The Best Mouth Tapes So You Can Get Better Sleep in 2023

Having trouble with getting a restful night’s sleep? Consider using mouth tape to help improve your sleep quality.

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Mouth tape, which is a patch worn over the mouth, causes users to breathe through their nose rather than breathe through their mouth. It has become extremely popular on social media, as many people have found sleep benefits with the practice. 

What are the benefits of mouth tape?

According to the Sleep Foundation, many people found benefits of using mouth tape to reduce and prevent snoring, as well as other negative effects of mouth breathing. These include ADHD symptoms, sleep-disorder breathing, dry mouth, cavities, gum disease, and decreased cognitive abilities. 

Here are some of the best mouth tapes so you can start getting more restful sleep: 

Niveus Gentle Mouth Tape 

Image courtesy of Niveus’s website. 

Niveus Gentle Mouth Tape is crafted using hypoallergenic materials, making it suitable for sensitive skin types. Its soft, breathable, and flexible design ensures a secure yet comfortable fit throughout the night, allowing you to experience the benefits of nasal breathing without discomfort or disturbance. This premium-grade adhesive tape is specially formulated with comfort in mind, offering a gentle and non-irritating solution for mouth taping.

You can cut the tape to fit your facial features. This tape costs $10.20. 

Click here to buy the tape.

Here are two public reviews:

“I like how easy it is to use. No negative side effects. It helps with my dry mouth in the mornings. I feel like I have slept better since using it. It helps with what it says on the package. It was money well spent. I would encourage others to buy and try to see what results you get.” - Pamela, Amazon
“At first I thought I was going to quit breathing since I was a mouth breather 🤣 It worked so well that I no longer need it!” - Michelle, Amazon

Medihealer Mouth Strips 

Image courtesy of Medihealer’s Mouth Strips Amazon page. 

These innovative mouth strips are designed to gently and securely seal your lips, encouraging nasal breathing and reducing the discomfort often associated with mouth taping. The strips are easy to apply and provide a secure adhesive grip, so you can rest assured they will stay in place throughout the night without causing any discomfort or leaving residue upon removal.

This brand costs $12.89. 

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Here are two public reviews:

“I have tried so many other products and these strips actually work - I feel rested when I use them and I am not stuffy when I wake up like I did when I was snoring. They are so adhesive that you can remove them and put them back on and they still stick great. They don’t hurt to remove” - Jocelyn, Amazon
“For what their purpose is, they work great. Tried cheaper Korean competitors and they were junk. These are worth the extra money.” - Fateus, Amazon

Hotstage Tape

Hostage Tape is meticulously crafted using hypoallergenic and skin-friendly materials, ensuring a gentle and irritation-free experience. Its soft and flexible design provides a comfortable fit, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of nasal breathing throughout the night without discomfort. It features a strong adhesive that securely holds the tape in place throughout the night, yet it is designed for easy and residue-free removal in the morning. 

You can get a pack to try for $25. You can also get a quarterly subscription at $55 per quarter. 

Click here to buy the tape.

Here are two public reviews:

“Been using it for just over a week.  I have been able to go from waking up hourly to five consecutive hours while wearing it. I also lost six pounds. Looking for continued success.” - Christopher, 
“Legitimately one of the best things for my sleep, I used to have these fits of snoring and my wife would have to close my mouth at night this has literally changed the way I sleep! Love this product!” - Kehli,  

Dream Recovery Mouth Tape 

Image courtesy of Dream Recovery’s website. 

Crafted from bamboo silk, Dream Recovery Mouth Tape offers comfortable, eco-friendly fabric known for its softness and breathability. Bamboo silk also has antibacterial properties, giving you a cleaner and more hygienic sleeping experience with these strips. This brand is also suitable for both beginners and experienced users of mouth taping, making them an excellent choice for anyone seeking to improve their breathing patterns during sleep.

This tape costs $25.00 for a pack, but they also offer a subscription service for $20 per month. 

Click here to buy Dream Recovery.

There are no public reviews for Dream Recovery. 

Airflo Mouth Tape 

Airflo Anti-Snoring Mouth tape | Promote Restful Sleep and Refine Your  Jawline free + shipping – Airflo™
Image courtesy of Airflo’s website. 

Airflo Mouth Tape is meticulously engineered to provide both comfort and effectiveness. Its easy application makes it accessible to anyone seeking to improve their sleep quality and respiratory wellness. With this mouth tape, you can take control of your breathing during sleep and optimize your overall well-being.

A one month supply costs $25, and they give you your first month free if you subscribe monthly. After the first month, you save 25%. They also offer a 3 month supply for $50, or a subscription billed quarterly for $35. 

Click here to buy the tape.

Here are two public reviews:

“I had to stop taping previously because the tape I was using was no longer effective when I grew a beard. Airflo stays on even with my full beard!” - Anthony, 
“Fantastic, no more snoring. My wife loves it.” - Luke, 

Dryft Sleep Strips

Image courtesy of Dryft Sleep’s website. 

Crafted from breathable and hypoallergenic materials, Dryft Sleep Strips ensure optimal airflow while minimizing the risk of skin irritation or allergies. These innovative sleep strips are specifically crafted to provide a soothing and comfortable experience, allowing you to drift off into a peaceful slumber. The slim and flexible design allows for a seamless application, and the strips can be comfortably worn throughout the night without interfering with your sleep.

This brand costs $23.99. 

Click here to buy the tape.

Here are two public reviews:

“I’ve been a huge fan of sleep strips, but the Dryft Sleep strips have been the most comofttable by far! They stay on throughout the night and come off easily. Super happy with these strips!!” - Jennifer, 
“It’s been super helpful - best snoring solution I’ve tried so far!” - Blake,

To get the best sleep possible, mouth tape can be helpful to train yourself to breathe through your nose. With mouth tape, you can reduce snoring habits and sleep apnea symptoms.

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