The 8 Comfiest Finds on Amazon Right Now

Relax with these 8 items that’ll help you achieve the comfy nirvana you deserve

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Self-care is important, and what’s better self-care than doing a little Amazon shopping trip to make yourself the most comfortable you can possibly be.

The Comfy
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1) The Comfy


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I’m putting this one first because this is by far the comfiest thing, I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing. Just look at the picture, this woman’s face says it all. It’s thick, the material is high-quality, and the inside is filled with fluffy Sherpa. It’s even got cute little pockets to keep your mitts warm. For only $40, it’s worth it and you’ll find yourself snuggling up in it every night. Wear it on a cold night? Yes! Wear it after a bath? Yes! Wear it to bed? Yes! Wear it to the office? Well… I won’t stop you. The comfy is almost a prerequisite for this list, but it’s not all you’ll need if you want to reach peak comfort.

Fleece Blanket
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2) Fleece Blanket


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Not only is this blanket incredibly comfortable, it’s stylish as heck. Get your self a blanket that can do both. Wrap it around you to enjoy some early morning tea then when you’re done drape it over the love seat as a tasteful throw. This blanket is very reasonably price and it comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. It’s all weather as well, thin enough not to be too warm but thick enough not to feel cheap. It’s machine washable and doesn’t pill. For $21.99 this blanket is a powerhouse of comfort on a budget. You’ll need this for backup if they comfy wasn’t enough.


Weighted blanket
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3)     Weighted Blanket


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If you haven’t tried one of these yet, you need to. This is a blanket filled with glass beads and weighs anywhere from fifteen to twenty-five pounds. The weight recreates the feeling of being wrapped in a hug, tricking the brain into feeling safe and alleviating anxiety. Although this is one of the pricier versions, it’s better to have the high quality and this one comes along with a cover which you will definitely want considering you cannot machine wash a weighted blanket. The weighted blanket is a must have for those who are prone to high-strung moods. This blanket will have you feeling comfy on the outside and the inside.

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4)     Heated Socks


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If you struggle with cold feet, you need these for sure. These socks are not only soft and thick, but they have a heating element to keep your toes warm. They’re rechargeable so they don’t have to keep them plugged into a wall while you use them, and they last between three and five hours. They have three different settings, and if you want the charge to last longer such as all night, you can keep them on the low setting. They are not machine washable, so it’s advised you wear a thinner sock under them to keep them from getting stinky. Although these are made for skiing and mountain climbing, if you struggle with poor circulation and cold feet then these are a game changer.

Bean bag chair
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5) Bean Bag Chair


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Comfort demands sacrifices and one of those sacrifices is owning the bean bag chair, the most impractical and self-indulgent type of seating. Buying a bean bag chair is like hiring your stoner friend, yes there’s probably better ways to get the job done but at least it’s a good time. If you’re willing to spend a hundred and sixty dollars in the name of comfort, then you might as well impulse purchase this and regret it later. Life is short. Buy a bean bag chair.

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6) The Snuggie


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Although its natural habitat is middle-class suburban homes, it can also be seen in As Seen on TV shops, white elephant Christmas exchanges, and now Amazon. This comfort classic remains true to its original price as aired in 1998 and now comes in a variety of new shades such as plaid, burgundy, and Yoda. There are various other versions of the same concept available on amazon for a similar price point and probably higher quality materials, but I believe in being on brand so I’m linking The Snuggie.



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7) Bunny Slippers


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You can wear these over your heated socks for extra comfort. These slippers are incredibly soft and plush with thick padding for walking around. The sole is anti-skid so you can feel safe running around on hardwood floors with these, or if you wanted to walk outside to either take out the trash and get the mail. The bunny design is a bonus too, after all being comfortable doesn’t mean you can’t be cute. These slippers will be the statement piece of your ultimate comfort ensemble.

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