5 Easy Weeknight Meals to Make at Home

It’s happened to every family. The heads of the household get busy at work, the one who was supposed to stop to pick-up dinner forgets. Maybe the one who usually does the cooking is just exhausted and doesn’t want to take requests from the kids for the fourth night in a row.

Planning meals is time consuming whether you have a family of eight or live by yourself. (If you don’t believe me, try cooking for one for a while and see how much food gets wasted). Parents with young, picky eaters in the house struggle on a nightly basis. Even worse, not only do you have to prepare the meal, you have to do the research and shopping if you ever want to try something new. 

Most of us won’t even bother to try a new recipe for that reason, we usually stick with what we know. Even if we do desire to cook a healthier variety of meals for our families or ourselves, we simply don’t have the time. 

Now there is an app available that will allow you to try new recipes and get detailed instructions on how to prepare them. You can even complete your grocery shopping for the week in mere seconds. It’s not too good to be true - here are five easy meals to make at home, one for every night of the week to get you started. 


Nobody wants to cook the first night after a restful weekend. A great choice for any sized household could be pasta with marinara. Not only is it a classic dish, it’s easy to make and customize for any sized family. 

The preparation time is only five minutes and takes only 15 to cook. So you and the hungry ones can finish dinner and get going on relaxing after the hardest day of the week. 


The second day of the week is usually pretty bland, but your dinner doesn’t have to be! Spice up the evening with a fun and unique dish like Lebanese Turkey Stir-Fry. With only five minutes of preparation required and 10 minutes to cook, this is another meal that won’t consume your time. 

This is a great recipe to incorporate healthy vegetables and appease the spicy lovers in the family. You can even vary the side dish with broccoli or bell peppers. 


By mid-week everyone is hitting their groove and maybe dinner can be a fun time to explore new flavors together with the little ones, by yourself or with your partner.

Try sardines and grilled zucchini to help you get over the “hump” day. Taking only four minutes to prep and 20 to cook, you can easily have a Wednesday evening palette adventure.

Better yet, save this unique and easy recipe to impress friends and save it for the night of the week you plan to have guests. They don’t need to know how easily you whipped up this recipe. 


The weekend is in sight! A mouthwatering and healthy meal like roasted salmon and asparagus can complete your Thursday evening. Perfect for a family trying to eat healthy, salmon is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, and protein. Not to mention it tastes fantastic!

This meal takes only five minutes to prepare and 12 to cook, it could not be simpler. Vary it up by adding your favorite starch as a side or keep it light with just the asparagus, a great source of fiber.


You and your beloved family have made it to Friday! Since this is technically the evening that starts the weekend, the last place anyone wants to be is in the kitchen! 

Plan a meal like grilled cheese and ham which will take less than eight minutes from prep to your mouth. 

This recipe offers a nice change from the traditional grilled cheese. The ham in this recipe is prosciutto and the cheese suggestion is mozzarella. Adding pesto gives it an Italian and flavorful twist sure to be enjoyed by everyone. 

This is the perfect meal for Friday because it’s quick, delicious, and kind of light. You can easily take your family for dessert, or just have enough in your stomach before you go out for the evening’s entertainment. 

There you have it - five easy meals to make at home. Let’s face it, not all of us are great cooks, so the easier it is to put together some ingredients quickly the better. We all have better things to do with our time than meal planning, yet it’s one of the most important aspects of our household.

Having a few healthy, easy recipes on hand can save time and money. Make your life a lot easier with these five easy meals to make at home.

Kellee Maize Team

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