Spice Up Your Wardrobe With These Sustainable Swimwear Brands

Feel Good About Yourself Wearing Cute And Sustainable Swimwear

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Do you struggle to find cute and comfortable swimwear? Does the thought of sifting through racks on racks of clothing, trying to find something sustainably made, make your brain hurt?

If that sounds like you, don’t worry, as you are far from being alone! Swimwear shopping is complicated enough on its own, and it’s multiplied tenfold when you add in the challenge of including sustainability in your search.

Fast fashion, an industry responsible for anywhere from eight to ten percent of human carbon emissions, is extremely prevalent in our current consumer market. Its market share has been steadily increasing in recent years, making it more critical than ever that we choose to shop sustainably.

Never fear though! Lucky for us, there are plenty of sustainable swimwear brands that allow us to wear amazing clothes while simultaneously conserving our planet. Read on to learn about five fashionable and sustainable swimwear brands that allow us to do just that!

A power plant releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
Fast fashion is a large contributor towards carbon emissions. One way to do our part in lowering our carbon footprints is by shopping for sustainable-made brands. Image courtesy of TreeHugger.

Top Five Sustainable Swimwear Brands

Let’s talk about some sustainable swimwear brands! Filling your closet with these brands will guarantee you the opportunity to put together some cute looks while simultaneously contributing in the fight against climate change.

If you’d like to pair the sustainable swimwear on this list with an eye-catching necklace or pair of earrings, check out this article for some sustainable jewelry recommendations!

AYA Label

AYA Label is a fashion company based on the idea of sustainability and plastic reduction. They use fishing net and nylon waste to construct their swimwear in a sustainable-manner, along with upcycling returned and unsold items. Additionally, all their swimwear is made in Istanbul and Bali by employing family-operated, ethical factories.

Browsing their swimwear section you will find a smaller selection, but a wide variety of styles. They sell swimwear tops, bottoms, and one-piece ensembles all with their own intricate designs. They are accented by exuberant or neutral colors, depending on one’s preference. Their style as a brand has a simplicity and elegance to it.

If you’re interested in more than just swimwear, AYA Label also has a selection of sport tops, leggings, and accessories.

The price range averages around $50 each for a bathing suit top or bottom, and around $90 for a one-piece swim ensemble.

A woman wearing an orange two-piece bathing suit.
Seen above is the Medusa Top and Medusa Bottom in the orange color option featured on AYA Label. Image courtesy of AYA Label.  


Andie is a swimwear company focused on providing their customers with comfortable and long-lasting bathing suits. Their eco fabric design is made using 87 percent recycled polyester and their suits are designed with durability in mind. They even provide care instructions in order to prolong the life of your bathing suit.

Andie’s items are all made ethically using fair-labor practices that you can read more about here.

With prices ranging between $50-$110, you can find one and two-piece timeless designs with some pastel and bright colors sprinkled in among darker navys and blacks.

A woman wearing a bright orange one-piece bathing suit.
The Rockaway Design in the Siren color available from Andie. Image courtesy of Andie.


SummerSalt is a company that sells sustainable swimwear along with other clothing, accessories, and pajamas. Both their clothing and packaging is made with sustainability in mind.

Similar to AYA Label, SummerSalt utilizes fishing nets alongside nylon waste to make their swimwear. They also make use of materials such as TENCEL that are environmentally friendly. Even their packaging is constructed out of recycled materials.

Their swimwear features several bright, eye-catching colors and prints. Browsing the page you will see vibrant fuschias, turquoises, and corals, all beautiful and all competing for your attention. Because SummerSalt has so many options, there truly is something for everyone!

A snippet off SummerSalt’s website showcasing three different bathing suits all with the same floral print.
Above is a selection of swimwear off of SummerSalt. Many of the prints are featured on several different bathing suit styles, as we can see here. Image courtesy of SummerSalt.

Dippin’ Daisys

Dippin’ Daisys is a female-empowerment based brand that also specializes in creating sustainable clothing and swimwear. They use recycled material, such as reprocessed foam nylon. Additionally, Dippin’ Daisys reassigns their unsellable items to their line Repurpose, keeping waste at a minimum.

Another way Dippin’ Daisys reduces waste is by sending all leftover items and materials to Terracycle in order for them to be reused.

Dippin’ Daisys has a large collection of colorful swimwear that incorporates anything you could want design and style wise. They have one and two-pieces, halter cuts, gradient designs, floral prints, and more!

A picture taken off Dippin’ Daisys’ website featuring three of their bathing suits.
Dippin’ Daisys sells several colorful swimsuits like the ones seen above. Here you can see examples of their different designs and styles. Image courtesy of Dippin’ Daisys.


Skatie, like many of the other sustainable swimwear brands we’ve already discussed, uses recycled material in manufacturing their clothing. They even go a step further by obtaining the rest of their fabric from pre-existing items. They also reduce the use of water by using heat to add color to their clothes. To read more about their sustainable practices, click here!

With over forty pages of swimwear inventory, there is something for everyone at Skatie! They have both neutral and colorful pieces, as well as a wide selection of prints. In addition, there are several different cuts and styles for each piece of fabric design, making it very easy to find a bathing suit that matches your exact preferences!

Three different bathing suits off of Skatie’s site. They all have the same design but separate styles.
Above is an example of Skatie giving the customer the opportunity to choose from separate styles that feature the same print. This way the customer can find something that fits all their preferences.

Second Hand Shops

Another great option we have to shop swimwear sustainably is to buy second-hand items. There are several ways to do this.

You could go the traditional route and visit a local thrift store nearby your place of residence, or you could take advantage of some of the thrift stores that have begun popping up! For example, the online marketplace Mercari is a wonderful example of these virtual thrift stores.

Thanks to social media, you can even find people selling their second hand clothing on sites such as Instagram nowadays.

If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive way to shop swimwear sustainably, thrifting may be the way to go!

Now We Know Five Sustainable Swimwear Brands - So Why Shop There?

We’ve already touched on the fast fashion industry and its high carbon emission rate, but you may be wondering what difference does it really make if you choose not to shop sustainably. After all, you’re only one person, right?

Well, the problem is, if everyone has that mentality, that’s how the problem will continue to grow. Fast fashion has grown so fast because of its marketing of cheap, trendy products. Research has shown that the biggest consumers of fast fashion are those aged 18 to 24. Fast fashion appeals especially to this age group because of its low prices.

When you are aged 18 to 24 you typically make less income than you will later in life, so it is easy to get sucked into the fast fashion world. However, I urge you to resist this pull as much as possible. Sometimes, it is simply impossible to shop fully sustainable because sustainable fashion can be significantly more expensive.

However, even if you can’t shop sustainably all the time, doing so as much as you can will make a difference. Here are some recommendations of businesses where you can shop for sustainable items!

Sustainable clothing hung up on a rack.
Sustainable fashion is more expensive than fast fashion, however if you can afford it, the benefits far outway the cons. Image courtesy of Conscious Life & Style.

So now we know why we should shop sustainably and five great sustainable swimwear brands to shop from! The next step is actually getting out there and browsing these sites yourself so you can find something you absolutely love. Get ready to step out in style while making a positive change in the world!

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