9 Questions to Ask Tarot Cards About Love

Ever wondered what the universe has in store for your love life? Here are some questions you can ask the tarot cards to help you get a sneak peek.

Finding love can be tricky. In a society suffering a pandemic, it can be even trickier. Dating in today's society looks a lot different than it did twenty, ten, or even three years ago. When looking for love, dating sites like Hinge and Tinder are often a person’s first source. While these are just two sites, there are plenty of online sites that promise love to their subscribers. But with so many ways of finding love, it can sometimes be overwhelming. Where do you start? What do you look for? Sometimes we often wish there was a way to find out all of these answers. 

Tarot cards are often a great way of finding out answers to questions we may have. Tarot cards can be used to give guidance to someone who needs it. But how do you use them? Whether you are doing your own reading or having someone else do it, it is best to form your questions so that they are open-ended, but as specific as possible. Following these tips will help you to get the best answers you can for your questions. 

While many people ask the cards different questions about their lives, asking the cards about love is common. Love is a hard thing to understand, and an even more difficult thing to find. But whoever said the good things were? Regardless of whether you are actively searching for love, have found it, or just need a place to start, we all have questions. Here are some questions you can ask the cards about love to help you. 

Two hands held together in the shape of a heart around a sunset.
Finding love can be tricky but knowing what to look for can help!

What should I be looking for in a relationship?

Before you can begin your quest for love, you first need to ask yourself what you want out of it. Are you looking for a friend? A lover? Self-Love? Sometimes we don’t even know for ourselves what we really want. Asking the cards might help you to get a better understanding of what it is you’re expecting in a relationship. 

Where should I look for love?

Looking for love is hard. With so many dating sites and modern ways of dating in our society, knowing where to start your search for love is tricky. Should you try your hand at Hinge? Tinder? Or maybe you should take up your cousin on that blind date she offered to hook you up with. Asking the cards can give you a better understanding of where to start. 

Am I on the right track in my journey for love? 

If you’re already on your journey of love, you might ask yourself if you’re on the right track. Should you stay with your partner? Is that special someone you’ve been texting right for you? Asking the cards if you’re where you’re meant to be in your journey can give you some peace of mind about your situation or inspire a new adventure.

A woman's hand resting atop tarot cards as she seeks answers on love.
Tarot readings can help you find answers to your questions on love!

Am I ready for love?

Everyone wonders at one point whether or not they’re looking for love. But are you ready for it? Maybe you’re getting over a recent breakup or you just feel you need to work on yourself for a bit. Face it, sometimes we all just need a little self-love in our lives and asking the cards might help you decide if a relationship is what you need, or if you should focus on yourself first.

When will I find the one?

If you’re navigating the dating world you might often ask yourself if you will ever find “the one.” With so many dating sites and ways of meeting new people, finding that special someone might seem like an impossible task. With so many options it is common that not all your experiences will end the way you want. This can lead you to question if you’ll ever find the person you’re meant to be with. Asking the cards can help give you guidance and reassurance that your efforts are not in vain. 

Why do I struggle to find love?

We’ve all wondered at one point or another if there was some reason we seem to struggle with finding love. Whether you’re still struggling after a breakup or just can’t seem to find that special spark with someone, wondering why things don’t always work out can be troubling. Asking the cards why your search for love isn’t what you want it to be can help you get the answers you want. 

A couple dancing under a star filled sky as they hold hands lovingly.
In order to find love, we first have to love and understand ourselves.

How can I make my love with my partner stronger?

So you’ve found that special someone who makes your heart soar, now what? Perhaps you’re wanting to improve your relationship or you’re completely happy with how it is. Regardless if you’re satisfied with your relationship how it is or not, you might want to know ways you can continue to improve it and help your relationship grow. You can ask the cards how you can make your love with your partner stronger to help you find out. 

What is my love language?

Knowing your love language whether you’re in a romantic relationship or not is something that can benefit you in all relationships, including the one with yourself. When we know our love language, we can better understand ourselves and how we react to certain acts of love. This knowledge can help us better understand ourselves, our partners, and help us to create meaningful connections. Asking the cards about what your love language is won’t give you all the answers, but it can give you a direction to look to better understand yourself and your partner. 

What should I avoid in a partner?

Red flags. We’ve all used this expression or have heard it in discussion about a potential partner. But are all red flags created equal? You may view a lack of interest in your favorite movie, your partner liking pickles, or the fact they wear white after Labor Day as a red flag. Whatever red flags you look for in a partner, it can sometimes be easy to overlook ones you don’t even know you should be looking for. Asking the cards is a good way to get a glimpse at what you should avoid when searching for a partner.

Love is something so sought after and it often creates more questions than it does answers. These questions won’t give you all the answers to your questions about your own love journey, but they can point you in the right direction. Use these questions as a starting point in your tarot card readings until you get to the answers you truly seek. And while it might seem overwhelming at first, just remember that everyone struggles with love. But using tarot cards to ask your questions can help give you some peace of mind that you’re on the right track. 

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