The Power of Daily Positive Affirmations

Why You Need Daily Affirmations and How to Make Them

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The power of affirmations are becoming ever more popular as new age and metaphysical ideologies are becoming more widely accepted and understood. But while their popularity may be growing, affirmations are based in ancient wisdom and harness the power of creating your reality. Pop culture awareness began to grow when the book “The Secret” became a bestseller in 2006.

Looking as far back as Buddhist origins, one early form of affirmations are mantras, or chants/ prayers. While the concept of “Creating your reality” may seem mystical, science has begun proving the power of our thoughts and positive thinking as early as the 1970s. Even Henry Ford’s famous quote, “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right,” touches on the power of your intentions.

Without delving too deeply down the rabbit hole of what reality is and how you create your own reality with your perceptions, it’s safe to say there is mounting evidence, even scientifically, that supports the benefits of positive daily affirmations. While ancient mystics from Jesus to Buddha, have preached the power of the mind, neuroscientists and quantum physicists alike see scientific confirmation that our intentions impact our reality.

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Creating a daily practice for positive affirmations can be a powerful ritual for a happier life.

Why Do You Need Positive Daily Affirmations?

Use the power of your intentions to shape your day

Once you accept the power of your intentions, you’ll want to harness that knowledge by applying it to your daily life. If we wake each day and begin mentally going through our list of stressors, to dos, and things upsetting us, not only are we giving those thoughts so much power, we’re starting our day on a negative note and will likely continue through the day with that mindset.

Happiness and fulfillment are a choice, not something that “happens” to you and the best way to find them is to choose them with your intentions. When you incorporate daily positive intentions, you will begin to form the habit of starting each day on a positive note, and give those positive ideas more power in your life.

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Harness your personal power with the “magic” of positive affirmations.

Picking Your Personal Affirmations

Your affirmations should be personalized for you

Daily affirmations are not one size fits all. It’s important to focus on what makes you happy or what you define as happiness. While happiness is fleeting, we have to accept what we believe makes us happy if we ever expect to find it. That will include a combination of positive thinking, acceptance, and gratitude.  

Rarely will material things provide true happiness, though that doesn’t mean you can’t choose affirmations focusing on personal abundance. Just think of abundance as having your needs met, emotionally and physically, versus having the nicest most expensive things. Though many have claimed success attracting wealthy and material gains through positive affirmations and the Laws of Attraction, so if that is what you believe will bring you happiness it’s worth a shot. Just don’t be surprised if when you procure them there’s still some emptiness there yearning to be fulfilled.

Happiness is personal, it will vary from person to person. But there are some agreed upon variables that appear to impact the frequency of happy moments, including:

  • Find a purpose that makes you feel fulfilled and needed
  • Do things that you love
  • Be of service to others
  • Surround yourself in positive relationships
  • Bask in simple pleasures
  • Be grateful for what you have, not disappointed in what you don’t
  • Accept the things you cannot change. In that same vein, accept that everything is temporary, from moments of happiness to moments of sadness, from accomplishments to negative issues, “This too shall pass.”

To choose your personal affirmations think about the concepts above and how they apply to you and your life. What makes you happy? How can you be of service with your unique set of skills and personality? What people bring the most joy into your life, and what people bring the most drama (you may want to limit interaction with them)?

Here are some examples of popular powerful affirmations you may choose to focus on. Choose only the ones that resonate with you or craft your own. Be sure to speak in positive language and focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

  1. I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy
  2. I give myself permission to….[be happy/ do what’s best for me/ accept love]
  3. I give myself space to learn and grow
  4. I will accomplish [insert goal] today
  5. I deserve to be [ loved/ respected/ happy]
  6. I am a great [ mother/ father/ wife/ friend]
  7. I am patient with myself when I make mistakes
  8. I allow myself to be who I truly am without judgement
  9. I am good at helping others….[insert personal trait here]
  10. I am filled with creative ideas and am inspired by the world around me
  11. I am grateful for [insert things/ people you are grateful for]
  12. I deserve abundance and [insert monetary or material goal]
Altar with crystals, candle, roses, and smudge stick
Create a special place to practice each day that is peaceful and calm.

Developing Your Daily Practice

Incorporate your affirmations into every day

Once you have an idea of what you want to attract into your life and you craft your daily affirmations, you should develop a daily ritual to focus on your intentions.

  • Ideally you begin each day as soon as you are able reciting your daily affirmations.  You may also end each day with the same or a different set of daily affirmations.
  • Speaking intentions outloud will give them more power. As you speak them focus on feeling the intention and how you hope it makes you feel within you. Practice imagining and feeling as if each affirmation or goal IS accomplished. For example with the affirmation “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy” After each adjective sit and feel being that feeling, as if you already are. In the same way, envision each goal as if it is already met. Visualize your intentions as if they are real and fulfilled.
  • Writing affirmation can also be powerful and referenced back to. Whether speaking or writing the goal is to put your intentions out into the inverse so it can align with those vibrations outside of your mind.
  • Take a moment to quiet your mind before beginning. You could do a few minute meditation to try and quiet down and negative or stressful thoughts and get to a place of quiet openness to focus on your affirmations.
  • Find a special place to perform your affirmations. It can be as simple as your bed, or a quiet peaceful spot in your home. Find a soft cushion to sit on so you are comfortable but still alert.
  • Try lighting a candle during your practice and focus on the flame as you recite the affirmations.
  • You may also burn soothing incense, sage, or palo santo.
  • Some people find using divinity cards during this ritual to be helpful. You can find Goddess cards, affirmation cards, or any other style that speaks to you for a daily dose of reminders outside your chosen affirmations. They may often show synchronicities and help inspire new affirmations.
  • End your affirmations with a definitive proclamation from Amen to So Mote it Be, So It May Be, or Namaste- then blow out your candle.
  • You may want to sit and reflect for a moment when you’re done, before going about your day. Continue the visualization of your goals and intentions at this time or do a simple mindfulness meditation.

Don’t Delay Start Today

Don’t put off the life of your dreams

Developing a daily affirmation practice is the cornerstone for creating the life you want. Don’t be intimidated to figure them out and dedicate yourself to the process. It’s a truly personal practice that you can create to resonate with you and your personal goals. A happier more productive life is possible, once you begin to diligently take on this practice.

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