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The Best, Coolest, and Most Diverse Oracle Card Decks to Check Out ASAP

10 of the most interesting, inspiring, and magical oracle card decks you will want to add to your collection.

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran in the arts of taromancy, you probably have at least heard about oracle card decks. The concept of an oracle dates back from before Christ and its main ideas are geared towards divination and prophetic predictions. An oracle can be either a person who is deeply tuned in with their third eye, or an instrument which may assist a person in the search for answers or a better understanding of the pathways of life. Hence, oracle card decks work both as an instrument for the practices of divination and as a way to enhance and broaden your experience with taromancy for more complete readings. 

However, it is important to note that oracle card decks and tarot card decks are not the same.

Traditional tarot card decks consist of 78 cards and often include either or both the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana which are separated into suits (Swords, Pentacles, Cups, and Wands). Hence, tarot card decks usually follow the same pattern and every deck will essentially be the same despite what illustrations they might have or whether or not they consist of both the Major and the Minor Arcana. In contrast, an oracle deck can consist of any number of cards which the creator would like it to have and they don’t have any suits. Oracle card decks are extremely fluid and can have any number of cards even ranging from 25 to 80 cards depending on the deck, and the best part about them is that you can keep adding more cards to it depending on your wishes and purposes. 

There are fewer rules in oracle card decks when compared to tarot card decks. Moreover, multiple types of oracle card decks for all different types of purposes and you can mix different decks in order to come up with more precise readings. Here we have compiled a list of 10 oracle card decks to start or add to your collection. 

Angel Number Messages & Affirmation Oracle Deck

Oracle deck
Angel Number Messages & Affirmation Oracle Deck.  Image courtesy of Scorpio Mystic Angel.

The Angel Number Messages & Affirmation Oracle Deck is a deck by Scorpio Mystic Angel. It consists of 53 cards and it comes in a black velvet pouch. The deck is beautifully designed with black and white illustrations of the night sky and it has gold gilded edges. This deck is focused on Angel numbers as well as the message and symbolism that they carry from the angelic realm in order to help you receive clear and concise signs for a better interpretation. You can use this deck for guidance, add it to your collection in order to facilitate your tarot reading, or use it to start your very first collection of oracle cards! You can purchase this deck on Etsy for $44.

The Literary Witches Oracle Deck

Oracle deck
Literary Witches Oracle. Image courtesy of Amazon.

The Literary Witches Oracle is a deck by Taisia Kitaiskaia. It consists of 70 cards and is inspired by Kitaiskaia’s book illustrated by Katy Horan, Literary Witches: A Celebration of Magical Women Writers. The deck depicts illustrations of magical and incredible female writers as well as mythical creatures which are inspired by the book ones found within the book. The deck comes within a beautifully designed keepsake box and comes with a booklet. Everything about this deck is made in order to keep you magnetized by it and it is so beautiful you might be scared to use it. This deck is an amazing way to learn about female writers and to show them your support. You can purchase this deck on Amazon for $14.62. 

Cosmic Guidance Oracle Deck

Oracle Deck
The Cosmic Guidance Oracle. Image courtesy of Dreamy Moons.

The Cosmic Guidance Oracle Deck is a deck by Dreamy Moons. It consists of 42 oracle cards beautifully designed and written by Annie Tarasova. This deck comes with a guidebook and a keepsake box all with silver detailing. Different than the previous decks, this one is actually divided into suits: Action, Meaning, and Message and each of them represents what you need to do, what your situation means, and what the Universe is trying to tell you. This oracle card deck is perfect for anyone looking for guidance and who is willing to listen to the Universe and follow its advice. This deck is sold on Etsy for $51.13. 

Nocturna Oracle Deck

Oracle deck
The Nocturna Oracle. Image courtesy of Everyday Magic.

The Nocturna Oracle Deck is a deck by Everyday Magic. It consists of 48 cards and comes with a keepsake box and a guidebook to facilitate your reading. This oracle deck begins with the “dawn” and ends with “dusk” as a way to illustrate the feeling of the night time and the designs of nocturnal life, specifically animals and plants, which are very beautiful, soothing to look at, and inviting as well. This deck can be used on its own, with other oracle decks, or even as a way to enhance the reading of your tarot cards. It is the perfect deck to start or add to your collection. It costs $45 at Everyday Magic’s website. 

Crystal Ball Pocket Oracle Deck

The Crystal Ball Pocket Oracle. Image courtesy of The White Witch Oracle.

The Crystal Ball Pocket Oracle Deck is a deck by The White Witch Oracle. This is a mini, pocket sized deck that consists of 13 cards. It comes with a presentation box and no guidebook. This deck is perfect for a quick reading in emergency situations and indicated for more experienced readers. The number of cards is purposely 13 in order to bring good fortune to the reader and good guidance. The cards have illustrations inspired by the moon, magical instruments, and magical creatures which immediately catch your attention. This oracle is incredibly delicate and beautiful and can come in handy when you least expect it. It is sold for $21.98 on Etsy. 

Oracle of Oddities Oracle Deck

Oracle deck
The Oracle Oddities Oracle. Image courtesy of Everyday Magic.

The Oracle Oddities Oracle Deck is a deck by Everyday Magic. This is actually the third edition of this deck and, differently from the first which consists of 28 cards, it consists of 30 cards by Claire Goodchild. Even though this edition can be used on its own, it is advisable to use it alongside with the first and second editions. Therefore, this deck could better benefit more experienced readers but it is a great addition to your collection as well due to the fluidity of oracle cards. It is not specified whether or not it comes with a safekeep box or a guidebook, but this deck is so beautiful that it is impossible to not check it out. It costs $45 at Everyday Magic.

Moonlight Oracle Deck 

Oracle deck
The Moonlight Oracle. Image courtesy of Rainbow Forester

The Moonlight Oracle Deck is a deck by Rainbow Forester. It consists of 51 cards and it comes in a simple box and with a guidebook. This is the perfect deck for anyone looking for inspiration, meditation, self-reflection, and some quality time with yourself. Different than most oracles, this deck is divided into 4 categories: moon phases, universe, crystals, and goddesses. This deck will allow you to take your time to stay away from distractions and connect with your inner self in order to find guidance. It can be used on its own or in addition to other oracle and tarot decks. This deck is currently on pre order and it comes with a small gift if purchased before launching! It is sold on Etsy for $43. 

Iris Oracle Deck 

Oracle deck
The Iris Oracle. Image courtesy of Two Sides Tarot.

The Iris Oracle Deck is a deck by Two Sides Tarot. It consists of 78 cards and it comes with a guidebook as well as keepsake box. This deck was designed by Mary Elizabeth Evans as a way to process her ideas and feelings about her life experiences. This deck will assist you in getting in tune with your intuition and help guide you through situations. The illustrations are very beautiful, colorful, and eye catching which are perfect for every modern witch. This is a great way to start or add to your collection! It is sold at Two Sides Tarot for $48. 

The Empty Cup Oracle Deck

The Empty Cup Oracle. Image courtesy of Stasiab

The Empty Cup Oracle Deck is a deck by Stasiab. It consists of 40 cards and comes with a keepsake box and a guidebook as well. The illustrations are made with minimalist black ink and gilded with gold which are very delicate and beautiful. The illustrations are inspired by the artist’s experience as an Asian-American growing in the Pacific Northwest and days playing in the woods. This deck resembles modern fairy tales and is perfect to help awaken your intuition and find you guidance. This deck is sold on Etsy for $45. 

Wild Whiskers Oracle Deck 

Oracle deck
The Wild Whiskers Oracle . Image courtesy of Faina Lorah.

The Wild Whiskers Oracle Deck is a deck by Faina Lorah. It consists of 40 cards and two additional instructional cards; 39 five of the cards are whimsical spirit animals and 1 magic moon card. This deck comes with a beautiful custom keepsake box and no guidebook. The illustrations are made in watercolor which invite you to dive into them and embark on your next adventure. The cards can be used on their own, for daily contemplation, and in addition to other oracle and tarot decks. This deck is perfect for both beginners and experienced readers. It is sold on Etsy for $35. 

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