A Men's Guide for Concert Attire

These six tips for concert attire will help you stay comfortable, look cool, and feel great.

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Two years ago we were all heartbroken when Covid canceled all the concerts we had lined up on our calendars. But now, we are finally at the stage where we can officially get back to going to concerts all year long. From summer festivals to winter holiday concerts, there are so many different concerts to gather your friends up for.

In fact, nothing quite compares to that feeling of attending a concert with your best friends, dancing until your feet go numb, and singing at the top of your lungs until you actually lose your voice.

But of course, you can’t forget about looking fabulous too. No matter what your age or style, you will want to know what to wear for a concert so you can not only look great but feel great too.

This is exactly why we have gathered up all the top trends for concert attire for you to follow along to. Whether you plan on attending Coachella or just want to go to a chill winery concert, these are the top styles to consider wearing so you can be one of the best-dressed males there.

Many of these looks have been taken straight off the runway and can be transformed into the ultimate concert attire.

1. Mesh Tops are Back

Especially if you plan on going to a summer or outdoor concert in the desert, mesh tops are certainly one of the coolest concert looks to rock these days. Not only does it allow you to show off your banging body, but also adds a subtle flair that equally doubles as providing you with a to of comfort.

Whether you are gay or straight, you can rock a mesh top. The best way to style this top up is with a pair of black shorts and sneakers. You will love that the breeze can flow right in and cool you off as you dance your little heart out.

2. Stunner Shades

The lights are bright at any concert you attend. This is why you should certainly plan to come prepared to protect your eyes from the bright lights. The best way to do this is by rocking a pair of statement shades. Sunglasses do not just have to be practical. And they do not just have to be worn outside.

A really cool pair of aviator shades will give you rockstar status no matter where you go. People may even mistake you for a celebrity while you’re rocking out in the statement shades. Best of all, a grat pair of shades go with literally any other type of outfit you decide to wear.

3. A Graphic Tee for Men

Of course, sometimes all you really need are some simple graphic tees for men. This is because they are not only comfortable but come with a range of graphic designs that can match the type of concert you are going to or, better yet, your personality. If you are going to a multi-day concert event, gather up all the graphic tees for men so you have a fresh one to wear daily.

4. Jean Shorts are Cool

While jean shorts went through a brief period of having a bad reputation, they are certainly back in full force now. In fact, you can literally go anywhere and see men from all walks of life rocking jean shorts. They are especially great for outdoor concerts. Whether it is country or electro, jean shorts allow you to be comfortable enough to dance the day and night away in style.

You can easily move in them and look effortlessly cool. Plus, you can pair it with a range of graphic tees for men or even a mesh shirt.

5. Tie Die Tops

Retro is cool again, especially when it comes to concert attire. So one of the best ways to walk into a concert venue in style is to rock the tie-die top. You can go for subtle washed-out colors or really bright and vibrant ones. If Harry Styles can rock the tie-die tops at concerts, then you can certainly rock them when you are in attendance. Plus, these tops go with jeans, jean shorts or any other bottoms you want to wear – even sweatpants.

6. Retro Sneakers

At concerts, you are going to be on your feet for long periods of time. So it is in your best interest to ensure that your footwear is equally stylish and comfortable. One of the best tricks to do is to wear retro sneakers. Not only do they pretty much go with any outfit, but will ensure that your feet don’t get sore from all the dancing you’re about to do.


These six tips for concert attire will help you stay comfortable, look cool, and feel great.

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