The Coolest Start-Up Gadgets Currently on Amazon

Amazon Launchpad is home to plenty of impressive start-uptech and these are some of the coolest finds on there.

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Amazon’s got plenty of cool tech at affordable prices, but you don’t know where you’re getting this tech from and who’re you’re supportingby buying it. Amazon Launchpad provides a page in which tech from start-ups is inthe spotlight meaning that your purchase supports a small business. Here’s someof the coolest tech currently on the Launchpad page.

Divoo Tivoo

Divoom Tivoo Max Multifunctional 40W Bluetooth Speaker


The Divoom Tivoo Max boasts an elegant retro inspired exterior with a screen capable of producing fun pixel art in a wide variety of colors. The speakers come with an app in which you can customize the pixel display or choose from various presets.The app has a community of users so you can download the pixel template of users around the world. The app also hosts monthly contests for the best design and rewards the winner with fun prizes from their catalog of products. The product also houses a long-lasting Lion Battery 10000 mAh. The reviews are 4.4 stars and rave that the speaker isn’t just a gimmick, it’s actually a high-quality sound experience. Its portability means you can take it almost anywhere too. One downside is the price. While it’s portable enough carry around and show off, the high cost means you probably won’t want to risk damage. If you have enough cash to throw around, it’s a fun and practical toy to have.

Vitriola Aviator

Victrola Aviator: 8-in-1 Bluetooth Mahogany Turntable


The Victrola Aviator is a must own for any connoisseur of vintage formats, you’re getting a machine that can play radio, turntable, CD player, Bluetooth, aux,and tape deck. Another cool feature is that you can record music from vinyl and tape deck onto CD. That alone is a convincing reason to own this as updating old formats is usually a costly and annoying challenge. The absolutely gorgeous exterior means you’ll probably want this to be a centerpiece. Although I can’t speak for the sound quality of this particular device, I own a similar product and it sounds great. It’s a fun way to play old cassettes and records you find at the thrift store and because it’s so versatile, it means it’s the only retro audio equipment you’ll ever need. Although the price might seem high at first, this price is actually an absolute steal for a piece of equipment like this. If you’re a fan of old formats, you’re getting an amazing bang for your buck.


UBeesize 12 Inch Mini Flexible Tripod


This fun little tripod is unique in its flexibility. It’s legs not only let you put it in a variety of positions, but it is adaptable to fit a camera, smartphone, or GoPro. If you’re a lover of photography or videos this tripod is a good way to try out some new tactics at a reasonable cost. It also comes with a remote-shutter so you can take cool pictures on your own without having to deal with pressing the button on the camera or using a timer. Its compact frame allows for easy travel so you can bring it on road-trips and vacations. This product is a cool, fun gift for yourself or the photo enthusiast in your life.

Ember Fire Mat

Ember Mat Patio and Deck Fire Pit Mat


The Ember fireproof mat is a life-saver, literally. Putting a fire pit on a patio isa fun idea but it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Sparks can fly off and damage your patio or even set it on fire. This mat protects your patio from any fly away fires and can be shaken off and cleaned easily to remove any ash. The mat is big enough to house a decent size fire pit and it’s attractive enough to avoid being an eye-sore. Having a fire-pit on a patio is a fun way to have fire side gatherings at barbeques and parties. It can even be used on lawns that are prone to dryness to avoid starting a fire. If you want a fire-pit without having to install stones, this is a high-quality option to protect the safety of your lawn and patio.

LuminAID Lantern

LuminAID PackLite 2-in-1 Phone Charger Lantern


If you’re an avid camper, the LuminAID is a great space-saving tool that can not only provide light for your tent but can charge your phone while it’s at it. This product was originally featured on Shark Tank but now it’s making its debut on Amazon Launchpad. In addition to camping, it’s great for emergencies because of the solar panel battery charging. Leave it in sunlight during the day and then use it for light and battery at night. The lantern part is collapsible and light so you can store in small places such as luggage or emergency kits. This product should be in any survival kit, you never want your power to go out leaving you with no ability to charge your phone and call for help.


GOFILTR Alkaline Water Filter


This product allows you to create alkaline 9.5 PH water in any water bottle.Typically it alkalizes the water in around 40 minutes so you can just pop it in your regular water bottle in the morning and it’ll be done by the time you take a sip. This product is best for those who suffer from acid reflex or those who just wanna indulge in the health benefits of alkaline water.

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