Safe Crafts Ideas For Kids

Better and Safer Alternatives for Your Crafting Moments

Safe and fun crafts for kids

When it comes to crafting, parents don’t want their kids to risk hurting themselves. They want to be sure that the crafts their kids are working on are safe and won’t cause them any harm. However, they might not be entirely sure what crafts are even safe. If you are not sure what crafts are safe, this is the place for you. In this article, we will be listing some craft ideas for your kids to try that are safe to make.

Of course, you will need to be supervising your children as well while they make these crafts, and some of these will require your help. 

In this article we will discuss, the following:

  • The benefits of having your children make crafts
  • Simple crafts for kids to make and more complex crafts
  • Rules for crafting with your kids

There are many benefits from crafting.
Crafting can help kids to learn and grow their knowledge.

The Benefits of Crafting

How These Activities are Helping Your Children

If you have young kids, choosing simple activities to keep them occupied is a great way to help stimulate the brain.You don’t want to make the crafts too complicated, because they might lose interest if it starts to take too much time. So, how do these activities actually help?

When you give a toddler a craft to work on, they can learn things as they make it. Think about it, if a kid has to paint a color by number painting, they are learning the colors and numbers as they go through it. When they are making crafts, they are learning new things that can only help them in the future. 

Also, don’t forget that another benefit is you get to have some fun bonding time with your child! Not only are they learning things, but you are creating fun memories that you guys can look back on later. And you’ll get some cool items to use as homemade decorations when you are finished.

Easier crafts are better for toddlers.
Simpler crafts that involve very few steps are better for toddlers.


Creative Crafts For Kids

Crafts Your Child Can Make in Just a Few Steps and With Some Help

In this section, we will be talking about some of the easier crafts that your kids can make. When you try these crafts, you probably won’t need to be as involved with the actual making of the item as a parent. These crafts only involve a few items, and are generally easy for kids to do.

  • Leaf paintings. This craft is simple and easy. The best part is, it only involves three things. You are going to need real leaves from outside, some washable paints, and some paper. Then from there, all you need to do is allow your kid to get creative. You can also follow these instructions if you want them to try out different techniques. 
  • Cereal crafts.This is a fun and easy craft for kids and they can have a little snack while they make it. You will need some cereal of your choosing, a paper plate, some crayons, and some non toxic glue. In the example that we will be attaching, they made a rainbow using fruit loops and mini marshmallows. To make this craft, you can follow these instructions. 
  • Fruit stamps. Like the leaf paintings, this craft is also simple, easy, and involves only 3 ingredients depending on how many types of fruit you decide to use. You’ll need a fruit that can be cut so there is a flat side, washable paint, and paper. In the example that will be attached, they use apple halves, but you can also use fruits such as plums, peaches, pears, and nectarines. This craft is also great because you can let your kid snack while doing it. Just make sure they aren’t using one of the pieces with paint on it. For this craft, you can follow these instructions. 

There are many other simple and safe crafts out there, so remember, these are only a few to give you some ideas. You can look up other simple and safe crafts to try with your kids if none of these work. We consider these good for toddlers and younger children since they don’t require many steps. This way the kids won’t lose interest too easily. Also, all of the items used are safe and easy for kids to use. As long as you prepare the items for the kids, they should be good to go. 

Not all crafts are super simple, and that is okay! Some require more materials, more steps, and the help of a parent. If your child is older, they might want to do more challenging crafts because they feel that they are above simple crafts. They can still do these crafts with more advanced materials, and as long as a parent is there to watch or help, they will be fine. 

In this section, we will be listing a few crafts that you can try to do with your children. Younger children can do them too, they just might get tired after a while. Also, we will stress again that parental supervision is important, especially with these crafts. 

  • Glitter Glycerine Bottles. This craft is really cool to make and is good for multiple reasons. It doesn’t require that many ingredients, and your kid can use it as a stress relief item. All they have to do is shake the bottle and watch it settle to help with whatever anxiety they might be feeling. To make this craft, you will need the following items: water, glycerin, glitter, and an empty voss bottle/a glass jar. The instructions we will be following use a Voss water bottle to make this, but you can also use a glass jar. The website also includes five other ways for you to make this craft!
  • Homemade Playdough. This is a craft that your kids can play with for multiple days and it’s fun to make! You can even add some essential oils to your mix to make the dough smell good. You will need the following items to make homemade playdough: flour, salt, cream of tartar, water, and vegetable oil. You can then follow these instructions to make the dough. 
  • Paper Towel Stamps. This is a fun project that you can do with items you probably already have lying around your house. It only takes about five minutes to get ready, and your kids will be able to play around with it for quite a while without getting bored. You will need a paper towel tube, paper, a plate, paint, and a paintbrush. The more paper towel tubes you have, the better. This way your kids can create more paintings with different colors. You can make this craft by following the instructions here. 

And of course, these are just a few different options of crafts that you can try with your kids. If you do more research, there are plenty of options out there.

Rules are important for crafting
In order to craft safely, there are certain rules that parents need to put in place and follow.


Rules For Crafting

Steps That Parents Should Follow When They Craft With Their Kids

As we stated multiple times throughout the article, only because it is important, your kids should always be supervised when they are crafting. You need to be aware of multiple things in order to safely craft with your children. 

In this section, we will be going through a few important things to remember when crafting with your kids. There are many more rules beyond these few, we are just trying to touch on some important ones. 

  1. Read the labels of the products you are using. This is important. Make sure that everything you are using hasn’t expired and that there are no toxic substances in the products. 
  2. Have all of the supplies ready to go before you start crafting. Make sure you have everything ready in the area that you are crafting in. You should not be getting up to leave and grab the supplies while you are crafting. An accident may occur when you are  not in the room. 
  3. Keep your pets out of your crafting area until you are finished. This of course is for your pets safety. You don’t want them picking up supplies off of the floor and eating things they shouldn’t be eating. It’s better to just keep them out of the area until you are done and everything is cleaned up.
  4. Don’t leave your kids alone with sharp and dangerous crafting items. Don’t walk away from the table and leave your children in the area with sharp objects. They could accidentally hurt themselves if you leave. 
  5. Make sure the area is ventilated if you are making a craft that is scented. Crack open a window before you start to make sure fresh air is coming in. Even if your crafts contain safe ingredients, it’s a good idea to do this.

If you follow these rules, you will be able to craft safely with your children.

Hopefully this article was able to give you some insight into crafting safely with your children. Safety should be your top priority, so if you have any tips, share them with your friends!

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