10 of the Best Black-Owned Occult Shops Every Witch Needs In Their Life

How To Support Black Witches And Black-Owned Business At The Same Time

The Black Lives Matter movement has come to stay and, despite the fact that people may not be posting as often about it on social media, it is far from being over. There are no doubts that the year of 2020 has not been easy and that it has brought several plot twists that many of us were not ready for; however, the year of 2020 also brought into light important issues surrounding systematic racism and the treatment of black people which cannot, and should not, go unnoticed anymore. The time has come for us to show our support towards the black community in whichever way we can. One of the ways to become an ally and show support to the black community is buying from black-owned shops. 

Whether you are a practicing witch or simply someone interested in witchcraft, you are aware of the importance of quality products that align with all of your needs and desires. Moreover, you might know how difficult it can be to be living as a witch, as well as how for centuries witches have been discriminated against, misinterpreted, and diminished; so, you understand the importance of helping those who once felt and/or still feel the same way. When you shop at black-owned occult shops, you are not only helping the black community, but also fellow witches make a living. There is nothing better than bringing attention to people who are good at what they do and who may have been marginalized due to an unjust and racist system.

Here we have compiled a list with some of the 10 best black-owned witchy shops out there so you can shop consciously and show your support to fellow witches.

1. Skin Rituals Shop

Smudging kit
A witch is not a witch without a few crystals and incense. Image courtesy of Skin Rituals Shop.

Skin Rituals Shop has everything a witch needs in order to cleanse both their body and their soul. At this shop, you will find metaphysical candles, crystals and stones, bath salts, smudging accessories, incense, plant-based soaps, and more! Who said that taking a shower or a bath is not supposed to be a mystical experience? Skin Rituals Shop proves that with the right candles, the right vegan soap or the right bath salts, you can create the right atmosphere in order to relax and connect with your inner self. 

Everything in this shop looks so good that you will probably feel bad about using their products. However, the best part is that you can always purchase more and continue to support such an amazing black-owned small business!

2. Oracle’s Apothecary

Bottles of essential oil
A witch must always be supplied with the best products. Image courtesy of Oracle’s Apothecary

If you are looking for a witchy store that supplies you with products for the body, the face, the soul, and even the house, the Oracle’s Apothecary is the right place for you. They have a little bit of everything, so that witches can always find what they are looking for and keep their supplies fully stocked. At this store you can find the usuals such as beeswax candles, smudge sticks, goat milk soap, and supplies for spiritual baths; but you can also find lip balms, body butter, facial serums, and wall washers so you can completely cleanse your house!

The best part about the Oracle’s Apothecary is that they have four different monthly subscription boxes which you can choose from: cleanse yo self, run me my money, feeling myself, and laid out. It is totally worth it to check out this store and to consider signing up for one of their monthly subscriptions. 

3. Luna & Lumi

A beginner's witch kit with crystals, candles, and essence
Even baby witches deserve the best supplies! Image courtesy of Luna & Lumi

When you are a beginner witch, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the different types of candles, smudge kits, herbs, and so on that exist out there; especially when you want to perform a ritual or cast a spell and you have to waste your time looking for different supplies. Luna & Lumi is the perfect store for baby witches because it offers witchcraft kits that come with everything you might need and more! They have several products that are simply so aesthetically pleasing that is impossible to resist

At Luna & Lumi you can find spell boxes and jars, cleansing kits, spell candles and candle sets, crystal wands, and more! No witch, whether you are a beginner or a veteran, will be out of supplies and spells if it is up to this store. 

4. Hoodoo Hussy

A bottle of essential oil surrounded by shells and coins
Essential oils can work in order to attract money, protection, and success! Image courtesy of Hoodoo Hussy

There is nothing like the power of nature. Every witch understands the importance of paying respects to and being in contact with nature in whichever way they can. At Hoodoo Hussy, you will find that they believe that plants have everything they need in order to assist you in your needs. Moreover, they believe in the importance of following their ancestors’ wisdom regarding the healing and life changing potential of plants by making the use of spirit medicine. Therefore, all of their products are made with either dried or fresh flowers, herbs, and roots. 

At Hoodoo Hussy you can find their famous essential oils which work for a variety of purposes, such as: protection, tranquility, confidence, and many more. They also have spiritual bath supplies, smoke blends, cleansing sprays, cleansing smokes, and floor wash. 

5. Ink To Prosperity

A heart shaped spell jar
Self-love spells are a game changing that every witch needs in their life. Image courtesy of Ink to Prosperity

Ink to Prosperity may be a small business, but they offer a variety of services to attend to the needs of different witches and witchcraft enthusiasts. However, the shop is perfect for those who are learning about witchcraft and do not have the gist of it yet. At Ink to Prosperity shop you will find intention oils, the popular supplies for spiritual baths, intention jars destined for protection or self-love, pieces of clothing, mugs, and, least but not last, psychic readings!

Everyone loves a good psychic reading, and if you are still learning how to perform readings or even just would like someone else to do a psychic reading for you, you have come to the right place! They offer two options: 1 question tarot-reading and 3 questions tarot-reading. Do not be afraid to explore these possibilities and check out all the products!

6. The Hood Witch

A hooded witch wall tapestry
Astrology, witchcraft, and everything in between! Image courtesy of The Hood Witch.

The Hood Witch is a favorite among black-owned witchy shops and the reason why, if you visit their store, you will see that most of their products are completely sold out. However, they offer weekly professional witch tips and horoscopes that every witch and person who loves astrology should check out! At the Hood Witch website you will find a variety of blog posts, articles, and interviews which bring insightful opinions, thoughts, and even product ideas that are unmissable! 

Even though their store is currently sold out, you should keep an eye out for their updates because, as soon as they restock, it is completely worth it to check out their products! For now, the Hood Witch is the perfect place to learn more about witchcraft and astrology and to exercise your own witchy side! 

7. Little Crystal Galaxy

A sphere crystal on top of a LED pedestal
Bring the moon to your house with the right crystal and LED light stand. Image courtesy of Little Crystal Galaxy

It does not matter whether you are a witch or not, it seems as if everyone is obsessed with crystals these days. It is almost as if there is a crystal fever going on, and people seem like they simply cannot get enough of them! Well, if you are one of them, there are no doubts that the Little Crystal Galaxy is the right place for you! At this shop, you will find a huge variety of crystals ranging from simple crystals to crow skulls, witch hats, and crosses.

The Little Crystal Galaxy has all types of crystals and stones, as well as boards and stands to help you display your collection! At this shop you will also find jewelry, incense, smudge, and burners, and keychains! 

8. Heritage Apothecary 

A smudging kit box
There are so many different types of cleansing to be explored. Find the right one for you! Image courtesy of Heritage Apothecary

If you are looking for both high quality and aesthetically pleasing products, the Heritage Apothecary has everything you need and more. There is nothing that a witch loves more than products which add to their decor and are effective at the same time! The Heritage Apothecary is the perfect place to find items to fill your house with positive energy and the perfect witchy decor that we all dream of. Their signature energy clearing smudge kit is perfect for every witch and those who may not know a lot about witchcraft, but are looking for a way to clean any bad energy from their lives.

At Heritage Apothecary you will find candleholders, smudge sprays, charging plates, perfume, incense, crystals, smudge kits, and more!

9. Positive Life Haven

A box of lavender incense
Discover the cleansing powers of incense. Image courtesy of Positive Life Haven

Everything about Positive Life Haven invites you to cleanse yourself and your life, embrace positivity, and stay in contact with your spiritual side. It is true that we are living in such troubling times, therefore, there is nothing better than bringing some light into your life; especially when it is helping a community which has already dealt with so much this year. The Positive Life Haven specializes in Reiki healing, and counts with a specialist to help you get the best treatment. It is the right place for you to go in order to have the best Reiki consultation!

At Positive Life Haven they have a huge variety of incense, smudging kits and tools, intentionally curated crystals to apply to your special needs, and they also have a crystal guide book to help you care for and connect with your crystals. 

10. Readings By Honi

Cleanser spray bottles
Embrace the spiritual world and open yourself up to the powers of Reiki. Image courtesy of Readings by Honi

If you are interested in Reiki healings, intuitive readings, and spiritual advice, Readings by Honi has all of that to offer and more! This black-owned business gives you all the experience of a witchy shop without having to leave your house. Every witch has different needs, but Readings by Honi is ready to attend to each of them. As the year comes to an end, this is the perfect time to find out what you can do to improve and change your life for the better in the year ahead. You can get one question, three questions, or mercury retrograde tarot reading, a life coach session, a soul energy reading, and more!

At Readings by Honi you will find that beyond healings, readings, and spiritual advice they also sell crystals, jewelry, oils, candles, smudge tools, spiritual bath essentials, floor wash, and so much more!

Several of these black-owned witchy shops are small businesses which would love to receive your love and support! The Black Lives Matter movement goes beyond social media, and there is nothing better than knowing that you have done your share to help.

Camila do Nascimento

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