All You Need To Know About Free Spins At The Online Casino

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Free spins are one of the most used bonuses online casinos offer to players to entice them to continue playing and gambling with them. Online casinos can offer up to 40 or even 200 free spins, like these new offers for 2023, and you can play slot games at no money loss. The number of spins you have will determine how many games you can play. Spins are such a common thing to have but many people struggle with using them widely and maximizing their power. There is a lack of knowledge on how these free spins can be beneficial and also how they are used by casinos. 

A Beginner’s Guide to Free Spins

Free spins exist, and before you ask what they are you need to know how good this is. There are many games that you can play at online casinos. What are free spins and how do we play them? Could this be a scam and what do we need to be aware of? This article will go through all the things about free spins you will need to know before you embark on this journey. 

What are free spins and how do they work?

Spins are essentially a slot game where you can play and not lose anything as you are not betting any money on the outcome. You can stand to win something from these games, but not lose at all, which makes the game very appealing to anyone visiting the casino — whether you are just an amateur or a professional. However, depending on which website or online casino you enter, you will be entitled to a limited number of free spins. Before embarking on your journey, be sure to check how many spins you have first. 

Just how ‘free’ are they really?

Free spins are always used to attract customers. It is a strategy adopted by virtually all online casinos. While you don’t exactly have to pay to play, casinos offer it not because they are generous, but because they do have something to gain. The strategy is to encourage people to sign up with their casino, and continue playing there once they’ve used up their free spins. As such, free spins are there as the initial attraction to gain more customers for the casino. A lot of casinos will also offer free spins as an incentive for referring a friend, or even as a birthday gift!

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What’s the fine print?

While a free spin deal seems tempting initially, it is very important to first read the fine print or any terms and conditions the offer might have. You don’t want to be going into something if you haven’t fully read the conditions, because you might end up having to pay large amounts of money. For example, some will require you to pay a deposit to activate your offer. These conditions can vary across casinos but the common ones that you can look out for include: 

  • Restrictions on your winning total
  • Time limits, which means that you will have to play these spins within a certain timeframe
  • Requirements state that you must win a particular amount of real money playing other games before being able to withdraw your free spins winnings
  • Incompatibility with other promotions and offers, so you can’t put your free spins towards special jackpots or deals

Sometimes, not everyone who clicks on a promotional offer can be eligible for it. You will definitely have to go through the terms attached in order to make sure you aren’t falling for any scams.

How many free spins do casinos offer?

The number of free spins each casino offers can vary widely. It can start from 20 up till 200. These are usually paired with other incentives and bonuses. To make sure that you get the best deals and bonuses, do not be dazzled by the initial draw of having 200 free spins as it may be coupled with many other terms and conditions which may be hard to fulfil. Instead, work out and consider which deal will be the best and fits your budget before making the choice to move forward. Then, you will be able to play safely and ultimately enjoy the game. 

Benefits you stand to gain from free spins 

You can definitely benefit a lot from gaining free spins given out by casinos. If you already are a regular spender at the casino, these free spins are just extra tokens that can boost your chances of taking home some sort of prize or minimizing your loss at other games. Furthermore, it's a game that is very easy and you do not have to use much effort. You can also let your other friends play the game just to switch up the luck a bit. 

Playing games without financial risk

Most people fear losing money when playing games. This applies to all games in the casino as it is very volatile and you can gain and lose money anytime. However, playing free spins offer players immunity from losing money, as quite literally in the name is called ‘free’ spins. Players can thus play these games without any worries as they will not be losing anything. 

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Trying new games

If you’re sticking to only the games that you know, it is very hard for you to break out of that bubble and try new things. Having free spins allows you to play new games and try out different games that you have not tried. You can then test out different strategies and plan for your winning streak. With free spins, you can try different slot games before settling for the one you are most comfortable with. 

Higher winning potentials 

Free spins allow you to win money from an online casino without having anything to lose. While this might sound ironic, casino games usually come at a cost. However, these give you a good advantage and make a huge difference in your gambling experience.


Overall, don’t just fall for juicy promotional offers. There are different offers available at different casinos which are widely advertised everywhere. It is very important that you read up on the underlying terms before making a choice and giving right in as they may just be clickbait.

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