The History of Use and Legalization of Kratom in Italy

What Are the Main Benefits of Kratom? The History of Kratom Use


What is kratom, and is it legal in Italy? The plant is becoming increasingly popular, and many individuals are profiting from it. Users claim it has beneficial effects that make it an effective alternative to other pharmaceutical products.

A kratom capsule sample may be ideal if you’re unsure where to start with the supplement. The plant falls under various legal headings. While some nations choose to regulate it, others forbid it without considering the possible benefits. 

Is Italy one of the nations where the plant is illegal? Keep reading to learn more about the history of the use and legalization of kratom in the country.

The History of Kratom Use

What is kratom? It’s a herbal extract made from the leaves of a Southeast Asian evergreen tree called Mitragyna speciosa. It was identified in 1921 by a pharmaceutical chemist at the University of Edinburgh named Ellen Field. 

Natives utilized it for almost 200 years as traditional medicine. When consumed, kratom leaves or extracts have been demonstrated to provide a variety of stimulant and opioid-like effects. 

For years, native residents in the region have used the supplement to:

  • Treat fatigue
  • Improve mood
  • Lower pain
  • Manage the symptoms of opioid withdrawal

In Italy, Presidential Decree 309/1990, later amended, offers the framework for dealing with psychoactive substances and drugs. It outlines the prevention, trade, prohibition, and punishment for the possession or use of the products. 

Personal use of the substances is punishable by administrative sanctions such as the suspension of privileges, including driving license. 

The Italian National Action Plan on psychoactive substances aimed to cover 2010–13. It remains in place to date as the government develops a new strategy. 

The administrative laws make it challenging to get kratom in Italy as it’s only available on the black market. Such products might be adulterated and potentially harmful. 

Considering the global trends, Italy might legalize kratom in the future. More countries in the EU continue to allow the supplement’s use.

Is Kratom Legal in Italy? 

Kratom is illegal in Italy. The government prohibits the herb since the nation included it on its restricted narcotics list in August 2016. 

The 1990 Consolidated Law continues to serve as a framework for the prohibition, prevention, and criminalization of drug-related activities.

This legislation prohibits possessing kratom if you are living in Italy. Where is kratom legal? The plant is legal in various countries and most of the United States.

Where to Buy Kratom in Italy

Obtaining the plant or its products in Italy can be challenging due to legal restrictions. The country permits shipping from a European Union member state where it’s legal.

Residents may order the supplement from suppliers' platforms and have them delivered to various Italian regions at their own risk.

Is it legal to fly with kratom? It depends on the laws of the land. The plant is prohibited in Italy, meaning you may not carry it on a plane.

What Are the Main Benefits of Kratom?

The herb is believed to help reduce pain and increase energy but has many other valuable kratom uses. The following are a few advantages of this potent herb.

Boosts Focus and Energy

Users claim the plant helps them to focus and feel energized. If you're a beginner, white strains can be pretty potent. Consider starting with a green variety that’s more well-balanced.

The plant’s effects are similar to caffeine as they make you more alert and enhance your mind’s clarity. Consider taking it before brainstorming for a project, a significant test, or a meeting. Start with a dosage of about 4–6 grams and increase with time.

Relieves Pain

The plant has a likelihood of relieving pain. Red strains have a similar impact on receptors to opioids. It increases its effectiveness as a painkiller while minimizing adverse effects.

Users prefer the supplement as it may not have side effects like pharmaceuticals. Its two potent alkaloids claim to have muscle-relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Consider using it to deal with conditions such as chest pains, arthritis, and headaches. 4–5 grams is a good start, increasing the dosage with time.

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