The Best Zero Waste Products For Kids

9 Products To Help You Introduce Sustainability To Your Kids’s Lives

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There are no doubts that children are the future of the world. Therefore, as we are living in an era where it has become crucial to be environmentally conscious, it is important to realize that you must educate your children about sustainability. The truth is that, in order to promote a positive impact on the environment, children must be able to understand how they affect the environment and what they can do to change the world. 

Even though you may wonder how you can help your children understand the importance of reusing, recycling, and reducing waste, luckily we are living in a world where the necessity and the demand for zero waste products grows every day. Consequently, the number of sustainable products available for children grows every day as well. 

The importance of living a zero waste lifestyle grows everyday and you should know that it is possible to have children and be sustainable at the same time. So, here we have compiled a list of 9 zero waste products for kids which can help you maintain your lifestyle and teach your kids about the environment. 

1. Recycled Star Crayons

Star shaped crayons
Cute and sustainable crayons. Image courtesy of Package Free.

Children love crayons not only because of their cheerful colors, but also because crayons allow them to be able to express themselves and exercise their creativity. Even though there are many types of crayons out there, how many of them are actually sustainable? It is undeniable that more often than not children end up breaking their crayons or even just pilling them up and leaving them forgotten inside drawers. 

So, why not make sure that whether your kids are making art or destroying crayons, they are doing it sustainably? The star crayons from Package Free are 100% recycled and made using solar power. Not only these crayons are extremely cute, but they are also sustainable and wax free. 

2. Reusable Snack Bag

Reusable snack bags with cacti drawings
Cute alternative for snack bags. Image courtesy of Earth Hero

Every parent knows the importance of zip-to-close bags when it comes to packing up snacks for their children. Nevertheless, every parent also knows how many of the zip-to-close bags go to waste every day because they only use them once and then you have no more use for them. 

The truth is that it is almost impossible to go anywhere with children without bringing some type of snack and, if you think about all the waste that comes with it you can see that it is more worth it to find an alternative. Therefore, Earth Hero presents you with the cutest reusable snack bags to help you say goodbye to single-use ones. They not only are approved by the FDA, but also they are BPA and PVC free. 

3. ReCycleMe

ReCycleMe toy box
Teach your kids about recycling in a fun way! Image courtesy of Amazon

The best thing about children is that they are curious and are often willing to experiment with new things and learn about them. Therefore, what better way to teach them about recycling than with their very first recycling kit? Even though you can come up with recycling activities at home, there are many options of ReCycleMe projects to choose from in order to keep things creative as well as teach your children about recycling and sustainability. 

The ReCycleMe project box is a great alternative to toys that are often advertised for kids and it helps kids realize that basically anything can be turned into something fun and exciting. It is a great activity for both children and parents to do on their family time. 

4. Recycled Crayon Sticks

Recycled crayons
Crayons will always be a favorite. Image courtesy of Package Free.

 One of the best things about Package Free is the amount of product options that they have. The truth is that there is no such thing as having too many crayons, and especially if they are sustainable. Instead of purchasing regular crayons, which have an outstanding negative impact on the environment, you can purchase recycled crayons which offer a sustainable and safe alternative

Children love the idea of having multiple crayons to express themselves and create art with, therefore, the recycled crayons work perfectly to help them create an amazing crayon collection and teach them about sustainability and recycling as well. According to Package Free, these crayons help keep thousands of unwanted crayons from going on landfill. It is totally worth it to check out their products. 

5. Khala Vegan Reusable Sandwich Wrap

Reusable sunflower sandwich wrap with sunflower prints
Wrapping your children’s sandwiches has never been more cute or sustainable. Image courtesy of Earth Hero

Anyone who lives a zero waste lifestyle is aware of the fact that plastic is one of the greatest enemies of the environment. However, if you are a parent you are probably aware of how plastic seems to be a constant in products which are designed for children; especially when it comes to packing their food. Therefore, one of the biggest steps towards making a positive impact on the environment is changing daily habits such as using plastic in order to pack your children’s food. 

The Khala Vegan Reusable Sandwich Wrap is an alternative to plastic and beeswax packaging as it is made with organic materials such as soy wax, coconut oil, and more. Most children love eating sandwiches from peanut butter and jelly to grilled cheese sandwiches. So, why not make their experience completely sustainable, vegan, and fun? This way, children and parents will be able to enjoy their sandwiches without making a negative impact on the environment. 

6. Cuddle and Kind

Large and small deer dolls wearing dresses
Make your child happy and feed the hungry at the same time. Image courtesy of Cuddle and Kind

Have you ever wondered if you could purchase something that benefits not only yourself but others as well? When you live in a materialistic world, it's often difficult to see beyond your purchase and think about what is happening behind the curtains or how our purchase is actually impacting someone’s life. Therefore, at Cuddle and Kind you have the opportunity to give back with every purchase you make as every doll equals 10 meals that are sent to children and families in need

There is nothing better than the feeling that by buying something you will be able to make your children as well as other children happy at the same time. The dolls at Cuddle and Kind are 100% handcrafted with organic materials and are ethically sourced. This is the perfect gift for children of all ages and will leave you feeling that you have been able to give back to society with your purchase.  

7. Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Set 

Bamboo cutlery set with fork, knife, and spoon
The best alternative to plastic cutlery is a reusable bamboo set. Image courtesy of Package Free

There are no doubts that plastic cutlery creates a huge amount of waste every single day. Moreover, as we are living in a world pandemic, the necessity of avoiding contact with contaminated objects is pivotal to protect not only yourself but also your children from being exposed to the virus. Therefore, this is the perfect time to introduce reusable cutlery into your life and the lives of your children as well. 

Every child should have their own reusable cutlery set and Package Free offers orange, pink, green, and blue options of bamboo sets which are extremely cute and a total game changer for people who want to live a zero waste lifestyle. This way, you can make sure that your children have their own fork, spoon, and knife no matter where they go and that they remain as safe as possible. 

8. Eco-Dough

There are many ways to introduce sustainability to your children’s life without stopping them from having fun. Image courtesy of Earth Hero.

It is undeniable that no parent should expose their child to toxic chemicals. However, sometimes they do it without realizing as many products which are made for children actually carry several toxins which go unnoticed. Even though play dough may seem harmless, there are some store bought types which can be very harmful to children and should be avoided. 

Therefore, there are alternatives to play dough which are the most suitable for children whether you choose to make your own or purchase a non-toxic product. Eco-Dough offers an alternative to regular play dough as it is free of toxic chemicals and is made from all-natural ingredients and has the inclusion of essential oils. Eco-Dough is the perfect way to allow children to have fun without suffering any possible consequences. 

9. Insulated Lunch Bag 

Reusable lunch bags
Make sustainability a part of your child’s routine. Image courtesy of Motherly

It is almost impossible to not associate the idea of PET bottle recycling to the images of water and soda bottles, for instance. Consequently, it is also hard to imagine that something which can be so visually unpleasing can actually become something beautiful, classy, and useful. Nevertheless, the lunch bags from Motherly which are made from recycled PET bottles are here to prove that recycling is the future. 

Not only the lunch bags are extremely cute and functional, but also it is almost impossible to tell that they are made from 5 recycled water and soda bottles. The fact that the bags are BPA, PVC, and Phthalates free as well as that they are capable of keeping food warm or cold for a decent amount of time makes them totally worth it to be checked out by all parents. 

Even though the number of zero waste products for kids still needs to increase, the products on this list prove that it is possible to teach children about sustainability and introduce them to a zero waste lifestyle from an early age. 

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