Update Your Closet With The Best Zero Waste Brands

8 Zero Waste Clothing Brands to Help the Environment While Looking Fashionable and Cute

Help the environment with zero waste clothes

For a very long time the world has sat passively and watched while the environment is destroyed, pollution levels keep increasing, global warming becomes a greater reality and threat. Moreover, men, women, and children work their lives away everyday in sweatshops under horrible working conditions and without earning enough money just so fast-fashion companies can continue to make money by spending less on labor and selling their products at low prices. It has come the time when we must reevaluate our acts and realize whether it is worth it to keep on giving our money to companies that are not ethically sourced, do not believe in fair trade, and do not care about the environment or human rights. 

The world demands a change and this is why the zero waste lifestyle has become such an important trend. Likewise, zero waste fashion is a growing trend which believes in the importance of reusing, recycling, and producing no waste. Zero waste clothing brands have been trying to live up to such standards, offer a fashion alternative to those who are destroying our planet, and remind us of the importance that it is possible to slow down and change things for the better. The truth is that it is possible to wear cute and fashionable clothes while also helping the environment!

Here we have compiled a list with 8 zero waste clothing brands for you to check out during the holiday season, and, hopefully, become your new favorite brands!

1. Patagonia

Patagonia female model wearing a fleece sweater
Women’s retro fleece. Image courtesy of Patagonia.

Patagonia is one of the most famous zero waste clothing brands, and it is impossible to talk about the topic without talking about Patagonia. Even though the brand sells more than just clothes, it has made a pledge to help save the Planet and it has never failed to do so. The company taxes itself with the 1% for the Planet; which means 1% of everything that they sell goes directly to nonprofit organizations which aim to preserve and restore the environment. 

Patagonia offers sustainable clothing which are often made of recycled and organic materials, and, most importantly, they are ethically sourced and believe in the importance of fair trade. Patagonia believes in aggressively advocating for the environment and for human rights. You can find several resources for helping the Planet within their website and you can shop their clothes knowing that you will be giving back to the environment and getting quality durable products.

2. Ecoalf

Claviere woman's jacket
Claviere woman's jacket. Image courtesy of Ecoalf

Ecoalf is a zero waste clothing brand and a nonprofit organization which promotes the recovery of selective waste in order to recycle, valorize, and avoid its negative effects on the environment. Ecoalf counts with the partnership of thousands of fishermen who remove the waste from the oceans, and the content of the removal is later turned into the material which is used in the fabrication of the brand’s pieces of clothing. 

Ecoalf uses materials such as recycled polyester, nylon, cotton, wool, and even recycled tires. The company believes in commitment, coherency, transparency, and integrity. You can find several resources within their website; especially about their ideas for innovation, design, and sustainability. This is the sort of clothing brand that is not afraid to make a difference or to call others to make a difference as well. 

3. Realm Designs 

Crocheted sweater
Chunky crocheted granny square jumper. Image courtesy of Realm Designs.

Realm Designs is a relatively new and small zero waste clothing brand. The company was created by Beth who, while still a college student, realized all the negative effects that fast fashion had in the environment. For this reason, she decided to take the matter into her own hands. She decided to use her crocheting skills in order to create sustainable, eco-friendly, and with the least amount of waste as possible. Even though this company is not completely zero waste, it is an important step towards the revolution of the fashion industry. 

Realm Designs is still growing its catalog, but you can shop several handmade pieces of clothing and accessories such as jumpers, vests, earrings, and bags. It is totally worth it to check out this store and to give support to a small business such as this one!

4. Wornable Vintage

Woman wearing a vintage dress
Vintage fitted jewel tone plaid dress. Image courtesy of Wornable Vintage

Wornable Vintage is a clothing brand which provides a different approach to zero waste clothing. The truth is that there are many ways to promote zero waste within the fashion industry and purchasing used vintage clothes is one of them. Wornable Vintage visits several places across the United States in order to handpick high quality vintage clothing pieces; which leads them to end up with several hidden and forgotten treasures that are still perfect to be used and completely fashionable. 

There are no doubts that the search for vintage pieces of clothing never goes out of style. Wornable Vintage brings vintage clothes back to life and, by doing so, they avoid them from going to waste or losing their value. They have several dresses, tops, bottoms, accessories, and many more which are high quality and vintage

5. Pact

Woman wearing a long sleeve dress
Three quarter sleeve fit and flare dress. Image courtesy of Pact

Pact is a zero waste clothing brand which believes in the idea of giving back and wearing forward. Like many zero waste clothing brands, they believe in the importance of transparency and minimizing the impacts on the environment. Therefore, it is possible to find that most of their clothes not only are certified 100% organic, but also fair trade. Within their website is possible to find several articles about the company and its beliefs, as well as ways to continue to save the Planet.

Pact offers a variety of clothes and accessories for both men and women. The best part about this store is that their products are extremely cute, comfortable, affordable, and sustainable! This way, you can shop knowing that you will be fashionable and give back to the environment at the same time.

6. 3 Women Collection 

Woman wearing a cat shirt
My eyes are up here! Kitty tee. Image courtesy of 3 Women Collection

3 Women Collection is a zero waste clothing store which is owned and operated by women. They believe in an eco-friendly, sustainable, and ethical approach. The truth is that not only vintage clothing can be reutilized, but they can be repurposed as well. Therefore, their  garments are designed by utilizing vintage rice, flour, and feed sack fabric. 3 Women Collection takes both a creative and innovative approach to the idea of zero waste by making use of unusual materials and turning them into fashion. Anyone who is so willing to cause a revolution within the fashion industry is worth checking out. 

The best part about the 3 Women Collection is that, due to its process of design and fabrication, all of its clothing pieces end up being unique and exclusive. So, whenever you purchase something from their store you will be sure that not a lot of people will be rocking the same look! This is an amazing way of saving the environment and remaining stylish

7. Alternative Apparel

Woman wearing an eco-friendly outfit
High-Waisted Printed Eco-Jersey Tie Tank Top. Image courtesy of Alternative Apparel.

Alternative Apparel is a zero waste clothing brand which believes in the importance of sustainability and aims to offer a mindful alternative to fashion apparel. It always strives to do more and lessen their impact on the environment and on orders. Alternative Apparel uses recycled, alternative, and organic materials such as cotton, hemp-blend, polyester, and more. It is possible to check their website for more information and everything that they have to offer. 

Still, Alternative Apparel believes that it has a responsibility to the environment and, therefore, they must do everything possible to keep up with it. Apart from recycled, organic, and alternative materials, it uses ethical sources and offers certified fair trade products which support factory workers around the world. Their clothes are extremely cute, trendy, and sustainable! It is worth it checking it out

8. Flux Benne

Moon Frock. Image courtesy of Flux Benne

Flux Benne is a zero waste clothing brand which believes that it is possible to have style and functionality while also being free from the constant demand of fashion trends, abuse towards workers, and unnecessary waste. Flux Benne is the kind of clothing brand which is not afraid to revolutionize the fashion industry and dictate its own rules! Moreover, it is the proof that fashion and sustainability can walk hand in hand. 

The production of Flux Benne is 100% done in Pittsburgh, PA and the company offers a variety of clothing which utilizes up-cycled materials. Every piece of clothing is unique and gender neutral, which are rare things to find in the fashion industry. When you purchase their products, you are supporting zero-waste, local manufacturing, and the slow fashion industry!

Even though it is hard to get rid of bad habits, it is not impossible! Yes, fast fashion is often cheap, trendy, and cute, but what are the underlying costs of purchasing a $5 dollar shirt from a fast fashion brand? To continue with such habits is to support sweatshops, forced labor, the destruction of the environment, and the killing of the planet.It is possible to be fashionable and help the environment at the same time! Give zero waste clothing brands a chance and help save the planet.

Camila do Nascimento

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