Pittsburgh’s Top 8 Female Rappers To Put On Your Radar

We also added a few from neighboring communities to spread the love!

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If you are familiar with the Pittsburgh rap scene then you know that big names have emerged from this special city. Such as Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller who are now recognized worldwide. While there are plenty of male rappers in the city, the female artists are up and coming and ready to take over the spotlight. It is time for smaller-name female artists to be talked about and praised for their dedication to the male-dominated rap scene. That is why we discovered eight of the newest female rappers that hail from the Steel City as well as other communities relatively close to it. 

Kellee Maize

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Music is an art form and Kellee Maize channeled her emotions into her lyrics to create her own art. Read more about her story here.

A Pennsylvanian through and through is this rapper right here! From a very young age she knew that music was going to be a big part of her identity and her life. She started out performing for her family and worked hard to be able to perform alongside other hip hop bands on the big stage. Kellee Maize uses her music as an outlet for her emotions and as a way to spread awareness of the injustices of modern day society. While the rap scene still holds a special place in her heart, she has branched out into entrepreneurial and spiritual ventures. 

Blak Rapp M.A.D.U.S.A.

Melanie Carter, who is mostly referred to as Blak Rapp M.A.D.U.S.A is making waves in the Pittsburgh activist scene. M.A.D.U.S.A. stands for “making a difference using skills and activism” and this artist dedicates their energy to realizing this acronym. By intertwining their personal experiences into their melodies, stories that carry the themes of social injustice and empowerment are brought to life. Their music creates unity between individuals that gather from an assortment of backgrounds, shapes, and races. Through their art, Blak Rapp M.A.D.U.S.A serves as an advocate for marginalized communities and is actively working to make a difference in society. 

Clara Kent

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Clara Kent earned the prestigious honor of being Pittsburgh’s Musician of The Year in 2020. Image courtesy of Next Pittsburgh.

Breaking stereotypes is easy work for an artist like Clara kent. Born and raised in Pittsburgh’s neighborhood of Homewood, she recounts her upbringing in her music to change misconceptions associated with the neighborhood and the black community as a whole. Her music is inspired by R&B and carries a whole lot of spirituality in it so it’s sure to reach your soul. Recently, she re-released some of her old hits and they are ready to be shared with the world. Check out her music and mission on Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube- whichever platform you favor!

Tierra Whack 

Originally going by the name of Dizzle Dizz, Tierra Whack changed her stage identity back to her real name. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is where her journey in the music field began at a young age. Her love for rhyming couldn't be contained so as a teenager she would share her talent with the community by freestyling in the streets. “World Wide Whack” is her latest album that lets her audience see the complex emotions she has been experiencing.   

Armani Caesar

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Her latest album “Liz 2” can be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music. Image sourced from Billboard

With millions of views and listens on numerous media platforms it's no wonder why Armani Caesar is becoming a household name. Originally from Buffalo, New York, she was the first female artist signed with the Griselda Record label marking her fast ascent to stardom. Since the deal was made in 2020, she has amassed nearly five-hundred thousand followers on Instagram and is collaborating with big-names in the music industry such as Kodak Black and DaBaby. 

Jean Grae 

If you are a resident of New York City then you might have already heard of Jean Grae. She was part of the underground rap scene in the nineties when she was recruited for a demo album with the band Ground Zero. Known for her masterful lyricism,  Jean Grae is a force to be reckoned with. The music industry is not the only place that she is putting all of her time and effort into. She is often seen teaching younger generations the art of music, producing, cosmetology, and even writing- there is nothing that she cannot do! 


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Following and listening to their latest releases is an easy way to support smaller artists. Image courtesy of Miikiiswrld.

It’s Miki’s world and we’re just living in it. She is a Pittsburgh native that is bringing the heat to the city’s rap scene! Specifically her song “NorthSide” with rapper Chibi, which references the Northside area of the city, has nostalgic elements that can only be found in beloved songs from the early 2000’s. Miki, with almost four-thousand followers on Instagram, recently announced her latest album BACK2EARTH that has R&B tones to put you in the right mood. 

Young Keyz

In relation to many other artists in the world, Young Keyz channels her emotions into her raps as a form of expression. She reflects on emotionally difficult times that ultimately made her who she is today, a strong female artist who is working for a spot at the table. In an interview she said “Being a female artist hasn’t been a smooth ride” because of preexisting obstacles in society and due to the effort that must be directed towards being a mother. Young Keyz consistently creates music and has over twenty music videos that can be viewed on her YouTube channel.  

Making your way in the world as an aspiring artist is a difficult feat in itself. Being an already male-dominated industry, now is the time for female artists to get the recognition that they rightfully deserve. Consider adding the songs from these up and coming artists to your music library. The smallest amount of support means the world to aspiring artists! 

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