The 5 Best AI Summarizing Tools on the Market

All you need to know for leveling up your writing game!

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With the new wave of AI hitting the scene, journalists, writers, and even office workers have new technology to boost production and efficiency within their career. With AI summarizing tools we will be able to scribe emails, blog posts, or even regular text messages back and forth between our friends and family. This new software may seem a little daunting but using them will 

better equip you to complete tasks in a more timely manner. In this article we will be covering-

  • How AI summerizers work
  • How they can aid productivity 
  • The best AI Summerizers on the market

How do these AI Summerizers work?

The underlying technology behind AI summarizers typically involves natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms. NLP enables the system to understand and process human language. At the same time, machine learning algorithms are used to train the AI model on large text datasets to develop the ability to summarize effectively. It enables computers to understand, analyze, and generate natural language data like text or speech. 

AI summarizers analyze the input text, identify meaningful sentences or passages, and generate a condensed summary that retains the essential information. They may employ techniques such as identifying keywords, ranking sentences based on relevance or importance, and using linguistic features to determine the significance of particular phrases or concepts. This can be especially important to writers who want to increase SEO optimization and get content higher ranked compared to other websites. 

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Writer’s Block can be a real problem especially with encroaching deadlines, make sure to check out each of the AI summarizing programs listed!

How could AI summarizers help productivity?

These AI Summarizers can help the time management of employees to avoid the hassle of tirelessly searching for information to begin a project. A language model or a system with NLP processing can give a general synopsis of the topic that you are trying to learn, about whether it is a product you are looking to sell or a topic that you are looking to research. 

They also can summarize the main points of whatever you are trying to get at without being as wordy and help condense information more effectively. They can also organize content better, making your websites more straightforward to read, understand, and consume. And they can turn whatever you are writing into many different languages. 

It is also worth adding that these tools are meant to be used as tools, not replacements for the work that needs to be done. Fact checking is also necessary given that these machines run on language models and sometimes are unsure of what exactly they are saying. Just ensure that you are not spreading mis-information using this new technology. 

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This is just one of the AI summarizes on the list but it is one of the best given its user-friendly UI and great NLP. 

Some Great AI Tools on the Market Now


Notta provides an AI-based audio and video summarizer that can extract and condense crucial information from your live speeches, interviews, podcasts, meetings, and more, saving you valuable time. Use Notta to transform extended video footage into a concise text summary. Say goodbye to sifting through hours of content to locate crucial information. Notta also stands out as an AI-powered voice-to-text transcription software boasting a high accuracy rate of 98.86%. Turn your audio into a written transcript instantly, streamlining the process for easy editing and reviewing.

Top Features & Benefits

  • Supports 104 transcription languages
  • Instantly transcribe audio for note-taking
  • Real-time transcribe your Zoom/ Google Meet/ Microsoft Teams/ Webex meetings
  • Notta AI Summarizer shortens videos and audio into key points for a quick grasp of content
  • Seamless translation across 42 languages

Notta can transcribe and summarize content in real time, providing instant access to key insights. With advanced AI technology, Notta ensures accurate and precise summarization of crucial information. You can streamline the meeting review process by obtaining a concise summary, making it easier to focus on essential details. Identify and extract actionable items from discussions, aiding in effective follow-up and implementation of decisions. Easily integrate Notta into your workflow, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.

Word Tune

Developed by AI21 Labs in 2018, Wordtune is designed to assist users in improving their writing by offering suggestions for rephrasing and enhancing sentences, and was the first developed AI writing assistant. With Wordtune, users can refine their writing style, improve clarity, and find alternative ways to express their ideas. Wordtune can be integrated into platforms like web browsers, word processors, and other programs where writing is necessary. 

Wordtune has five different ways it can assist you in whatever you are writing-

  • Rewriting text
  • Making text easier to read
  • Making the text more formal 
  • Shortening pPassages 
  • Lengthening passages

These can be especially helpful if you have writer's block or need extra words to reach a quota. Wordtune can be used as a free product or pay for a premium plan for extra capabilities. Overall if you are looking for a generalized platform to help your writing, this would be a great website. As with any AI-powered tool, it is not infallible and may occasionally provide suggestions that might not be suitable or aligned with the writer's intention.


Quillbot is another great AI tool providing users with a user-friendly interface to input their text and receive the generated paraphrases or summaries in real time. Wordtune is strictly for web use and even has a Chrome extension. This bot runs off of the same technology listed before, utilizing NLP technology and language models to better equip writers with information and tools that will help them in whatever they will be writing about. On their website, they have 7 AI-powered tools that can help with any task-

  • Grammar checker
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Co-writer
  • Summarizer
  • Citation generator 
  • Translator

Some of the tools are limited to a premium subscription that is $19.95 monthly (3-day money-back guarantee), but for just the free version, you can access: 

  • 125 words in the AI paraphrase
  • Standard and fluency modes
  • Three synonym options
  • 1 freeze word or phrase
  • 1200 words in the summarizer 

Regardless of whether you will choose the free or subscription service for Quillbot, the tools they have available are helpful to any writer. The translator especially can get content out to people who speak languages other than your own. 

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Rytr is an AI-powered writing tool that aims to assist users in generating content quickly and efficiently. It leverages artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) technologies to provide suggestions, prompts, and complete sentences or paragraphs. Rytr can generate text for various purposes, such as blog posts, social media captions, product descriptions, email drafts, and more. It can help users overcome writer's block or generate ideas by offering suggestions and starting points.

With over 6.5 million users on its platform, Rytr is another great AI writing assistant that is helpful in many ways. For starters, companies like Adidas, IKEA, and DELL utilize it. Rytr can also be used within emails and chatting (Gmail, Outlook, Messenger), Documents (Word and Google Docs), and social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram). Some of the tools that Rytr provides are-

  • SEO analyzers and optimal keyword finders
  • Connection to other users on the platform
  • Grammar checker 
  • Built-in tools to rewrite and reword sentences
  • And much more


Writesonic is another AI-powered writing tool. With Writesonic, you can produce plagiarism-free SEO content that utilizes the language model power of the new Chat GPT-4 with paid plans. For writers, they have a Sonic editor, which is an enhanced form of Google docs using their own AI. This isn’t just for writers but eCommerce stores as well, getting you into Google searches and increasing the amount of product sales on your website. Writesonic boasts on its website over 100 different tools that you can utilize to equip you better in whatever venture you are heading into. 

They also offer AI content generation that can be used by describing a topic, generating the bulk of your content, and publishing it directly on whatever platform you use, whether it is a Wix site or a Shopify store. If you are looking for an AI tool with a simple UI to manage and hundreds of options for use, Writesonic may be the best choice for you. 


Jasper is another great AI writing tool for businesses aiming to- 

  • Break writer's block
  • Repackage content
  • Generate original imagery

Jasper has over 10,000 reviews, rating over 4.8/5. They offer an entire dedicated UI system with their subscription, and aim to help with content generation, writing for eCommerce brands, and generating great SEO content for blogs and websites. The AI they operate with was developed by expert marketers aiming to create the best content for your venture needs. They also offer a 7-day free trial to utilize their tools, so if you do not like their UI or the content it generates, it is easy to cancel. 

Their website states that you can complete drafts of articles 10x faster than just writing usually. They also have a tool to recycle old content and bring it back up to its SEO par, so it doesn't go to waste, as well as language translation to reach even broader audiences. A 7-day free trial to test the capabilities of this tool would be the farthest thing from a waste. 

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No matter which of these tools you use you are sure to increase productivity for any of your ventures!

To summarize these AI tools

With the new innovations in AI, there is no reason that writers, marketers, advertisers and drop shippers alike shouldn’t be utilizing the technology that is at our fingertips. With the ability to generate amazing SEO content, product descriptions or writing entire scripts for podcasts or YouTube videos, the power of Artificial Intelligence is truly amazing. Although it may seem worrying at first, especially for writers, how powerful these machines are it helps to remember that without people there wouldn’t be any content to make. These are tools not writers. So if you are a copywriter or someone who is looking to start a blog, what the heck are you doing? Look at all of the options that are available and pick a UI to level up your writing. The future is now at our fingertips so let's get writing!

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