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Maximizing Small Spaces: Tips for Apartment Decorating

Decorating can be challenging when you have limited space, and your goal is to find a bridge between décor and organization.

As difficult as this task often is, it is not impossible. Here, we discuss some ways that you can start maximizing small spaces for the most optimized apartment decorating experience. 

Create Hideaway Storage

When you have limited space to utilize, you want only to take up what is necessary. A smart solution is to incorporate hideaway storage areas that allow you to store your belongings without creating clutter in your open spaces. For instance, if you purchase a tall bedframe, you can store belongings neatly underneath your bed in bins.

In this way, you have a place to keep your belongings for a later time, and you don’t take up extra space in your bedroom. Try to establish hideaway storage solutions for every room of your apartment for an optimized use of space. Once your belongings are essentially hiding in plain sight, you can focus on your decorating. 

With your bins under the bed, you can get a bedside bench or switch up your end tables for something more expansive. You can also redo your bedding so that it is the focus of your bedroom. Get that picture pillow of you and your partner you’ve been wanting, and dress up the headboard with pillows. 

Declutter Your Space 

Chances are, you have more space than you think. You can get rid of unwanted items by decluttering your space and cleaning it up. Host a garage sale to make dealing with finances easier, give away items to a donation center, and throw out anything else you don’t want. 

To maximize small spaces, create more space with the room you do have. An empty bookshelf can open up the possibility for a space to store extra shoes, or that empty kitchen cupboard gives you room to store your favorite pots and pans. Once things are put away more neatly, decorating becomes a no-brainer. 

You can finally place décor pieces on your coffee table without a pile of old books and magazines taking up space. Your kitchen counter becomes a centerpiece for a fruit basket. 

You get the idea. Declutter to start decorating! If you’re in over your head about decluttering, consider hiring a cleaning crew to tidy your place up. 


Floating Wall Shelves

Another way to make space in a small apartment is to add in floating wall shelves as needed. Instead of purchasing extra furniture to hold your plants, books, and knickknacks, you can hang shelves on the wall to save space on the floor. 

You can even implement this idea into your closets for extra storage space or your kitchen to store dishes you don’t have room for in your cabinets. Plus, floating wall shelves are a hot trend for kitchen designs. Organize and maximize your décor all at once with floating wall shelves. 

Choose Minimalist Décor Pieces

To add more décor into your space without taking up much room, choose minimalist décor pieces that add value. For example, wall sconces look great in a dining room or as a bedside light. You avoid taking up the space that you would fill with lamps, lanterns, and other extensive lighting arrangements and get the glow of a carefully chosen sconce to bring out the ambiance of your space. 

Make The Most Of Your Space 

Maximizing the space in your small apartment is about learning how to combine organizing with decorating. Consider the above suggestions to make the most out of your available room without compromising on décor essentials.

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