Features of the training of military musicians

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military musicians

When people think about the military, they only see the part in which they train to be more physically active, to use weapons, to defend or attack. This is what we see in most movies that were produced, where a military topic was approached. We see commanders being mean and bullies and others following their orders with a little fear in their hearts. 

However, the military is not about this. It is essential to take a step back and recognize that the movie industry sometimes portrays an inaccurate picture of some topics, and this is one of them. But today we will focus on the part of the military that few talk about, but that we all have acknowledged exists. The connection between music and the military and, of course, about the features of the training of military musicians and the education and training you get during the military time. So, who are military musicians and how are they trained?

Work Life

If you are wondering what the work life of military musicians looks like, you should know that it resembles one of the usual militaries. Even though military musicians are the ones who are playing in the orchestra of the military at many parades and events, their work life is similar to the soldiers’. This means that they wake up in the morning and they do their workout together. However, after that, their activities are pretty distinct as they have to train for playing in an orchestra. 

Military training might be a little bit distinct too, especially as they are rarely sent to wars or conflict zones to fight. However, this does not mean that they should not be prepared to fight and defend the country, so they take part in combat training too. Their focus is on playing in an orchestra at parades, dinners, troop concerts, and so on. If you want to find out more about the life of a military musician, you can look this leadership and the army profession essay at Eduzaurus online. An online free service offered by this incredible writing company that creates the opportunity for you to explore distinct subjects and expand your knowledge on them. All the essay examples and paper samples are written by professional experts, so you can be sure you have contact with the best and most detailed information. 


As a military musician, you do not get the same responsibilities as a soldier. Your main responsibility is to play the instrument you have chosen, take part in rehearsals, and of course, be part of the organized concerts. Even though the military is seen as something rigid and strict, which indeed is, military musicians have the freedom to be part of other bands and orchestras too, outside the military. 

Each of the branches of the military has an orchestra if we take look at the United States army. The elite military musicians are always playing in important events, such as presidential inaugurations. However, they can be given other responsibilities in the military too, such as being sound engineers, making the inventory of the instruments and taking care of them, or even composing new songs. 

They might need to take care of the music library too, which is essential for the well-functioning of the military. However, even though you might think that as a military musician you get more freedom, which indeed might be true to some extent, the military is about discipline. This means that even military musicians have to follow the dress code, obey orders, and take part in combat training. 

Final Thoughts 

Being a musician in the military is often seen as an unimportant job. Or one that gives you so much freedom that you should not even be seen as part of the military. Even though military training is distinct from the ones soldiers undergo, the military is about discipline and following rules and orders. 

Military musicians have to follow a dress code, take part in basic combat training, rehearse and play at events such as presidential inaugurations, dinners, parades, or concert troops. They might even have additional responsibilities such as composing new songs, taking care of the inventory of musical instruments, or even being sound engineers for the events where they play. 

close up photo of person playing horn instrument

Bio lines: Helen Birk is a content writer and blogger. Her brother is a military musician so she has found out a lot of new fascinating things about this military niche. Helen has always admired soldiers and military professionals for their courage, bravery, and dedication to the country.

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