Questions to Ask the Tarot Cards About Your Career

Whether you’re looking to change your line of work, or wanting to move further in your current career, a tarot card reading may give you the answers you’re looking for.

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Finding a suitable career can be one of the hardest obstacles to overcome in life. Maybe you’ve accepted a job you didn’t really want, or you have no idea where your skills and interests might be useful. Job hunting can be overwhelming and disappointing, to say the least. Work-related stresses are some of the most common day-to-day stresses that we all experience on a daily basis.  

If you’re feeling any of these things, it may be time to sit down with the tarot cards and gain a little insight. But remember, you have to be mindful of the questions you ask during a tarot reading. In the case of career-related questions, you want to avoid questions about controlling or changing someone else — questions like, “How can I make my boss leave me alone?” and “How can I influence my coworker’s behavior?” These questions won’t get you a successful or helpful reading. Instead, focus your questions on yourself and your own actions. 

Here are some questions you can ask the tarot cards about your career.

1. What career will be the most fulfilling?

When choosing a career, it’s important to keep in mind how fulfilling this position will be for you. Not feeling fulfilled by your job can affect your job performance and your overall mood. The cards can guide you toward a career path that you will find fulfilling and that will make you happier. 

2. When should I make a career change? 

Career changes are usually a pretty big deal, and it can be hard to decide when the right time to change is — or if there is a right time. If you’re feeling like you want to make a career change, but are unsure of whether you should do it now or months from now, maybe the cards can help.

3. What can I do right now to help further my career?

If you are happy in your current career, but are ready to move forward in it, this question may help give you some suggestions for how to do so. There is always room for improvement, even when you feel like you’ve found your ideal job — there’s always space to move up.

No matter what career path you’ve chosen for yourself, you’ve probably felt uncertain at times. But don’t worry — a tarot card reading may be just what you need.

4. How can I better communicate with my boss or employer? 

Communication is an important part of being a successful employee. If you feel that the communication between you and your boss is lacking, and you want to improve it, ask the cards how you can do so. Better communication will lead to better job performance, and your boss will surely appreciate it as well. 

5. What parts of my work do I love?

Whether you enjoy your job or not, it can sometimes be easy to focus on the negatives. But finding out what parts of your job excite you or you’re passionate about can be important, especially if you’re considering a career change. By having the tarot cards point these out to you, hopefully you’ll keep them in your mind when work gets a little overwhelming. 

6. How can I become more independent? 

Especially when you’re first starting out in the world of careers and job hunting, it may feel like it’s time to gain more independence. But that can be hard to do on your own, so a little guidance from the cards may be in order.  

7. How can I balance my career with my personal life? 

Work-life balance is something that we all have to worry about, most likely. Even if you absolutely love your job, you still need to give yourself a break now and then to reset and refresh. Self-care is an important part of balancing your career with your life, but if you have trouble finding time for self-care, turn to the cards.

8. What am I not seeing about my career choices right now?

This is a more general question, but one that will still hopefully give you some useful insight. Maybe there’s an important aspect of your career that you’re completely missing, whether it be something helpful or hurtful. The tarot cards are great at seeing things that we can’t always see for ourselves.  

9. Will I succeed with my career dreams?

The potential answers to this question may alarm you, but sometimes we can’t help ourselves from wanting to know about our future success. No matter what the answer to this question is, know that there are other questions you can ask that will help guide you if you’re on the wrong path.

10. What are my weaknesses in my career? 

We shouldn’t always focus on the negatives, but sometimes it’s important to acknowledge them. In your career, knowing your weaknesses can be beneficial for a few reasons — first, once you identify your weaknesses, you can work extra hard to turn those weaknesses into strengths, or you can decide if the weaknesses are a sign that you’re in the wrong career. Either way, it’s helpful to ask the cards about your weaknesses to gain a little bit of knowledge. 

11. What is blocking me from achieving my full potential?

We often aren’t able to see in ourselves the things that are blocking us from reaching our potential. But if there is something blocking you from achieving your full potential, the best way to fix it is to figure out what’s blocking you, and change it. Ask the cards what it is that’s blocking you, and maybe for some guidance on how to unblock it.

12. How can I resolve a certain workplace problem? 

This is one of the most common sources of work-related anxieties — issues with your coworkers or boss. While you shouldn’t ask the cards how you can get revenge on a particularly irritating coworker, you can ask how to solve the problem in a way that will benefit everyone and put the issue to rest.

Workplace conflicts are common, but that doesn’t make them any easier to deal with. Ask for some guidance on how to deal with these problems and how to put the issue to rest. 

13. What kind of work makes me feel useful?

Feeling useful is one of the most important aspects of your job. If you are, day after day, going to work at a job where you feel like you’re not making any impact or difference at all, whether it be big or small, you will quickly start to lose any motivation to move higher up in your career.

14. How can I do work that makes me happy and brings material abundance?

Let’s be honest, one of the most important parts of finding the right job is how much you’ll be getting paid. It can be a tricky space to navigate, trying to find a job that pays well but still makes you happy and fulfilled. Turn to the cards for some guidance on how to find this balance.

Tarot readings can be useful in a variety of different situations, and career questions are definitely one of them. 

15. What kind of work should I never do again?

We’ve all had a job that we absolutely hated. It’s pretty self-explanatory that you shouldn’t go back to a job similar to the one you despised, but what if there’s a specific type of work that you’re not even considering could be bad for you to do again? To avoid feeling lost and unfulfilled in your career life, it’s best to know what types of work to stay completely away from.

The thought of leaving a job, or starting a new one, can be extremely overwhelming. But even if you’re not ready to take the plunge, you still might be looking for some insight into your career and what it means to you.

Finding a job that fulfills you and makes you feel useful will likely improve your overall quality of life and mental health. And vice versa, staying in a job that you hate where you feel like your voice doesn’t matter can cause you to feel lost and confused. To avoid feeling this way, and to better understand what path you should take, try asking the tarot cards these 15 questions, and see what answers you get! 

Riley Kleemeier

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