Technology Products That Are Sustainable. What?

Technology products that will lower your bills and your energy consumption.

Solar energy is clean and renewable, so there are many products from different categories that are now powered with this type of energy. Image Courtesy of ETA Insurance.

In the movie Back to the Future, we saw many technological advances that went from self-tied shoes to drones and video phones. Many of these inventions became a reality throughout the years, and many others did not. Mainly because technology has been evolving not only because of the wish of creating cool stuff, but because our needs have frequently been changing-- and the need for more and better sustainable products has risen as well. So it is no surprise that technology has merged with sustainability to create some cool products that you can purchase right now to live a sustainable life. 

LED bulbs

LED bulbs are more energy effective than traditional light bulbs. Image Courtesy of Fotorech.

We've seen them as a Tik Tok trend, as the main type of light in Christmas trees, and as a huge improvement in lighting technology. The LED lights are way more energy-efficient than a regular fluorescent light bulb; they are also way brighter, which means that you won't need that many light bulbs to light up your house or your room. LED lights come in all kinds of colors, shapes, sizes, and prices. You can find the most generic LED bulbs at any supermarket that you can put anywhere in your house. 

You can also find the multicolor LED bulbs that are connected to an app via Bluetooth so that you can change the color from your phone. Any kind of LED light that you use will make a huge difference in your energy consumption. They are more modern. They don't contain mercury. You can dispose of them easily, which makes them an easy to use and sustainable technology product that you can purchase to start cutting expenses from your energy bill. 

Electric Water Tankless Heater

A way to reduce the cost of your water effectively. Image Courtesy of Amazon.

This water heater saves up to 60% on your water heating cost. It is ideal for bathrooms, break rooms, sinks, and other low-flow applications. The unit can heat up to two gallons per minute and can be used in cold climates. This heater's novelty is that it heats water as it goes thru the unit, rather than storing water like most traditional heaters out there. The heater comes in different sizes depending on the amount of water you need and the weather of your location. 

A Green Roof

The future of roofs is green. Image Courtesy of Alla Hetman.

Many people believed that futuristic cities would be full of skyscrapers, robots and that each of us would have an airplane instead of a car. However, some of the most developed cities have been exploring a modern aspect that brings color to the cities and is a great energy reduction contributor; this is the green roof.

A green roof is basically a roof covered with plants that provide better insulation. The green roof cools off the building so you will save energy in your home, plus it will purify the air around it so it would be a nice clean air in its surroundings. 

Clothing made of agricultural waste

Where do pineapple leaves go? Agraloop makes clothing with them! Image Courtesy of Ariel.

Technology comes in all sorts of shapes. Sometimes technology is not represented with the latest smartphone or with the coolest waterproof gadget. Many times technology is about the way companies do things or new material or process that has been discovered. For instance, Agraloop has created a new fiber made of agricultural waste that includes oilseed flax, banana trunks, pineapple leaves, wheat, rice, corn, and a few others. 

This fiber can be used as a raw material for fabrics. You can make high-quality knit or woven fabrics like strong, durable denim or canvas. This project aims to reduce deforestation problems, where agricultural waste is left to be burnt. The fires, plus the massive pollution worldwide, causes more than 250,000 deaths every year. 

Solar Panels

Each year, solar panels become more popular in several buildings, residencies, and corporations across the world. A solar panel receives the energy of the sun and is a cleaner and cheaper energy than fossil fuels, which makes it a good alternative that everyone should consider. Solar Panels have a significant cost in the beginning, but after some time, the investment gets recovered as the sunlight is free, and you won't need to pay for electricity again! Residential and commercial property owners can consider this as a method to save money and use clean energy. It is not only a massive trend but the future of how we will all power our houses in the near future! 

The Bidet Attachment to the Toilet

Stop fighting for toilet paper in the supermarket and get this sustainable alternative for your toilet. Image Courtesy of Mercado Libre.

An average person uses more than 20 rolls of toilet paper per year. That is a lot of paper that cannot be recycled. This is why designers and engineers have explored sustainable alternatives that can substitute toilet paper. The bidet attachment is a device that has been around for a few years. It is an attachment to the toilet that is easy to install and sprays water to clean yourself. Although many conservative people might disagree with this idea, the bidet attachment is getting popular as it will reduce the amount of toilet paper you use, as well as your expenses in that area. 

There are bidet attachments from different price points, and you can use it as a supplement to reduce toilet paper if you are not ready to get rid of the paper entirely. All sustainable practices are a transition, and if you feel comfortable in the process, most likely you will continue with this practice and save a bunch of trees in the long term.

Solar Powered Lights

Solar powered lights come in all colors, shapes, and price points. They are sustainable and super cool! Image Courtesy of Amazon.

Many people who are truly concerned about climate change and clean energy tend to be very conservative with the number of lights they have at home because the more lighting fixtures you have, the more electricity and pollution you create. But let's acknowledge how beautiful string lights and lighting fixtures can be, and with this massive trend of redecorating your home because of the endless quarantine, you must have seen some lighting fixtures in your favorite online store. 

Many of these are now solar-powered, so you don't have to worry about creating pollution or your electricity bill with these lights. Just make sure the solar panel receives enough sunlight during the day, and you can enjoy the beauty of these fabulous lights in your room, your garden, or your living room. You will notice how adding just a little bit of light will change your mood for good, and you will be very happy with the outcome.  

Smart Power Strip

Thirty minutes of T.V. release an equivalent of 1.6kg of CO2 to the atmosphere. Now think of all those Friday nights of Netflix marathons! That's a lot of energy that comes from a simple and common action, which is watching T.V. The ideal solution would be to power the whole house with solar energy, but that's not a possibility for everyone. What we can do is manage the electricity wisely. Take a look at all the devices that are plugged in your living room: T.V., Videogame consoles, speakers, computers, fans, etc. There is a lot of electricity going on in that corner, and all of those devices consume energy even when you are not using them. Consider buying a smart power strip where you can plug in all of these devices to manage the energy wisely. When you are done using them and ready to call it a night, you simply turn off or unplug the power strip to make sure no more energy gets consumed. Some of them are regular power strips that you turn on and off manually, and some of them are super fancy and high-tech, so you can connect them to Alexa or to an app in your phone. All of them reduce energy consumption in some way, so purchase whatever feels the most comfortable for you. 

Everybody has this "energy center" in different parts of the house. Maybe it is your studio where you have your computer, T.V., printer, scanner, and lighting fixture all plugged-in. Perhaps it is your room where you have your laptop, printer, ring light, and Bluetooth speaker. You can put this power strip wherever you need them. Again, you will save a lot of money, which translates into less electricity released.

As the effects of climate change are increasing year after year, be conscious of the products that you purchase and how they affect the environment. Battery-powered devices are some of the worst and most harmful products, as these batteries are very hard to recycle, and one battery has the power of polluting one full lake. Choose the devices that come with a charger, and if they are solar-powered, even better. Hopefully, in the next few years, sustainable products will be more common than non-sustainable ones, so everyone's life is easier, and we can start reducing our carbon emissions in a significant way. 

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