The Long Term Health Benefits of Prostate Massaging

Sometimes it’s the things you least expect in life to be healthy for you that actually are. Many people, for instance, are surprised by the long term health benefits of prostate massage. Prostate massage and prostate play may not be the most obvious place to get healthy, but nevertheless, prostate massage can be very healthy for individuals in the long run.

Many men engage in prostate play simply because it’s fun, exciting, and it feels good. Not to mention, it can lead to some of the best o’s in a man’s life. The health benefits of prostate massage are sometimes just an extra perk. However, there are people that use prostate massage regularly for a variety of reasons other than pure pleasure, entertainment, or joy. 

Improved Sensitivity 

Men who engage in regular prostate massage report increased levels of sensitivity around their bits. This impact is heightened over time and can be linked to an increase in blood flow to the genitals. As the blood flow increases, the body becomes more sensitive to stimulation and touch. The result is a higher baseline of sensitivity at any given moment.

Achieving higher levels of sensitivity can make any sensual experience all that more exciting and memorable. As such, men who want to heighten their experience in the bedroom through improved sensitivity to physical touch and stimulation should consider engaging in regular prostate massage.

A prostate massager is a great way for a man to begin exploring the pleasures of prostate play and prostate massage over time. The more one uses their prostate massager, the more sensitive they can become. 

Free Flowing Pathways

As mentioned earlier, regular prostate massage can lead to a blood flow that is more free. This can lead to improved sensitivity and even a stronger physical response to stimulation as well. This can bring a level of spice back into the bedroom, or can just be enjoyed with oneself, too. Finally, an increase in blood flow is good for healing in general. Where blood flows, the body grows stronger. Keeping this in mind, regular prostate massage can promote general healing and recovery in that area.

Blood isn’t the only thing that prostate massage helps facilitate, though. Through engaging in regular sessions of prostate massage, men can also improve the flow of urine through their urethra. There are a lot of different health conditions, and even average situations that can lead to an enlarged or swollen prostate. When this happens, the prostate has a tendency to push on the urethra which can cause any number of discomforts during urination and expulsion. Prostate massage, though, can reduce the swelling of the prostate and therefore alleviate the pressure on the urethra. 

This allows for the urine to flow more freely through the body and can alleviate a good deal of discomfort in the right situation for the right individual. If you’re dealing with chronic discomfort when attempting urination, a visit to your doctor is likely in order. 

Specific Health Cases

There are specific health cases in which prostate massage can even be a part of the treatment. In some situations, doctors will perform a prostate massage manually in order to collect a sample of the liquid. This allows them to perform tests and check for any serious issues. 

In less serious cases, like in the context of prostatitis, a combination of regular prostate massage and antibiotics can be the entire treatment package. Beyond mild cases, prostate massage can reduce the risk of prostate cancer, which is one of the most common cancers in men. 

Addressing General Swelling

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of things that can cause general prostate swelling. This can be uncomfortable and irritating. Prostate massage, however, is an easy way to reduce prostate swelling and alleviate discomfort. 

A swollen prostate can lead to a lot of discomfort, especially during urination as covered above. By reducing the swelling of the prostate through prostate massage, a man is able to take pressure off the urethra, and open up the blood flow as well. All of this promotes long-term health, and should be reason enough for every man to start engaging in regular prostate play. 

Finishing Up With a Last Few Words

Prostate play and prostate massage have specifically become more popular among men of all identities over the past few years. This is partially due to their recognition in popular media formats like sitcoms and films, but is also likely in part due to a larger and more general feeling of acceptance toward all sexual identities and preferences in society.

No matter what has piqued your interest in prostate play, there is a whole world of pleasure for you to discover. A world of pleasure that comes with a whole spectrum of health benefits on the side, nonetheless. 

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