportunity to gain considerable popularity, as well as to earn money. Many bloggers like to "hype", which does not always lead to positive results. However, in general, travel blogging is currently a rapidly developing field, which is very difficult to get into due to the huge competition. But is it always just affordable beach vacations and swanky partner perks, or is there a downside to this stylish new profession?

If a blogger creates something new not only in the field of travel borrowing, but also in blogging - in general, he has the opportunity to gain a considerable audience and a million views on the video. Do not forget that bloggers are creative people who never sit still. They always need to do something, create something, go somewhere and so on. It is for these reasons, Europcar Liverpool is worth it, in order to be more flexible in your movement and not be dependent on the unreliable schedule of public transport.

Learn a lot

If you think that being a travel blogger is an easy job, then you are very wrong. Being a blogger means staying awake at night to create quality content and edit videos. This means always creating video scenarios and thinking about new formats and concepts.

Also, being a travel blogger means constantly choosing new locations for content creation and monitoring all available car hire offers. Without a rented car, it will be very difficult for you to move around, because it will take you a lot of time and nerves to get to the desired place.

A lot of time

Doing travel blogging is also time-consuming. It's one thing to come up with ideas for content, but another thing to start implementing those ideas. Very often, bloggers spend up to 50 hours a week to create a video or something else for their social network profile.

It is especially difficult for those travel bloggers who are just starting out in this business. They buy expensive online courses, sign up for numerous webinars, read many books, and so on. However, in this way, they receive only theoretical knowledge, which is very difficult to apply in practice. This is where their journey to becoming prominent travel bloggers begins…

It’s business

As you mentioned earlier, travel blogging is also an irreplaceable opportunity to earn money. Not all travel bloggers can start earning thousands of dollars in monetization when they start their blog. This is also a very long way, because first you need to develop your page, and only then think about earning.

In this case, travel bloggers do the so-called "rebranding", which consists in running a business page. Your followers will see that you are not just doing your hobby, but making money from it. 

Beginner travel bloggers often like to use cheap car hire, because it is very budget-friendly and helps to save the first money on their blog. If you are interested in this topic, you can visit the website and see some useful tips to start your travel blog.

Full life

Being a travel blogger is always a very interesting activity. Travel bloggers always create new projects, make new acquaintances and do very interesting and unusual things. In other words, being a travel blogger means being a very strong adventurer who always wants to be a kind of Christopher Columbus and discover new places both geographically and innovatively.

Travel bloggers often have to show their audience more than perfect beaches, expensive restaurants and hotels. They also show how ordinary people live, their lives and, in general, the other side of the travel coin....


If you make quality content, you have the opportunity for career development. Moreover, there are several universities that even offer such a specialty as "Travel Blogging". Based on this, you can get an education in this field. Also, you can then meet other travel bloggers and share your ideas with them, which is a huge plus!

You will have the opportunity to hire a car and make a lot of interesting content, as well as - to come to all the necessary seminars on travel blogging between bloggers and not only.

Bad reputation

Unfortunately, travel blogging doesn't always look great and perfect. It has many disadvantages. Loving money very much, travel bloggers very often deceive their audience. This is especially popular among CIS travel bloggers, who act unfairly and cruelly towards their followers and thereby earn themselves a very bad reputation. However, if a travel blogger is engaged in honest activities, does not deceive other people and creates only useful things, then it occupies a leadership position.


Being a travel blogger is far from an easy job that requires a lot of effort and hard work. This is a very time-consuming work, but in most cases it brings a very strong result.

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