Viva La Road Trip: Driving From LA to Las Vegas

Top Places to Stop on a Road Trip From La-La Land to Sin City

Los Angeles and Las Vegas are two dynamic, action-packed cities—and from the Hollywood Star Walk to the Vegas Strip, you won’t be short on things to do when visiting either. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to rush from one place to the other. 

It’s about a four-to-five hour drive from LA to Vegas, which means that if you wanted, you could hop in the car and get there in a single day. But why miss out on such an excellent road trip opportunity? With landmarks, state parks, roadside attractions, and much, much more scattered throughout the drive, it’d be a shame to miss out on all that Southern California and Nevada have to offer, just to make good time getting to Vegas. Not convinced? Take a look at few of our favorite detours that’ll make the drive from LA to Vegas a road trip to remember! 

Mormon Rocks

📍 San Bernardino National Forest

Take a Short Hike Around This Distinctive Natural Landmark 

7198 Abiel Barron Memorial Highway | Phelan |
Mormon Rocks are thought to have been named after—you guessed it—Mormon pioneers who were making their way through the Mojave Desert. The rocks have also been recorded as being labeled the “Rock Candy Mountains” and “Chanting Rocks.” Image courtesy of AllTrails

Situated about a mile west of Interstate 15, Morman Rocks is a formation that has become familiar to many travelers who have driven in its direction down the freeway. About an hour’s drive from LA, the sandstone rocks are the perfect place to stretch your legs and take in California’s natural beauty. 

The Mormon Rocks Interpretative Trail is a mile-long hike that offers visitors some of the best views of the rocks across relatively easy terrain. Beginning at Mormon Rocks Fire Station on Highway 138, this scenic loop won’t take you much time to navigate but is definitely worth stopping for on the way to Vegas. 

“Great little hike about a mile circle. Not very challenging, but you have a great view of all the beautiful rocks. You can park in the fire station and walk from there.” -Erica B. on Yelp

California Route 66 Museum

📍 Victorville

See the History Behind the Famous Highway

16825 D Street | Old Town Victorville | 
With 4,500 square feet of relics, exhibits, informative displays, and photo ops, the California Route 66 Museum is brimming with nostalgia, fun facts, and souvenirs. Image courtesy of California Route 66 Museum

Get to know Route 66—past and present—when you explore the California Route 66 Museum’s interactive exhibits dedicated to what’s become one of the best-known roads in America. Open most days from 10 am to 4 pm, this museum will surprise and delight you with its memorabilia from and background information about Route 66 and the many roadside attractions that it’s become home to over the years. 

Throughout the museum, you’ll find photo props like the VW Love Bus and a 1917 Model T Ford so that you can snap a picture in true Route 66 fashion. Admission to the museum is free, but you might find yourself dropping a few dollars at the gift shop, which is, of course, is filled with Route 66 merchandise, including everything from mugs featuring the Route 66 road sign to books about the highway’s history. 

“We always look for unique places to stop and see while traveling, and I am so glad we took the time to stop here . . . Lots of photo-op setups, so much history, and an amazing, helpful staff. It was actually a highlight of our trip.” -Valerie M. on Yelp

Antique Station

📍 Oro Grande

Oddball Souvenirs, Vintage Finds, and More at This Eclectic Antique Shop 

19176 National Trails Highway | Oro Grande |
It wouldn’t be a road trip without a few mementos of your journey! Even if you don’t actually buy anything, this antique shop is a fun place to get out of the car and wander around for a little. Image courtesy of @audi_3_tdi on Instagram

Antique Station is a wonderland of secondhand treasures that are just waiting to be discovered. From furniture, decor, and tableware to dolls, artwork, and knickknacks, this antique shop is a real-life Island of Misfit Toys that you’ll love perusing for quirky collectibles and passed-on keepsakes.   

Whether or not you make any purchases, Antique Station is an offbeat detour that’s sure to stick in your memory for years to come. You’ll find a lot more than your typical road trip souvenirs in this low-key store, which means that it’s the ideal spot to buy unique gifts and one-of-a-kind travel tokens. 

“The best antique shop in the High Desert. A great place to browse for a couple of hours. Always a good variety of interesting items. High-end collectibles as well as affordable treasures.” -Glen S. on Yelp

Desert Discovery Center 

📍 Barstow

Learn About the Mojave Desert’s History, Culture, and Natural Resources

831 Barstow Road | Barstow |
Don’t speed through the desert without appreciating its majesty! At Barstow’s Desert Discovery Center, you can become acquainted with the Mojave Desert like never before—including getting up-close-and-personal with some of the native plants and animals. Image courtesy of the Desert Discovery Center on Facebook

You might think that learning about the desert might be a little dry, but not at this environmental education center in Barstow! The Desert Discovery Center is made possible through a collaborative effort by branches of the local government as well as educational and nonprofit organizations in the area. 

The Discovery Center’s crown jewel might be the “Old Woman Meteorite,” the second-largest meteorite ever found in the United States. Found in 1975, this meteorite is over six thousand pounds and was studied by the Smithsonian in Washington before finding its home at the Discovery Center in 1980. In addition to the inside exhibits, visitors can also enjoy a garden and pond area that contains desert plants and wildlife, like the facility’s beloved tortoises. 

“I had a lovely time at the Desert Discovery Center! It's a small but beautifully maintained museum focusing on local animal and plant species . . .  Great educational exhibits and a wonderful garden outside that includes a pond of endangered fish and turtles.” -Isobel L. on Yelp

Peggy Sue’s 50s Diner

📍 Yermo

Stop for a Bite at This Historic Roadside Diner 

35654 Yermo Road | Yermo |
Step straight into the past when you set foot in this 50s-style diner in Yermo, which has achieved road trip acclaim for its novelty atmosphere and traditional diner fare. Image courtesy of California Through My Lens

Having first opened in 1954, Peggy Sue’s started with only nine counter stools and three booths. Since then, it’s blossomed into a roadside attraction where the food is only part of the appeal. With trophies of the past like 50s music, authentic memorabilia, a five-and-dime store, soda fountain, and an ice cream parlor, Peggy Sue’s will wow you with its old-fashioned charm and family recipes. 

Image courtesy of @7jessie_m on Instagram

Image courtesy of @keto.figure.pole on Instagram

Image courtesy of @laiasc1 on Instagram

In the diner’s backyard, you’ll find a dinosaur park with towering dino sculptures, waterfalls, fountains, ponds, and more. Of course, the menu at Peggy Sue’s is still a major selling point: breakfast foods, burgers, sandwiches, steak, roast beef, pies, milkshakes, and sundaes will have you refueled and ready to hit the road again in no time. 

“This place was really cool! Nice pit stop to or from Vegas. There is so much to look at; the entire restaurant is decorated . . . The food was absolutely delicious. Without a doubt the best biscuits and gravy that I've had.” -Cerena P. on Yelp


📍 Yermo

California’s Biggest Gas Station Is an All-in-One Rest Stop

36017 Calico Road | Yermo |
Whether you’re looking to fill up your tank, stock up on some snacks for the road, or just in the mood for an entertaining stop, EddieWorld is the place to go while driving through Yermo. Image courtesy of Cactus Hugs

When you’re on the road, gas stations are the only stops that you don’t really have a choice about making—but EddieWorld is so much more than just a place to pump some gas (though you probably want to do that here, too, since it claims to have the lowest prices from Yermo to Vegas!). 

With three fast-casual restaurants, homemade ice cream and popcorn, coffee, gummies, nuts, chocolate, stuffed animals, some rare Lakers collector’s items, and—perhaps even more rare—clean bathrooms, EddieWorld has just about everything that you need to keep on cruising your way to Vegas. 

“Fun place to stop on your way to/from Vegas. Super clean and organized with friendly staff. Bathrooms are very well kept, which is always a big plus. But also, there are so, so, many options for drinks, snacks, or even a quick meal.” -Catherine B. on Yelp

Zzyzx Road

📍 San Bernardino County

A Secluded Stop with History That’s Almost Unbelievable

Interstate 15, Exit 23 | Mojave Desert 
Pretty much everyone who’s driven from LA to Vegas has passed this memorable road name, but have you ever wondered about the story behind these seemingly random jumble of letters? It turns out that the backstory might be even weirder than the name itself. Image courtesy of All That’s Interesting

Pronounced “Zye-zix,” Zzyzx Road and the accompanying remains of a town are basically the only tangible legacies of Curtis Howe Springer, a con-man who became known as the “king of quacks.” A self-professed medicine man, Springer claimed this small piece of land, previously known as Soda Springs, and turned it into a medical “resort,” which he named Zzyzx so that it could be the “last word in health.” (As with most of Springer’s boasts, this isn’t an accurate description—”Zzyzx” isn’t a real word.) 

Springer was later arrested for squatting on public land and false advertising, but Zzyzx Road still stands and has become an increasingly popular place to stop on the way to Vegas, whether it’s just to pose with the sign or to actually explore the largely abandoned remains of Springer’s establishment. 

“It's a really pretty drive up the road. You drive along a dried-up lakebed—lakebed on the left, hills on the right. You can easily see 5+ miles into the distance.” -Anrana S. on Yelp.

Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area

📍 Henderson (NV)

Desert Wilderness with Ancient Rock Art 

Nawghaw Poa Road | Henderson | 
Before you get lost in the grandeur of the Entertainment Capital of the World, take a little more time to appreciate the beauty of the surrounding area with a short stop at Sloan Canyon. Image courtesy of Travel Nevada

As culturally rich as it is beautiful, Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area contains sprawling desert scenery and its centerpiece, Sloan Canyon Petroglyph Site, holds more than 300 rock art panels dating as far back as the Archaic Era. 

Hiking, horseback riding, wildlife watching, and respectful exploring are all activities that are encouraged to be enjoyed at this remote park in Nevada, which is only about 12 miles from Las Vegas. While you’re free to traverse the area, the park management asks that visitors stay on the designated trails and do not touch the rock art. 

“Great trail if you've never been, moderate and slightly uphill on the way in. Really cool history and there is an awesome visitor center when you park, and they have some great information on the history and the trail.” -Meghan M. on Yelp

Hoover Dam

📍 Boulder City (NV)

A Must-See Sight Just a Short Drive From Vegas

Highway 93 | Boulder City | 
Only around a 45-minute drive from Vegas, the Hoover Dam is among the most famous man-made landmarks in the country, so don’t forget to make a stop there on your way into town or before you leave! Image courtesy of @the_creation95 on Instagram

Built in the midst of the Great Depression, the Hoover Dam was the largest dam of its time and took less than five years to complete. A National Historic Landmark, the Hoover Dam straddles the Colorado River and has been become world-famous as a momentous feat of civil engineering. 

Around 30 miles southeast from Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam sits on the Nevada-Arizona border, and the Nevada side has a parking garage for visitor convenience. There’s no street address for the dam, but you can use the GPS coordinates “N 36.016222, W -114.737245” to get there. 

“Definitely a destination point if you're going to Vegas. The dam is so amazing and walking across the bridge to see it is breathtaking!” -Ken L. on Yelp

Viva Las Vegas—and Viva La Road Trip!

Vegas is definitely a town that comes with a long list of must-see points of interest and must-do attractions. But that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing in between when you’re driving there from LA. In fact, it’s just the opposite—with so many options to include in your road trip, you might have to plan a second one in order to see them all! 

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