[my crystals] Guide To Using Citrine Crystal To Manifest

Everything you want to know about making your dreams come true 

Manifestation is a powerful tool that has been used by spiritual leaders and ambitious people for thousands of years. It was popularised in the West after the release of the book The Secret in 2006. 

The basic concept behind manifestation is that we have the power to attract the things that we want in life. We just need to make sure that we are giving out the right kind of energy. 

Using a crystal, like Citrine, can make this task easier. 

What is Citrine? 

You are probably wondering - what is Citrine and why is it so useful for manifesting? 

Well, Citrine is a healing crystal that comes in shades of amber, yellow, and brown with a clear main body. Citrine is particularly potent when it aligns with the third eye chakra, the heart chakra, and the sacral chakra. 

The name Citrine comes from the Latin word citrina which means Lemon. Citrine is also known as the Sun Stone in many cultures because of the yellow and amber streaks that appear in most stones and in some lights, the stone looks like it glows. 

Citrine is a great crystal to manifest with if you are interested in any of the following 4 topics: 

Body - Citrine is believed to stimulate the digestive system and soothe the bowls. It is also believed to help remove headaches. 

Spirit - Citrine is believed to bring lightness and joy to the spirit. 

Mind - Citrine is a fantastic stone to meditate on if you have to make a big decision or if you have a problem to solve.

Emotions - Citrine brings confidence and maturity to those who meditate with it. If you feel like you are stuck in the past then reach for Citrine. 

Crystals to pair with Citrine 

When you are using crystals to manifest, you do not just have to stick with one type of crystal. In fact, it might be beneficial to use a small collection of crystals. 

When you are picking out extra crystals, you must be sure that they pair well with Citrine. Here are two interesting options: 

Clear Quartz - This gem pairs well with every other type of crystal. Clear Quartz can be used to magnify another crystal's powers. 

Opal - Citrine is used to bring lightness to the spirit and Opal is used to remove negativity. In many ways they make the perfect pair. 

The 4 steps 

The four steps of manifesting can be traced as far back as the 9th century. They will help you to manifest wholeheartedly. 

Step 1 - DESIRE, pull what you want and need in your life to the front of your mind 

Step 2 - BELIEVE, let go of the negative thoughts and energy that is keeping good things out of your life 

Step 3 - CONNECT, connect with the energy of the world, using Citrine and Clear Quartz to accelerate the process 

Step 4 - EXPECT, stop self-sabotaging and let go of the idea that you do not deserve good things 

The keys to success 

Some people think that manifestation is about demanding things from the universe. However, this is not the case. Manifestation allows you to tune in with the positive energy around you and it allows you to invite more of it into your life. 

When working with crystals (and chakras) the right hand is associated with positive energy. Whereas the left hand is associated with handling negative energies. When you are working with a crystal it is important that you hold it in your right hand. 

Everything that you try to manifest needs to come from a positive place within you. Many of us make the mistake of asking for things for a negative reason - i.e. "I hate my life but more money would make it better". This does not great the energy you need to bring good things into your life. 

As humans, we are impatient far too often. When we first start manifesting, a lot of us get upset because we haven't been given instant proof that it works. The universe works at its own base. Do not rush it, instead, trust it. 

As well as holding the crystal in your right hand, you need to make sure that you are manifesting with the right set of crystals. If you are looking for a solution to a problem then Citrine is a great stone. But if you want to improve family relationships then you would need to use a Garnet. 

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