6 Things About Sexual Fantasies That You May Not Know

If you have a partner who shares your sexual appetite, communicate your desires to them, and find out if they would be interested in exploring their sexuality along with you.

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Everybody has their own unique sexual fantasies. Unfortunately, most people never take steps to actually turn their fantasies into reality. We live in a very closed-off society, in many ways. Most people are too scared of being judged to actually live out their fantasies.

If you are feeling bold and want to start exploring your sexuality, then this post is for you. You will find some interesting things about sexual fantasies here. Then, you can then try these things out, or at least research them.

Mature Pornography

Mature pornography is one of the internet’s most commonly viewed categories of porn. It involves older women, usually with breast implants, seducing younger men or women. OnlyFans is a popular site for people interested in this category of porn. There are hundreds of mature OnlyFan profiles that you can sign up for and view. If mature porn interests you, then why not sign up for OnlyFans? The good thing about the platform is that you are able to communicate with the models whose accounts you have subscribed to. You could also take your interest in their fantasy a step further and consider hiring an escort. An escort is a professional sex worker, who visits your house and services you. You can find the contact information for lots of mature escorts online. Really, any fantasy you have can be made to come true by hiring an escort (or by signing up for OnlyFans and having custom content made).

Lesbian Fantasies

Lesbian pornography is another immensely popular category because a lot of men have lesbian fantasies. After all, what’s not to like about two beautiful women having sex with each other? A lot of women, even straight ones, have lesbian fantasies, too. Lesbian fantasies can be made to come true by hiring couples escorts or having a threesome with your partner and a friend. There are also forums that you can use to meet people who’re interested in having threesomes with strangers. Make sure that your partner is comfortable with any kind of sexual fantasy of yours before you arrange everything.

Breast Implants

Large breasts are a common fetish, shared by both men and women. If they are a fetish of yours then you can see women with fake breasts online (on sites like OnlyFans) or you can hire an escort or go to a strip club. If you are a charmer, then you could cold approach women with big breasts that you see in the street, in person. When cold is approaching, be polite and don’t come across as weird. You can meet women on forums who’re interested in sex and have big breasts, too.

Sex Clubs

Sex clubs are a great place to go to live out your sexual fantasies. A lot of people repress their fantasies and never take steps to make them a reality. If you are somebody with a strong sexual drive and lots of interests, then why not visit sex clubs? Sex clubs are usually free to sign up for, though elite ones do sometimes charge money for entry. Most sex clubs are held in private individual houses. You can find out information about them online. You usually have to be tested for STDs and STIs before you can join a club, though.

Hiring Escorts

As mentioned several times already, hiring an escort is a great way of making your fantasies a reality. The good thing about escorts is that, for the most part, anything goes. An escort will communicate what they are not interested in doing to you from the very beginning. Whatever your fantasies are, the chances are you’ll be able to find an escort who’s willing to try them out with you. While escorts can be expensive, they are a great way to have a good time. Make sure to only ever hire verified escorts (i.e., those verified by the agency or site you are using) who are clean and have evidence of negative STD/STI tests.

Communicating Desires

If you have a partner who shares your sexual appetite, communicate your desires to them, and find out if they would be interested in exploring their sexuality along with you. It is important that you are gentle when you are communicating your sexual desires to somebody. You shouldn’t force them to do anything that they don’t want to do. Being forceful sexually can be ruinous to your relationship. If your partner does not express an interest in the things you are interested in, then move on and find something else to do with them.

Sadly, many people repress their fantasies. However, life’s too short not to try them out (and you’re only young once). If you have a lot of fantasies, then go out and give them a go. Nothing’s more satisfying than turning a sexual fantasy into a reality.

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