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Tarot cards laid out on a table.

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Tarot cards were used to play games in the early times of their foundation, but their use expanded over time. They were eventually used for more spiritual practices as time went on. What tarot cards are used for all depends on the user. They can be used during prayer, meditation, or even for self-care purposes. There are plenty of people who specialize in tarot cards who offer readings. A tarot card reading is meant to reveal dilemmas of your past, present, and future. Tarot card decks are known to be items of divination, despite their gameplay origins. Many people use them to figure out important things about their lives. These cards were first used for play in 14th century Europe. Information about how the transformation happened has not been confirmed, but tarot cards started to be used for divinatory reasons in the 18th century. 

A tarot deck consists of 78 cards that all have different meanings. They are meant to give different kinds of insights into a person’s life. Tarots have four different suits, just like the average playing cards. In the deck, you’ll find a King, Queen, Knight, and a Jack (Page). There are 56 of those cards considered to be part of the Minor Arcana, the cards that depict minor life details. There are 22 other cards that are part of the Major Arcana. Those cards depict events that are a lot more significant to a person’s life. People use them to answer the questions they have about themselves and the direction their lives will go in. 

A tarot reading involves first picking out cards from the tarot deck without looking at them. You will then turn over and read the card and interpret it based on the meaning behind it. Each card has a different meaning that is deeper than what is on the card’s surface. A tarot reader is often involved because of this. They have studied the meaning behind the cards and are able to interpret them in the best way possible. It is also possible to learn the meanings behind the cards on your own. You can learn enough to interpret the cards on your own. Then you can use the cards on your own or even do tarot card readings for other people. If you truly want a deck of tarot cards, it is necessary to get good ones. You can find some of the best tarot cards on Amazon. Here is a list of those great cards!

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

This dark deck represents mystery and magic. 

Black tarot deck with rainbow ring with guidebook.
This deck is for someone who likes dark imagery. Image courtesy of David Westnedge LTD

This tarot deck is fully black and white. If you’re not a fan of vibrant colors, or simply enjoy more subdued color palettes, this deck is perfect for you! The colors are plain, but the design is alluring. The front of the deck is decorated with a pop of rainbow that looks great against the dark background. The dark background is also reminiscent of a dark, sparsely starry night. 

Aside from the standard 78 cards, this deck also comes with a guidebook! You can easily learn how to use these tarot cards from the guide provided. The guidebook is also fully illustrated, and shows amazing images that fit the “wild and unknown” theme. It instructs the reader on how to shuffle the deck, cut the deck, and create spreads. The meanings of all 78 cards are also included and explained. 

The Modern Witch Tarot Deck

This vibrant, all-female deck will lift your spirits. 

A woman in modern clothes waving a wand.
This deck centers on women in its illustrations. Image courtesy of Amazon

This tarot deck is filled with fun and modern characters. The colors are bold and vibrant. The characters are also very fashionable. This tarot deck is great for fashion lovers who love bold colors! Most of the cards showcase an image of a super cool woman who might remind you of some of your real-life friends! The woman who represents the “high priestess” sits with a laptop, “the chariot” rides a motorcycle while carrying a sword, and “the fool” dances on a cliff with her headphones in. This deck is so fun to look through!

The illustrations in this deck were made by an acclaimed illustrator, Lisa Sterle. It's no wonder they are so good! Purchase this deck to make tarot reading bright and fun. 

MagicSeer Classic Design Tarot Cards

This deck was made with a classic design.

Brightly colored tarot deck with white background.
This deck has a bright and sunny theme. Image courtesy of Amazon

This tarot deck has a classic style that resembles that of renaissance paintings. The creatively designed characters are shown frolicking in front of blue, yellow, and grey backgrounds. This deck was designed by experienced artists in 1910. These cards have a smooth finish that makes them comfortable to hold and flip through. This deck is made to guide you on a smooth journey through using the tarot. This deck is a great tool for self-knowledge. 

This deck is great for experienced users as well as newer ones. It comes with a guidebook that explains how to use the cards. The guidebook comes with pictures to give greater understanding to its readers. These cards are also made with really durable material that makes them perfect for long term use!

The Rider Waite Smith Tarot Deck

This deck has a bright and classic style. 

Yellow deck of tarot cards.
This deck is filled with valiant characters. Image courtesy of Amazon

This deck's classic design is great for anyone who loves old-style imagery. The colors are vibrant and go well with each other. The characters are regal and dressed in upscale attire. They look like people that were part of European royalty in past centuries. These cards were printed in Italy. They are great for anyone who wants to learn about themselves through the use of tarot cards, especially when they have a love of European art styles. 

This deck happens to come with a short booklet that teaches you about the tarot. It is a quick and helpful instructional that is very necessary for beginners. A more professional reader can still use it to brush up on their knowledge. Go for this deck if it fits your style!

The Modern Way Tarot Deck

This deck is loaded with eye-catching silhouettes. 

Orange deck with silhouette against an orange sky.
This deck is colorful and captivating. Image courtesy of Amazon

This deck consists of gorgeous silhouettes on each card. The representations of each card, such as the “high priestess” and “empress,” sit on their own thrones covered in shadow while looking pensive. The images are filled with bright colors, but still give off a dark and intense vibe. Each card is filled with both complementary and contrasting colors in bright shades. The design manages to be minimalist while remaining captivating. This deck was originally designed a long time ago, but was revamped recently for a 21st century audience. 

These cards were printed on thick and durable material. They are also made to be light and easy to shuffle. You will still have this deck year after year. This deck is made to last a lifetime! The cards are even simple and easy to interpret. You won’t be left too stumped with this deck, and it is a great choice for experts and beginners!

Mystic Mondays Tarot 

This deck has wonderfully colored characters that are vaguely defined. 

Black tarot deck with colorful cards.

This deck has a mystical quality to it. Image courtesy of Amazon

This deck has vaguely defined representations of each card on it. The cards have a fun and modern look that is very minimalist. The representations all use bright colors that are fun to look at. Each depiction is fun and creative. “The empress” sits comfortably on a wave holding a bunch of bananas, one sits and paints pretty patterns, and there are depictions of loving flamingoes.

There is a guidebook that comes with the deck. It is just as brilliant in color as the cards! The imagery was created by an artist and visual designer. Learning the tarot will be visually exciting with this tool at your disposal. The cards are large to enhance the visual imagery, but still easy to use and shuffle! 

Tarot cards can be very useful tools for self-discovery. They are a great investment for anyone looking to take on this journey on their own. It will be all the more enjoyable when you get yourself a deck that fits your unique preferences!

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