How to Start a Travel Blog

Travel bloggers have to work hard on their content, they have to plan a lot of things in advance. But they get great rewards for it. Is this a job for you? It is definitely worth trying if traveling is your passion.

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A person who wants to start a blog should find his/her main interest and passion in life. People who love to cook start food blogs. People who are car fans start blogging about cars.
People who love traveling, start a travel blog. Travel blogs are so popular because not all people have opportunities to travel, so they get to “travel” through such blogs. Also, many people who are only planning their travels can get some ideas from travel bloggers.

Reasons to start a travel blog

If you find your everyday life a bit boring and haven’t found your dream job yet, just try travel blogging. Who does not like traveling? It is hard to find such people. Travelling brings so many emotions and great memories. Even though traveling is oftentimes challenging, the memories you get are worth it all. Travel bloggers have many fans and subscribers who appreciate the job they do. Watching interesting facts and receiving advice from experienced travelers is priceless. Many travel bloggers use rental cars for under 25 drivers to get from one destination to another.

More great benefits

There are various reasons why so many people wish to become travel bloggers. First, you travel and enjoy it, but also get paid for this. Second, this is a very interesting job, as you get to experience different cultures and meet lots of new people. Third, this is a job that will never become boring. Travel bloggers make some really good content for their readers. They tell how to get to this or that country. They share about the best hotels, restaurants, and most popular travel locations. Also, most bloggers recommend cars for rental as the best option for travelers. 

The first steps on starting a blog

A blogger-beginner has to know some general information about blogging. To understand how it all works, and what are the preferences of the travel blog’s audience. One has to know a few easy steps to start with. The Internet is full of information on blogging, but it is important to find really practical and helpful advice. Below you can find some advice, so you will understand in general what to start with: 

  • Figure out who will be your audience (niche)
  • Come up with a name for the blog, and have your own domain
  • Customize the blog’s website
  • Make a content plan

Travel bloggers choose different destinations

There are lots of travel bloggers who travel mostly in Europe, but there are also American-based bloggers. The United States of America is a country consisting of 50 states, and each state is like a separate country. Each state is unique and worth traveling to.

Bloggers who share about American life and travels often choose cars as their main transport. Of course, most states have public transportation available, but a bigger percentage of people travel in their own vehicles. Rent a car in USA to visit some really attractive spots. 

Start out with a small trip, but focus on getting as much content as you can. Visit restaurants, explore the city, talk to locals, take tons of beautiful photos. Affordable beach vacations or mini roadtrips to the nearest big city can be a great place to start because they cover popular destination lots of people will be searching for information about.

Traveling to United States

When one is planning a trip to New York, for example, it would be helpful to look through some bloggers who visited the city. They will provide you with some basic recommendations on what places to visit and what is truly worth your time and money. If you or a friend you will be traveling with has a driver’s license, you could rent a car and make this trip easier for you. Thus, you will not depend on someone else or on your transportation schedule. Available cars for rent are of various kinds and for various prices. 


Becoming a travel blogger is the desire of many people. This is definitely a dream job for many and a great one! However, it is important to realize that it is not always as fun as it might seem. Travel bloggers have to work hard on their content, they have to plan a lot of things in advance. But they get great rewards for it. Is this a job for you? It is definitely worth trying if traveling is your passion.

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