Top 5 Ways To Spend Your Anniversary

Is your anniversary coming up? Then you’re probably planning a celebration. Whether you’ve been together for a year, for a decade, or even half a century, marking your special day with some fun activities is essential! So, what would be the perfect way to make memories on this milestone occasion? Here are our top 5 suggestions. 

1.Go For A Romantic Meal

Booking a table at one of your favourite restaurants is one of the top ways to celebrate any anniversary year. Whether you love Mexican food, steak, Asian cuisine, or something casual, a delicious meal for two, perhaps served up with cocktails on the side could be the ideal way to spend some quality time in each other’s company. 

2. Enjoy A Couples’ Getaway

What should you do if you’re celebrating one of the major couples’ milestones? Perhaps it’s your 25th, 40th, or 50th wedding anniversary and you really want to push the boat out and do something really memorable to mark the occasion? There are traditional gifts associated with all of those milestone years and you can find out more about them on the Eternity Rose NZ website, but what better way to present your meaningful gift than while you’re enjoying a romantic couples’ getaway? Whether you love the idea of giving your significant other their beautiful present at the top of the Eiffel Tower, on a Caribbean beach, or in Central Park, a trip for two is the ideal way to commemorate your happy relationship. 

3. Head To The Gym 

They say that couples who work out together stay together, so why not treat yourselves to a gym membership? There are so many different classes and activities to try that there’s sure to be something that you’ll both enjoy. Try the mind and body zen of yoga or pump it up at a cardio dance class. It’s a completely different way to celebrate your special day and it’s a gift that keeps giving. 

4. Get Creative Together 

Why not do something unique and creative together, making something that you can keep as a lasting memento? There are lots of fun-filled activities that you can try as a couple – perhaps attending a jewellery-making workshop together or a pottery class where you can make something special that will last a lifetime. You could even go to the Build A Bear workshop and have unique cuddly toys made for each other!

5. Netflix And Chill

Not every couple wants to go out on their anniversary to celebrate, of course. There’s nothing wrong with just spending some time in each other’s company in the comfort of your own home. Why not order some takeout, pour some drinks, and watch a favourite movie together? Sometimes, the simplest things are the best! 

Whatever you choose to do for your anniversary, don’t forget to make it a memorable occasion that celebrates your love for each other. Do something that makes you both happy, whatever it may be, and create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. 

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