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11 Must-See Art and Cultural Locations in Pittsburgh

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Photograph by Claire Leefl


Folk Artist House

10 AM to 7 PM

Mexican War Streets | 1501 Arch St

Admission: free

Created by artist Randy Gilson, Randyland is less a house and more a piece of performance art. The property was originally bought by Randy in 1995 for $10,000 on a credit card. Since then, it’s become a collaborative canvas for local artists to leave their mark. The building’s outside is painted with bright colors in a variety of different murals and the garden is filled with hundreds of different small statues. The objects filling Randyland range from a table filled with mannequin heads to a staircase covered in plastic chairs. It’s open from 10AM to 7PM most everyday.

Agnes R Katz plaza
Photograph by Renee Rosensteel

Agnes R. Katz Plaza

Public Art Exhibit

12 AM to 12 AM

Cultural District | Pittsburgh

Admission: free

This plaza features famous American artist Louise Bourgeois’s largest commissioned piece ever, a fountain rising up from the ground in the form of a topography-inspired layering. This fountain was a collaboration involving Daniel Urban Kiley and Micheal Graves, the architect who designed Theater Square. Knee-high bronze eye statues are scattered around the surrounding area of the fountain. This plaza’s unique and beautiful design makes it one of the must-visit spots in Pittsburgh.

The Mattress Factory
Photograph by The Mattress Factory

The Mattress Factory

Contemporary Art Museum

10 AM to 5 PM

Mexican War Streets | 500 Sampsonia Way

Admission: $20 for adult, free for children under 6

Featuring 17 permanent art exhibits, The Mattress Factory is an indoor art gallery split up between several buildings. The art exhibits are generally full-room and allow guests to walk through their midst. The somewhat interactive style gives a fresh take on how art can be experienced. Each exhibit differs from the last and is fully unique in its execution, meaning you never know what you’ll be walking into next. Downstairs, The Mattress Factory cafe offers treats and coffee to fuel up on.

Photograph by Warhol Museum

Andy Warhol Museum

Pittsburgh Artist Museum

10 AM to 10 PM

Cultural District | 117 Sandusky St

Admission: $20 adult, $10 child under 12

This building features the artwork of Pittsburgh’s most famous artist and is a staple of the Pittsburgh art scene. Each floor features art from a single era in Warhol’s career, making it easy to see his progression and development through the years. This is a good space to familiarize yourself with Warhol’s work and pick up a bit of art history while you’re at it.

Photograph by Mike Schwarz


Emerging Artists

11 AM to 6 PM closed Tuesdays

Downtown | 812 Liberty Ave

Admission: free

Part of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Visual Arts program, SPACE features 6 exhibits annually to feature emerging artists in the Pittsburgh area and surrounding regions. Because of its rotating exhibits, this museum is fun to check on every couple of months to see new art and keep up with the art community.

Wood Street Galleries
Photo by Jim Henderson

Wood Street Galleries

Fine Art Gallery

11 AM to 6 PM

Downtown | 601 Wood St

Admission: free

This venue focuses on large scale art from around the globe. Many of the exhibits are multi-media and grand in scale, some of the past exhibits feature things like a nest of bumble bees within a clear bubble and a machine that continuously draws on a massive canvas.

Carnegie Museum
Photograph by Visit Pittsburgh

Carnegie Museum

Fine Arts Gallery

10 AM to 5 PM closed Tuesday

Oakland | 4400 Forbes Ave

Admission: $20 adult, $11 child

Pittsburgh’s most famous and well-established art gallery, the Carnegie boasts impressive exhibits featuring dinosaur bones, gems, mummies, and art from ages ancient to modern. The venue is massive and holds many activities and a playroom for children. This is definitely a must-go if you’re interested in the Pittsburgh art scene, as this is the most notable and renowned museum  in the area.

Contemporary Craft
Photograph by Elan Mizrahi

Contemporary Craft

Mixed Media Museum

10 AM to 5 PM Tuesday through Friday

Lawrenceville | 5645 Butler St

Admission: free

This museum features works that are made from ceramics, glass, fiber, metal, wood, and other mixed media. Featured artists are a mix of regional, national, and international. Contemporary Crafts also provides programs and workshops for guests to enjoy, as well as a retail store. Many of the exhibits featured make commentary on diversity and environmental issues.

The Frick Pittsburgh
Photograph by Frick Pittsburgh

The Frick Pittsburgh

Fine Art and Automobiles

10 AM to 5 PM Thursday to Sunday

Point Breeze | 7227 Reynolds St

Admission: free

The Frick is various museums and buildings all centered around “Clayton”, the Frick’s 19th century residence. Clayton has 11 rooms, each one fully restored and decorated in stunning baroque fashion. 93% of the objects present in the room are original, no small feat in restoration. Art present in the surrounding museums ranges from the renaissance to present day with rotating and permanent exhibits. The Frick also has an impressive automobile display with cars dating back to the 1881. Admission is free and if you’re in the area, it’s definitely worth the visit.

Photograph by Pittsburgh Concept Art  Gallery

Concept Art Gallery

Fine Art Gallery

10 AM to 5:30 PM everyday except Sunday

Regent Square | 1031 South Braddock Ave

Admission: free

This gallery presents various well-established artists from around the region. In addition to being a beautiful gallery with some respected pieces, they hold the occasional auction and even offer framing services. The art is often mixed media and goes beyond the standard painting.

Photograph by PGC

Pittsburgh Glass Center

Community Glass Center

10 AM to 7 PM on weekdays and 10 AM to 5 PM on weekends

East Liberty | 5472 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA, 15206

Admission: $5

If you're more interested in making art yourself, Pittsburgh's glass center is an excellent way to dip your toes in the art of glass blowing. The Glass Center offers affordable classes with experienced artists. Even if you're not interested in creating your own art, they showcase impressive pieces and allow you to watch the process of creating glass sculptures.

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