How to promote a musician's Instagram blog

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Today we will talk about how you can promote a blog of a singer or band there.

In the 21st century, musicians can only become famous if they are promoted on social networks. It is difficult to imagine a musician or band that is now popular but does not have accounts in social networks. The main place for online activities of musicians is Instagram. Today we will talk about how you can promote a blog of a singer or band there.

Announcements of new releases

When a singer is preparing a new release, this should be said wherever possible. First of all, you should use Instagram because most of the audience of the entire Internet is concentrated there.

However, before you publish about the upcoming release, you need to buy followers Instagram from a company that helps you quickly and cheaply gain an audience. This will allow you to find your first listeners who will want to listen to your new content and buy tickets to your concert in the future.

After that, you can start preparing your subscribers for the fact that they will soon hear something new from you. This should be done gradually so that blog readers remain intrigued. At first, you can just publish a post with a date and a black picture. This will create intrigue and users will think about what awaits them. You will provoke them to discuss in the comments what it will be: a new song, an album or a music video for the old song.

Then you can publish the cover of the single and its name and write the date again. This will be a reason to argue again about whether it's a single or an album, but people will know that you've created something new. Publish it in posts and stories so that users can write comments to you and respond with reactions or in direct.

Music videos promotion

As a rule, music videos are published on YouTube. However, this hosting is not enough for the video to gain a large number of views. If you regularly buy Instagram followers and increase the number of blog readers, then this is a big plus for you because you can attach links to your videos in this social network.

The best option is to publish the link in the stories because the links are not active in the posts. But you can also use the bio to link to your latest release. This will help you show your content to more of your fans. Moreover, YouTube algorithms often work against creators, and your videos may not be shown even to your subscribers.

Also you can post teasers and short parts of videos on Instagram so that viewers see the most interesting moment and want to see what happens next and what story is described in the song.


It is impossible for a musician to achieve success without maintaining social media accounts. If you want to show your creativity to the whole world, then you need to make release announcements on social networks, as well as attach links to your content on other platforms to your blog.

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