Eight of Wands Tarot Card: Meaning, Interpretation, and Symbolism

What the Eight of Wands means.

The Eight of Wands Tarot. Image courtesy of Esoteric Hut.

The Wands suit in tarot is one of spirituality, and is symbolized by the element of fire. The Eight of Wands means motion. It’s an active card, letting you know that you are in a kinetic state, but for good reason.

Tarot cards have been used for centuries as fortune-telling tools. Each deck contains 78 cards, and are divided into 4 suits, much like normal playing cards. They are also divided into Major and Minor Arcana. There are 22 Major Arcana cards, which represent our commonalities. There are also 56 Minor Arcana cards that represent what sets us apart and makes each person unique. Both the major and minor arcana harness the  power of the tarot to guide you and provide answers to your life’s questions. 

The Wands Suit

The Wands suit would be the clubs in a normal playing deck. The Wands suit is all about spirituality and energy at one’s core. It is represented by the element of fire, and masculine energy. If a Wands card comes up in your reading, it usually means that you are a fire sign who is energetic and spiritual. If there are mostly Wands cards in your reading, it could mean that you are ready to find your purpose in life and learn what brings you motivation. The Eight of Wands is part of the Minor Arcana group, and a Yes in a Yes or No reading. 

The Eight of Wands Symbolism

The Eight of Wands is represented by few symbols, contrary to other tarot cards. The eight of wands, or rods, in the image give the impression that they are in motion. This goes along with the meaning of the card, as it signifies motion in your life, or getting things done. Although it may look like the wands are the only element in the image, there are more as you look closer.

  • The Wands symbolize action, acceleration, and drive. A leap of faith that brings good things, as the wands are moving through the air and land. The wands are also seen in a parallel form, perhaps translating to a good routine, or good coordination. 
  • The House on the hill represents the goal, and support. It can certainly be interpreted in different ways, but mainly signifies what you haven’t forgotten as you move along on your journey to success, your heart is your home. 
  • The Mountains represent the solid ground from which you come, the energy from the earth guides you in your journey, and the mountains are there to remind you of your achievements.
  • The River represents change, and energy as well. The river, like you, has a destination and has a goal, and will reach it. 
The eight of wands tarot cards.
The meaning of each card is hidden in the symbols. Image courtesy of Tarot Technique.

The symbols of tarot are very powerful and important when interpreting a card, as they each represent an element of the card which corresponds to a meaning, which can translate into your life. Such as, the mountains in the Eight of Wands reminding you of the support you have. 

The Eight of Wands in a Reading: Upright Interpretation

As you may know, there are two interpretations of tarot cards: upright and reverse. The upright meaning is interpreted when the card appears in the upright position, and vice versa with the reverse. When facing upright, the Eight of Wands represents positive action. This does not mean you are sedentary, or stagnant. You are looking to the future, a goal perhaps, and you are actively chasing that goal. The person receiving this card is in a haste, they are not wasting any time at all. It translates to something like carpe diem, seizing the day and going to get what’s yours. This could also be true for a romantic situation; perhaps you are falling for someone and getting a bit carried away. 

In Love

When it comes to romance, if you receive the Eight of Wands upright in a reading, it means you are falling hard. It represents that there’s passion and excitement to come. This could mean jumping into a romantic situation, or even physically taking a trip somewhere together. If you’re in a relationship, there is great spontaneity about to happen, and sparks are going to start flying, rekindling your flame. Basically, your relationship is moving forward. If you’re single, this could mean someone is coming to sweep you off your feet and take you away to a romantic getaway. You may meet this person unexpectedly.

In Career

When it comes to career and finances, this card means good fortune. Your career is about to take off, and it’s about to move very quickly. This could mean jumping head first into a promotion, or a new business venture. In any case, it means that you are about to be very fortunate in your career, and your environment is fast-paced and high energy. Be cautious when jumping into new opportunities, as this card can also bring haste and cause you to jump into things you may not be prepared for. You may also become financially fortunate and have money coming in faster than expected. All in all, this card represents luck and fortune in career and finances, but be aware of the haste associated with it as well, and be smart in your decision making. 

The eight of wands in reverse description.
The reverse can mean there’s trouble in paradise. Image courtesy of The Astrology Web.

The Eight of Wands in a Reading: Reversed Position

Contrary to the upright position, the reverse can mean things are moving in slow-motion. This means you are stagnant. Trips or important events may be delayed or even canceled, and in your personal life, you are losing inertia and slowing down. Instead of seizing the moment, you are moving sluggishly through life. Perhaps you feel out of control or a lack of energy in your daily life. Projects, goals, work-related activities, are all out of whack. Basically, you’ve found yourself in a rut. This doesn’t mean it will last, but for the time being you may have to bear with the times. 

In Love

Think of the upright interpretation of the Eight of Wands in love, and then literally reverse it. Whether you’ve been in your relationship for years or weeks, you are noticing it is fizzling out. There is a lack of excitement and a lack of passion and your relationship is not moving forward, but backwards. Perhaps there is some disagreement you’ve been experiencing, or just simply no spark anymore. You and your partner have found yourselves stagnant. If you’re single, it could signify that you will soon be involved with someone who you had an initial attraction to, but it won’t last. You’ll grow tired of them, and realize it was only a momentary attraction.

In Career

Similar to the love interpretation, you have found yourself stuck. Maybe you jumped into a work project or business venture too quickly and you cannot seem to follow through or keep up with it. If you are traveling for work, your trip could be canceled. In reverse, your work environment is not running like you’d hoped, and things just don’t seem to be going right. This could be because you don’t have the means to keep up with your projects, or you missed opportunities and can’t seem to move forward. 

In the financial aspect, you may not be making money as quickly as you’d hoped. Perhaps your project seemed promising, but is bearing little fruit. It could also signify you are about to make impulsive decisions with your money, so beware. 

The Eight of Wands is a powerful card. The keywords of this card include motion, energy, momentum, travel, progress, romance, action, and haste. In a reading, this card can be interpreted in love, career, and more. Along with the other cards in the spread, it may be interpreted in conjunction, so it could vary. Ultimately, however, its core meaning remains the same: sudden action, or lack thereof. 

Emma Saunders

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