Crafts to Keep Busy During Quarantine

Keep busy in quarantine and practice a new skill with these craft kids you can buy on Amazon

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If there’s one thing Corona has taught us, it’s how to pass the time. Being holed up in your house for weeks upon weeks means most of us are finding ourselves with a massive influx of free time. If you’re feeling a bit pent up, this is the perfect time to learn a new skill. These cheap crafts you can buy on Amazon can help you learn a new skill while getting out some of that creative energy.


Wool and tools
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Needle Felting Kit


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Needle felting is one of the cheapest, easiest, and most rewarding hobbies to get into. This kit provides you with all the tools in order to get started. By repeatedly poking a piece of wool with a needle, you can shape it into any number of little mini wool figurines. Many people set out with the goal of making little mini animals such as the one pictured.  

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This kit includes all the tools you’ll need including needles, pliers, a foam pad, and a whopping forty different colors of felt! Although the quality of the felt isn’t the highest, for twenty-five dollar this kit is an absolute steal and is the perfect way to dip your toes into the water of needle felting.


Clay and tools
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Polymer Clay


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Polymer clay is usually used for creating small trinkets. You can mod and mix the clay as you please, then bake it in the oven to harden the clay. Polymer clay may either be colored or grey and left uncolored until it hardens, at which point it is painted with acrylic paint. While there’s a bit of a learning curve with this medium, with time polymer clay can provide an especially expressive and colorful creative outlet. For a little under fifty dollars, you can get fifty colors of clay and a good amount of plastic tools. Having a wide range of colors and a large amount of clay is ideal for a beginner. It takes some time to get used to forming and making characters out of clay, so you’ll want to have a large range of material to try your hand at.  

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This pack not only comes with forty different colors of wool to play around with, but 7 e-books on knitting to show you what kind of projects you can make. It should be noted that this pack does not come with needles, although an aluminum pair of knitting needles can be bought on Amazon for only four dollars. For a total of thirty dollars a decent amount of materials can be bought, and with all this time on your hands during quarantine you can start on Christmas presents early this year by knitting some scarves. Knitting is the perfect hobby to give your friends and loved-ones some wonderful, hand-made gifts without breaking the bank.



Canvas and paints
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Throw on some Bob Ross, break out the wine, and get to work. Let’s be honest, we’ve all wanted to take up painting but just never had the time. Well, now you’ve got nothing, but time. No more excuses. For only forty dollars you’ll get enough colors and a solid canvas to start working on your first masterpiece. This set comes with 12 colors, a full brush set, one palette, and one stretched canvas. The brush quality is questionable but if you’re just looking for something to get the job done, they’re good enough. Plus, with the price of acrylics, forty dollars is hard to beat.


Tie Dye
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Tie Dye


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Time to make it groovy, this tie dye kit comes with fifteen funky colors with which to make your newest fashion statement. Although we’re suppose to be practicing some social distancing, if you’re bunkering with some buddies this kit can be its own party claiming it supplies materials for up to 30 projects (This might be a stretch, I would put it more in the realm of 15). Either way, this tie dye kit will give you a good time on a budget and you’ll be able to come out of corona in style with some hip new tees.


Resin molds

Resin Projects

$30.99 + $25

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Link on Amazon

Resin, the easiest way to make impressive projects. This resin kit comes with a few molds and a good amount of resin. It’s a little expensive to get off the ground, but once you have the materials they last a long time and you can even sell some of your projects on Etsy (sells like hotcakes!). You can make some absolutely gorgeous projects by inserting flowers and food coloring, seashells, little figurines, and if you want to get a little morbid, some animal bones. Give it to friends, sell it on Facebook, make matching mugs, even make a lamp! There’s a ton of YouTube videos about working with this material so you’ll be busy all quarantine. Resin is possibly the most addicting hobby, so tread carefully.


Jewelry making kit

Jewelry Making


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You’ll get a fair amount of beads and three tools to make some jewelry with, so you can make a decent amount of jewelry for the price. There’s plenty of kits on Amazon, so if you aren’t feeling the beads in this one you can shop around and you’ll for sure run across something you like. Jewelry making is relaxing and you can easily make some something sparkly while binging Netflix. If you’re looking at an easy hobby without a learning curve to pass time, this is the way to go.

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