Astrology chart: What Your Sign Says About Your Diet, Body, and Relationships

BBW dating can be quite tricky, especially when you are not that confident and a bit of an introvert. You need to socialize more to increase your chances of finding a romantic partner, but it can be hard when you have body image issues. A bigoted fear of fat bodies often causes all sorts of troubles when a plus-size woman starts looking for a dating partner. 

Fat women often disparage themselves, too, when they do not get a good response from men in general. To avoid being judged and harassed, so many women now turn to BBW dating sites where they can meet guys who truly seek the companionship of an intelligent partner but who also love the gorgeous curves of a woman’s body. Even on a dating site where men are in search of a BBW date, so many women end up becoming confused about making a decision. A great way to pick the best partner and go on a cool matchmaking site is to find a match based on your astrology chart or zodiac sign.

Astrology Chart, Your Body, and Your Relationships

Those with an interest in astrology know that your birth chat can reveal a lot about you, including what type of a lover you are and what type of a partner is the match made in heaven. It also tells how you behave when you are nervous and what you do to feel better. Some people reach for a box of chocolates when they are upset, while others prefer physical activity to deal with stress. Your astrology chart can tell a lot about your body, diet, and relationships. 

For instance, if your zodiac sign is Scorpio, you are obsessed with alcohol, food, and chocolate. If you are already a big beautiful woman, being with a partner who is emotional, like people born under the zodiac sign Cancer, you may end up having all sorts of troubles. Cancer people eat when they are upset, and they eat again when they are happy. Depending on what you like, people born under the Cancer sign may or may not be great partners for a BBW.

Similarly, if you are a big beautiful woman and a Pisces person, you are truly attractive in your own way, but you may also be living with boy image disorders. As per your Astrology chart, you are most probably an extremist and love your food. At the same time, you are very choosy about what you eat, and this means you may not be a good relationship partner for someone with Gemini as a zodiac sign. High-strung Geminis love food, but they know how to stay slim. Their philosophy of life is to eat to live, and not the opposite, which may not sit well with a BBW. 

Astrology Charts and Online Dating

It is hard for BBWs to decide how to choose someone, and that is when relying on zodiac signs can help, but identifying the best site with the right filters is the way to go. So many dating sites are available to find BBW lovers, but you should be looking for the one with the astrology-based algorithm to connect people with their desired partners. 

With the latest technology, tools, and filters, online dating is far-cry from the dating platforms you might have used a few years ago. The combination of new filters, AI, and other technologies means you can identify the best matches based on your unique preferences. Depending on astrology charts to connect with a partner sounds amazing, especially when sites are now using data from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab to accurately create your birth chart.

On these sites, you can create a profile as per your liking, and they automatically share information about your sun sign based on your date and time of birth. Your sun and moon signs are mentioned along with your hobbies, interests, and a short bio to ensure you end up finding a compatible partner who loves you as a BBW. Consider picking a platform where they do not just match you based on your sun sign but also help you find a partner assessing compatibility between birth charts. Along with using these sites, you should also spend some time learning more about your personality, strength, and weaknesses based on your zodiac sign. 

Tips for BBW Girls to Find Love 

So many things can make it harder for BBWs to find love, but it is certainly not impossible, especially when you are willing to use the right dating site with advanced search filters, including the ones related to astrology. Here are some other tips to remember.

  • Always work on your profile and be clear about what you truly desire.
  • Be ready to take risks and do not worry about rejections.
  • Share real photos showing you having fun with friends.
  • Do not be shy to promote your flaws and be proud of who you are.
  • Do not settle for the very first person and go for the one you truly like.


Keep in mind that BBW dating does not have to be very tricky so long as you know how to find a good dating site. At the same time, you should enter the dating scene with confidence, knowing there are guys exclusively looking for girls like you. Always have a vision for what you want and use astrology to give you a better insight into what type of partner you truly need.

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