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Here Are the Best Zodiac Inspired Gifts for Your Favorite Gemini

Gemini season is right around the corner! Don’t forget to spoil your favorite Gemini with an amazing present.

Gemini season is about to begin, lasting from May 20th to June 21st, meaning that now is the time to start thinking about birthday presents for all the special Gemini’s in your life! Gemini is the third sign in the zodiac calendar, falling after Taurus and before Cancer. Gemini people can be hard to shop for, as they are known for being inconsistent, so read on for some great suggestions that will please any Gemini on your shopping list. 

Gemini is one of the most controversial signs of the zodiac, as Gemini are sometimes thought to be two-faced and manipulative. However, they are also known for their adaptability and kindness. Image courtesy of Human

About Gemini 

Gemini falls under the air element, grouped with Libra and Aquarius. All the air signs are known for their possession of knowledge, maturity, flexibility, curiosity and initiative. Specifically, Gemini are known for a lot. They may just have the biggest reputation of all the signs in the zodiac. Gemini are symbolized by the celestial twins, because Gemini are interested in so many different passions and pursuits, the sign had to split into two, making the twins. Because of the twin association, Gemini are often accused of being and represented as two-faced, inconsistent, and hard to rely on. Gemini are also positively known for being intellectually curious, playful, social, and high energy. 

Gemini are considered to be wonderful friends and very kind people who love to socialize and can talk to anyone. Gemini are governed by Mercury, which is the messenger planet of communication. This makes them wonderful at expressing their emotions externally, and often makes them good communicators. Gemini are known to be hard to embarrass, getting over mishaps and embarrassing moments quickly and without a second thought. They are hard to ruffle and very entertaining. Some famous Gemini to know are Helena Bonham Carter, Aly Raisman, Stevie Nicks, and Angelina Jolie. 

Depending on the attributes of the Gemini in your life, there are plenty of good gift options to suit their tastes and preferences! 

Eight Perfect Gifts for the Gemini in Your Life 

Gift for the Social Gemini

Gemini love to go out, make connections, talk to people, and live their best lives. They are known as the social butterfly of the zodiac, and they can talk for hours, to anyone. With all of the social and fun opportunities a Gemini seeks out, there will be lots of memories to remember and reflect back on. That’s why this instant film camera is a perfect choice for the social Gemini in your life, because it is a super transportable way to create instant memories and records of social events. The camera comes in a variety of colors to suit the taste of even the most two-sided Gemini. 

Gift for the Always Working Gemini

Gemini are known for their many passions and academic pursuits, and they are usually hard at work. Hard work calls for extra caffeine. Get your Gemini friend a coffee subscription so that they can try all kinds of different coffee beans and brews. With this subscription, you can customize their packages to their tastes, making it a perfect gift for an exhausted and particular Gemini. This subscription also features free shipping for life, which is an amazing deal. 

Gift for a Spiritual Gemini

We all have that friend who loves crystals and sage and all things magical. Get the spiritual Gemini in your life a healing stone set that is personalized to their attributes. The stones come in an adorable organza bag with a charm that has the Gemini zodiac symbol on the front and the word “intelligent” on the back. Each set includes clear quartz, a powerful energy source, moonstone, good for new beginnings, green aventurine, good for luck and fortune, citrine, good for warmth, cleansing, and energizing, white howlite, used to bless the home, and amethyst, which is energy healing and chakra cleansing. 

The stones are cleansed and prepared before shipment by smudging them with white sage and leaving them out under the full moon. Note that while these stones are intended for healing and helping with life’s issues, they are not a substitute for actual healthcare. 

Gift for a Verbose Gemini

Gemini are known for having a lot of thoughts and feelings. Making sure your Gemini bestie has an outlet to pour all of their emotions, ideas, passions, projects, and worries into is a great way to look out for them. This journal is beautifully made and high quality, with a lovely yellow floral cover and hundreds of blank, lined pages just waiting to be filled. This present will help the Gemini in your life channel all of their overwhelming energy into a useful space, and you might just be giving them the vehicle they need to write that novel they have always been talking about. 

Gift for a Zodiac Obsessed Gemini

There is always the friend in your life who is way too into their sign. If that friend for you is a Gemini, we have the perfect gift for you. This candle is handmade and tailored to fit the traits and needs of the Gemini in your life. It is absolutely beautiful, coming in a lovely shade of yellow because yellow is the power color of Gemini. 

Yellow is helpful for Gemini because it can help increase focus, provide clarity, and reduce weariness. The candle is scented with lavender and lemon, a delicious and unique combination. Lavender is perfect for Gemini because the scent will pique and accentuate the whimsical quality of a Gemini, while also toning down their impulses. Lavender is also an oil of communication, which makes it perfect for a sign governed by Mercury. 

Lemon is a good scent for a Gemini because it inspires thoughtfulness and focus, strengthening a Gemini’s creativity and intellect. The candle comes with a rose quartz stone and a yellow chrysanthemum herb pressed into it. The rose quartz helps a restless Gemini find peace and calm. The yellow chrysanthemum is a flower of love and friendship which is perfect for the social Gemini.  

Gift for a Phone Obsessed Gemini

Gemini are known to always be on their phones, texting, tweeting, and taking selfies. They love to be connected to people across social media and they spend a lot of time online. Their best pal (read: their phone) should always be protected and attractive to suit their needs and look good in their mirror selfies. This phone case is incredibly cute and cool looking. This case offers a high level of protection, featuring a shock proof interior and screen protection. It also has a scratch resistant design, meaning it will last long and stay attractive for as long as it is in use. If this pattern is not suiting your fancy, check out the other options on that website. 

Gift for a Makeup Loving Gemini 

If you have a beauty guru Gemini in your life, makeup is a great gift. This dual toned highlighter references the two-sidedness of your favorite Gemini in a beautiful and accentuating way. It will also give your indecisive Gemini options to play around with when doing their makeup. As creatives, Gemini will love the bright, bold pigments of these highlighters. The highlighter is a cream and powder hybrid formulated for a long lasting wear that will keep your Gemini looking dewy and gorgeous for an entire evening out. It also comes in bright, unusual colors which will tickle the Gemini fancy for individuality and self expression. 

Gift for the Spacey Gemini

Gemini can be known for being bad at keeping track of time. This is because there is always so much going on inside their heads, it can be hard to stay on top of time management and organization. This digital watch will help them stay on track. The watch is absolutely adorable, coming in bright, playful colors. It has a comfortable and wearable band that stays on with velcro. The watch will keep your Gemini friend on top of the time and date, and also allow them to set timers and alarms. It also has a stopwatch feature and a night vision backlight making it ideal for any time of day. It is water resistant up to 100 meters, so your Gemini friend can even take it swimming with them. 

Hopefully, there’s an item on this list of amazing Gemini gifts that will suit the Gemini in your life. Gemini are wonderful friends and very kind, so they should love anything you choose to give them. Also remember that Gemini always have things to say, so giving them the gift of a stimulating conversation might just be the best way to go, in addition to one of the fabulous gifts mentioned above. Happy almost Gemini season! 

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