The Best Music Marketing Strategies for Beginners

Music Marketing Strategies to Put Any New Artist on the Radar!

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The decision to pursue a career in music is certainly not easy, but it is really admirable! It can be hard sometimes—with so much information and so many possible directions—to get a handle on what you need to learn and do as an up-and-coming artist! So, in this article, we will tell you all about the best music marketing strategies for beginner artists just like you!

Some essential tactics and tips we’ll cover in this article include:

  • Guerilla Marketing Tactics & Tips
  • The Importance of Having Solid-looking Socials
  • How to Make Your Next Release Day Count
  • Where to Start in Making A PR Plan
  • Why You Should Assign Yourself a Creative Commons License

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Guerilla Marketing Tactics!

Our first essential strategy is a big one, but also a bold one. In almost all areas of life, the best way to stand out is to be DIFFERENT. Especially in today’s saturated creative market, you need to make a mark on the general public if you want people to remember you and your music. 

What is Guerilla Marketing?

The word “Guerilla” refers to something that either takes place in a non-traditional way or through unauthorized, rogue-like methods. So, when applied to the big task of marketing your music, it means doing or performing in a way that is different, a bit wild, and kinda crazy. This is your chance to really think outside of the box!

Guerilla Marketing can also rely pretty heavily on controversy. It’s like they say, there is no such thing as bad press!

Woman wearing sunglasses using megaphone in streets
Many people hit the streets of popular cities to Guerilla Market

Some Common Ways of Guerilla Marketing 

Guerilla Marketing is all about being innovative, unconventional, and cutting edge. It can be anywhere from mildly interesting to downright shock-inducing. 

Some examples you may be familiar with include:

  • Pop-Up Stores
  • Giant Product Sculptures
  • Social Media Challenges
  • Street Marketing Events
  • Alternative Reality Games (ARGs)

It’s super important to be aware of the current events and trends when designing your own guerilla marketing campaign. The more relevant an idea seems—the better!

Have Professional-looking Social Media Profiles

One of the biggest keys to success in marketing (of any kind) these days is to create a solid internet presence—and not just any internet presence—but a viral one. With social media platforms almost solely responsible for the recent, massive success of non-traditional artists, it’s easy to see why. 

Take one of the biggest social media platforms on the internet right now for example—Tik Tok

Unlike any other apps or sites used by creatives, TikTok’s cutting-edge software has a unique algorithm that seems like it knows what its users want before the users even know themselves! 

Person in white sweater holds an iPhone
The app Tiktok is SUPER addictive and a great example of a good social media platform!

This could obviously mean BIG things for you and your music. Making regular videos on TikTok is arguably one of the best music marketing strategies for beginners out there right now. 

Perhaps best of all—creating content on TikTok is completely free and ridiculously easy—even kids are doing it! The complete lack of net cost when it comes to this advertising method gets even more appealing when you consider how you could even make money if you build a solid-enough following!

Make a Decent PR Plan

It can sound like a daunting undertaking, designing a PR plan all by yourself. That’s why, if you’re just starting out, it could be helpful to look into possible agencies and strategic marketing firms that are ready to help you build and manage your brand! 

What does a PR Plan Look Like for a Musician Like Me?

If you’re still newer to the scene and aren’t ready to take the dive the whole way in just yet, making a plan of your own to reach out to blogs, websites, and other platforms is a great way to get your music out yourself without becoming tethered to any one agency.

Just be careful, you don’t want to waste any time or resources on dead-end leads. When offering your art, your product, you want to make sure you’re hitting the right target audiences. Every blog and website has a specific target audience, so do your research before sending out your mixtapes and tracks at will. 

Respect your craft, and respect your art! After all, you’re investing in it to become your career!

Woman types on laptop with white earbuds in her ears
Becoming tech and marketing savvy will take your music career to the next level!

Start Your Own Blog!

Having your own website or creative platform to speak your voice and promote your music is a crucial key to any degree of success. Starting your own blog isn’t only a good way to promote your music, it’s also a good way to start creating and showcasing a brand for yourself as an artist.

Many companies, brands, and individuals start their own blogs as a way to market their product or images. you can, too!

This can bring exposure, and even turn into a fun hobby or side-hustle that can make you a good chunk of change if you work at it!

Make Your Next Release Day Count!

Creating buzz and hype for your next music release could make or break the success of your creative launch. You want your fans (and new ones) to get excited and look forward to a specific event or date for your release. 

Be sure to update all of your social media bios with the pre-save or pre-order link as soon as your music gets uploaded to your distributors. You want to give your dedicated and existing fans the chance to make sure they save your new stuff the minute they are able to. 

Thinking creatively and making a set, an innovative plan for your music is also something you should always have on your management radar. 

Are you going to do a full-fledged campaign? Are you entering a new era as an artist and want your audience to take note? Perhaps you’re setting up for a new collab! Every detail should be taken into account for a professional music release, no matter how new or old you are in the industry. 

Tips for a Successful Release Day

  • Set a release date early 
  • Don’t spam your fans with too many messages and notifications
  • Remember to update your socials the day of the big release
  • Share a snippet of your song/album online as a teaser

Assign a Creative a Commons License to Your Music

Registering your music under a free-use digital licensing is a great way to gain exposure. It probably seems a bit counter-intuitive to give your art, the thing you’re trying to make money with, away to anyone without them having to pay, but it is actually the best way you can get your music out there for other creators to use! When other artists use your music for their content—like in YouTube videos—you gain priceless exposure that will stay on the internet and keep reaching possible new fans.

Creative Commons 20th Anniversary Celebration Infographic
Creative Commons has been helping artists for over two decades. Image courtesy of Creative Commons

Still a bit confused? No worries! Here’s an easy tool to help you decide what Creative Commons License you will need if you still aren’t completely sure. Trust us, it’s a good idea for exposure and you’ll be lending your resources and skills to other content creators who are just starting out, so it’s a win-win!

The Takeaway 

Okay, so we know that we just threw a TON of information at you, but it just goes to show how many aspects and specific skill sets are needed to be taken into consideration when building a brand for yourself. As we initially told you, these were just a few of the simplest and most effective music marketing strategies for novice musicians. 

There are infinite ways you could end up making it big (or not so big) in the music industry, but you need to learn your way, and be open to making mistakes or waiting your turn. Try to remember, that just because you aren’t headlining Coachella right now doesn’t mean that someday, with a lot of hard work, dedication, and grit, you never will. 

Male musician in recording studio vocalizing
Creative Commons has been helping artists for over two decades. Image courtesy of Creative Commons

Become best prepared to make your mark in the music industry!

You’re passionate about your music, so let’s make sure it gets heard. So go out there and try out some of our tips and strategies!

Don’t forget to let us know which ones worked for you in the comments!

Allison Jaecke

Allison Jaecke is a multimedia artist, and writer based in Pittsburgh, and Erie, PA. She is currently pursuing her B.S.A.E. in Art Education from Pennsylvania Western University and is planning to go on to pursue an additional M.F.A. post-baccalaureate. You can connect with Allison on Instagram, Facebook, or Linkedin.
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