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One of the core subjects in school, social studies is a necessary component of the curriculum, yet it often perceived as less important when compared to math, science, or reading.

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One of the core subjects in school, social studies is a necessary component of the curriculum, yet it often perceived as less important when compared to math, science, or reading. Nevertheless, most parents would agree that children must learn how to grow into productive members of society that contribute to their communities. That is exactly what social studies is all about! 

The social sciences examine who we are as people, and how we relate to others in our neighborhoods, countries, and world. It encompasses a vast array of topics including history, government, civics, geography, world culture, and more! In elementary school, learners begin by learning about their communities and what it means to be a citizen. They branch out from there to learn about the world around them and the history behind how it came to be. 

Kids Academy knows that today’s children are tomorrow’s thinkers and leaders, which is why they have developed an extensive collection of social studies learning resources on both their website and included within their Talented and Gifted app. While social studies is a vast field, not everyone might be naturally inclined towards it. If you're curious about where your child's strengths lie, an IQ test might offer some insights. From citizenship to world history, Kids Academy has curated a comprehensive collection of social studies materials for students in preschool through third grade! 

Social Studies Resources from Kids Academy 

The Kids Academy website has something to meet every learner’s needs. When browsing their site, parents can find free resources on a multitude of social studies topics such as: 

  • Families, schools, communities, and community helpers 
  • Government, such as local versus national governance, citizen rights, freedom, and responsibilities
  • Basic geography, such as directions, continents, countries, and land/water features
  • Basic economics, including goods and services and resources
  • World culture and language
  • History, including American, world, and even ancient history! 

The content on their website includes lessons on the above topics, which feature engaging activities such as this video on community helpers:

Just like their easy worksheets for kids, all videos are professionally voiced and include eye-catching illustrations that keep kids engaged in the topic and motivated to learn. Worksheets are also included in the lessons and allow them the option to complete it online for instant feedback, or they can be printed for a more hands-on experience. 

The T&G App 

While there are hundreds of activities included on the Kids Academy website, their Talented and Gifted app (T&G) offers a premium experience as it contains a full standards-aligned curriculum that allows children to progress through their lessons at their own pace and in a sequential manner according to their grade level. Like the website, the app also includes interactive worksheets, as well as quizzes, educational games, videos, and full teacher-led lesson videos. 

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In the worksheets above, students complete these short, bite-sized activities within the app for instant feedback, while parents are sent a weekly progress report that shares their success. Through the app, parents can easily keep tabs on their kid’s progress, which is one of the many benefits of T&G. 

Games and quizzes are also more interactive and engaging on the app, allowing children to interact with the content in a way they can’t with paper and pencil activities, as shown in this assessment below. 

While the social studies activities on the website and the app are awesome all on their own, Kids Academy also offers resources in subjects across the curriculum, including math, science, ELA, and even chess! For parents and teachers looking for a one stop shop for learning materials, Kids Academy truly offers it all; with every resource created by experts in education, all content is designed specifically for preschool through elementary grades. 

Find everything they have to offer on their website linked above, and on the Appstore or Google Play!

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