TAKE A CHANCE ON LIFE: And find your true purpose

Do you wake up every day wondering what your day would be like? Do you often wonder what is the true meaning of life? What is your individual purpose?

Purpose can mean a lot of things for a person. It can define your life, give your life a new direction and can help you improve, evolve, and get better. Change as we know is the only constant in life and leading a life with purpose can cause that change to come by smoothly. Strictly speaking, in terms of habits, beliefs, and school of thoughts of course. 

So what is the purpose of one’s life? 

In simpler terms, the better way of putting it is to know the meaning of your presence in the physical realm. It can be difficult to know what is the reason for being born. Humans in essence are sentient beings .We come with complex nervous systems and often have complex relationships with ourselves, other humans and often with our own feelings. A larger part of human complexities is known to stem from our emotions. We emote. Our feelings leave a lasting impression on us. How we feel about our existence also explains what we do with it. This brings us to our next question: what makes us happy? Joyous? Content? And how does that affect our life’s true purpose?


When we speak of happiness, joy and contentment, We essentially speak of different things that give us the same feeling. At the end of the day, each one of us wants to feel like we belong to a higher purpose. We all want to be loved, We all want to be accepted for our weird, different and slightly flawed but essentially amazing perspective about life and everything in it. As discussed above we are sentient beings with complex emotions and relationships and each of those complexities gives our life meaning. We are known to get rid of things that do not fit and hence we are okay with letting things go, “moving on” as they say. We are also known for our exceptional power to hold on to things we so badly want to work out, be it a job, a relationship or even materialistic things that give our lives deeper meaning even for a moment. 

The next question would be what is the true meaning of our purpose? Are we defined by everything we do? Or do we choose to give our life definition and direction by all of the things above? It may seem a little confusing, but the answer lies in both the questions we have asked. Yes, all that we do, defines our purpose in life and yes, we choose to define our lives with every decision we make. 

There’s a lot of significance to Murphy’s Law: Everything that is supposed to happen will happen. We are speaking in the context of the complexities of life. We live in a world of endless possibilities and we constantly find ourselves in one of those possibilities at any given point in time until the day we live. Sometimes we are paying attention, sometimes it takes us by surprise and sometimes we get the opportunity of doing something great that makes us infinite even if it’s for a single moment. 

The reason for these moments that become the driving force in our lives is what keeps us going. To understand that the spirit of a human is often pictured as a winner in the most uncomfortable situations. The reason to live, improve and become better versions of ourselves keeps us going. We always find a way to create joy, find peace and contentment. 

The Search Process

The search process is truly an example of our ‘not giving up attitude’. We are resilient and keep on looking for meaning in life until one fine day we find it. Some find the true meaning earlier in life, some a little late, but that is never the problem. We are all built with the capacity to provide, nurture and nourish. We believe in being mediums of change, innovations and information to others. There are different schools of thought that give out similar conclusions to our musings about the higher purpose. The higher purpose of life theorized by philosophers and the learned is always centric towards one goal: service. You might even consider a Sagittarius tarot card reading that could help you better decide what your goals in life are. 

Can people have multiple purposes?

We lead multiple roles within one life. We live the life of different relationships, different jobs, different roles in society and even in our household. So yes, we can have multiple purposes. The more people we serve the higher our purpose is the general dimension to quantify the importance of our purpose. However, it is not of importance how many people we serve, only how we do it. The butterfly effect was theorized from the work of mathematician and meteorologist Edward Lorenz. He noted that the butterfly effect is derived from the metaphorical example of the details of a tornado (the exact time of formation, the exact path taken) being influenced by minor perturbations such as a distant butterfly flapping its wings several weeks earlier. This theory suggests that everything we do affects the outcomes of our present i.e, the future. Know how the aspects of your personality and how it affects your future.

Psychological Benefits of Purpose

The discipline of positive psychology put forth by Martin Seligman has discovered that many of our difficulties are not caused by deep inner conflicts or emotional disorders. Rather, we experience stress and anguish when good ingredients such as happiness, contentment, and vitality are missing from our lives. We're hardwired to create meaning. We often turn to negative sources of meaning if we can't discover positive ones, exacerbating our social, emotional, and bodily issues. 

Purpose in life is linked to improved emotional and physical health, as well as higher enjoyment of life and life source, and work productivity. The purpose is defined as a steady and comprehensive intention to accomplish something that is both personally meaningful and leads to a fruitful connection with some aspect of the world beyond the self. Psychological studies have proven that we tend to move towards that which makes us happy and keeps us content; one of those things in life is ‘Purpose’.

Motivational Factors

Motivational factors give you the strongest factors to find the true meaning of life. Every word means something, every thought has repercussions and every action you take has a consequence. The best motivation we have through our social conditions is to live value based life. That in itself is a motivation. The reward is a life of peace and overall improvisation that comes with discipline, and effort. 

Horoscopes can be motivational as well. Consider a daily horoscope reading that can give you the boost you need to stick to your true purpose for the day. 

Elements of a Life-Crafting Intervention

We are frequently pressured to live a "perfect" life and demonstrate to the world how well they are doing, rather than pursuing our deepest principles and passions. As a result, we require a more structured approach to discovering meaning, such as through an intervention. We address evidence-based methods for establishing purpose, which we refer to as "life crafting." This procedure is consistent with positive psychology and the salutogenesis theory, which emphasizes elements that promote human health and well-being rather than those that cause sickness. 

This approach should ideally begin with an intervention that includes a combination of reflecting on our values, passions, and aspirations, as well as goal-setting plans and other positive psychology strategies. 

Life-crafting Interventions are inclusive of identifying values and passions, reflecting on current and desired competencies and habits, reflecting on current and future social life. Writing about the ideal future, writing down specific goal attainment and "if-then" plans, and making public commitments to the goals. Personal goal planning and goal achievement strategies have been shown in the previous study attempted by psychologists that assists people to gain a sense of direction or purpose in life. 

Living a value-based life

Living a value-based life can mean different things for different people. The important part of living a value-based life is to define what value means to you. The first thing to do here is to identify what value is and how it affects your life. Our values influence how we speak, what we say, what we eat, who we befriend, how we earn a living, and pretty much everything else we do. If we live our lives in accordance with our values, we use them as a guide to make decisions about the small things, the big decisions and everything in between (like what jokes we laugh at, what we eat, and who we hang out with).

Set Realistic Goals

It is a fundamental element of being human to have goals for things we want to do and to strive toward them. The road to our objectives may not always be smooth or easy, but setting goals, big or small, is an important component of living a happy life. It provides us with a feeling of meaning and purpose, directs us in the right path, and keeps us interested and involved, all of which contribute to our overall happiness.

"Well begun is half done," Aristotle said almost 2000 years ago. In terms of objectives, he is correct (as he seems to have been on a lot of things). We are more likely to reach our objectives if we pay attention to how we set them, and achieving them helps us feel good about ourselves and our lives.

Stay away from destructive habits

Destructive habits can stray you from the goal, it may look like a simple thing in the present but could end up being the root cause of the future problem. When it comes to smoking or drugs, the benefits of breaking the habit are biological. It can be emotional at times, such as when we stay in a toxic relationship. And, in many circumstances, our undesirable behavior is merely a stress-reduction strategy. Most people who attempt to overcome unhealthy behaviors fail numerous times before succeeding. We may not achieve success right away, but it does not rule out the possibility. 

Taking a chance with your life and succeeding with the said chance is an on-going process. There needs to be little changes everyday and consistent effort in the direction of progress. The will of a human plays a significant role in transforming your life to align with the higher purpose.

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