How do you Scry with a Black Mirror?

The future awaits you, but what if you can’t wait any longer?

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Need to know what the future holds for you? One way of looking at the future is scrying, especially with a black mirror. But what is scrying? And what exactly is a black mirror? And how do you use a black mirror to scry? Your questions will be answered.

A Brief History of Scrying

Scrying can be defined as a method of communicating in the form of flashes of visual visions with the spirit world, as well as glimpsing certain events from the past or future. The act of scrying has been a part of various different cultures, like the Ancient Egyptian, Greek and Celtic cultures. The word “scry” is actually derived from the old English language. The origin word means “to reveal,” and “scry” is also the origin of the word "describe". 

Scrying was practiced in a variety of ways, depending on the culture that it was practiced in. The earliest use of scrying is said to have been in China in 3000 BC, by cracking eggs and interpreting their contents, while in ancient Egypt, young boys were chosen to look into vases filled with oil, and in ancient Greece, the numerous Oracles of Delphi gazed into a special spring to gain predictions. However, the most known manner of scrying is through the medium of water, and then later, mirrors. Water scrying was popularized by the French seer, astrologer, and physician Nostradamus, who utilized a bowl of water in order to see images of the various events in the future. However, this method has evolved to include other reflective or transparent materials, like beryl, polished quartz, and even oil. Then, with the advent of the mirror, scrying was mostly conducted with this object. In the beginning, mirrors were made out of several polished metals such as brass, silver, and copper. Mirrors were even made by holding mercury behind glass, and eminent alchemists of their times, Edward Kelley and John Dee, used a shewstone, which was a piece of polished obsidian as a makeshift mirror. The most popular medium today is one that is actually quite well-known: a crystal ball, but the mirror is still in use even today as a medium for scrying, and a very specific one is called for scrying: a black mirror. This mirror is just a mirror backed with a black material rather than a silver one.

A painting of the French seer Nostradamus
Nostradamus employed scrying to produce visions of events in the future. Image courtesy of

Now that you are aware of the history behind scrying, it is time to prepare to scry with a black mirror, and in order to do that, you need to arrange for a black mirror. 

How do you come up with a black mirror?

There are many specifications to follow if you are going to scry with a black mirror. Firstly, find a round or oval shaped mirror, not a square shaped one. Also, it has been said that there have been better results with using handcrafted or vintage mirrors. If you do not have a black mirror, then you can easily create one at little cost. Find an old photo frame and a matte black spray paint can. Then, take out the glass, clean both sides of the glass thoroughly, and check to see that the two sides of the glass are completely dry. Then, hold the paint can about 50 centimeters or 20 inches/2 feet away and lightly spray only one side of the glass with the paint. Make sure that you move the can from side to side while spraying, so that there is a thin and even covering of black paint on the one side of the glass and that no spot on that side goes unpainted.

Then, let the paint dry before applying a few more coats of the black paint. Wait again until the paint is dried and then hold up the glass to a light source to make sure that you can no longer see anything through the glass. Then place the glass back into the frame, and ensure that the unpainted side of the glass is facing forwards, or towards you. Make sure that you keep the mirror clean and free of smudges, because even a speck of dirt or grime or a faint fingerprint on the glass can be distracting for you while you are scrying. Finally, make sure that you only use the mirror only for scrying and not for any other purposes, and that you do not let anyone else look into the mirror, unless they are also taking part in your scrying ritual.

A circle-shaped black-colored mirror with a gold-colored frame
This is a good example of an acceptable black mirror to use for scrying. Image courtesy of Higgypop.

Now it is finally time to give it a scry.

Scrying with a black mirror

There are several ways to scry with a black mirror, but this is one step-by-step way to scry for divination. These steps will guide you on how to set up your scrying ritual and then actually perform the ritual.

A rectangle-shaped black-colored mirror placed on the floor with a red candle on the left side and a black candle on the right side of the mirror
This is one example of how your black mirror and candles can be set up. Image courtesy of How To Scry With A Black Mirror.

These steps will set you up for the main scrying ritual:

  1. Step one: Place the black mirror you have made or have acquired at an angle, so that the mirror reflects little to nothing. This could be difficult to do, but do your best to angle the mirror. You can even place the mirror on an altar if you wish to.
  2. OPTIONAL STEP: If you wish to, you can cast a circle in front of the black mirror so you can easily see it from the center of the circle. Do any protection rituals or the traditional grimoire procedures and invocations in this step if you wish to perform them as part of your scrying ritual.
  3. Step two: Place and light a candle on either side of the mirror. You can use either candles that are the same colors or are different colors, but choose colors that are not distracting; the colors should be somewhat dull. The colors can also be suitable for the atmosphere that is created for the scrying ritual.

If you are unsure, then just put a tea light candle in place of candles on either side. 

What you should really focus on is making sure that the candles or tea light candles are put in the right place. You want them to the side and a little in front of the mirror so that the mirror is fully illuminated, but the candles are not reflected in the mirror.

  1. OPTIONAL STEP: If you would like to, burn some incense in front of the mirror, preferably a slow burning resin on a piece of coal, in a way so that the smoke can help you see things in the mirror more easily. (Use incense as needed throughout the ritual.)
  2. Step three: Meditate until you reach and maintain a deeply relaxed state.

You could be meditating for a while, between three to 20 minutes, depending on how long it will take for you to be able to focus for three to five minutes straight without any random thoughts interrupting you. 

If you cannot easily reach a deeply relaxed state, stop at this step and fully practice meditation for a while until you can. Meditation is really key for scrying, so you will really need to develop proper meditation skills if you want to proceed further in the scrying procedure.

Now, you are prepared to continue to the actual ritual of scrying:

  1. Step one: Look at your black mirror with a “soft focus”.

“Soft focus” refers to focusing your vision just a little before or a little behind the mirror. Basically, your vision of the mirror should look like it is a slightly out of focus picture. The easiest way to “soft focus” is to focus your vision so that you can see the whole mirror, but the pupils of your eyes are focused on a place about an inch or two in front of the mirror.

  1. Step two: Look at your mirror with a “soft focus” for several minutes (you may blink regularly).
  2. Step three: As you stare at the mirror, the mirror will seem to you like it is kind of “fogging” over, which means it will either look a little hazy or cloudy and a little gray in color. When the mirror is beginning to look like this to you, this means you are beginning your scrying experience.

Until this occurs to you, you are not going to get very far into the scrying process. If you succeed in performing this step, you will truly advance in the scrying process. This is why you need to have had practice seeing with a “soft focus” before even beginning the actual scrying ritual. 

  1. Step four: Once the mirror completely fogs over in your vision, keep looking at the mirror with a “soft focus” and keep a clear and open mind. You could begin to view visions or to think various thoughts in your mind. Whatever happens, just let yourself experience the visions or thoughts; let them fully develop in your mind for as long as you need them to.

These visions and thoughts that are materializing in your mind are the results that you are looking for when scrying with a black mirror. On your first try, you may not get anything of real substance, but if you go through this ritual several times, your mind could piece together something meaningful and helpful for you. However, you need to have and maintain a strong connection to your unconsciousness if you wish to make actual progress with scrying with a black mirror.

Woman looking out on top of a building at a developing city
Scrying can be helpful for you if you need some clarity on what your future looks like. Image courtesy of inside small business.

What are you waiting for? Take the plunge and take a sneak peak into the future by scrying with a black mirror!

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