Is Your Sperm Strong Enough?

Just like a woman's biological clock ticks away with age, so does a man's sperm count. As a matter of fact, the older you get, the more your body starts to produce more defective sperm containing DNA mutations that could harm your baby. Women are not the only ones whose complications could link to lower fertility, risk of miscarriage or increased likelihood of autism. Read these 7 things you do every day that destroys your sperm. Now that I've scared you, I'll tell you what you can do about your weak sperm. (Sorry, boys. Truth hurts.) For starters, your lifestyle and habits have a profound impact on fertility. Women are continually educated on diet, vitamins, exercise, smoking, etc. and men should be as well. Aside from improving your lifestyle, a $495 test called Seed could in the future predict the child's risk of autism and neurological disorders as well as diagnosis possible fertility problems. Episona sends a tiny testing kit to your home and you can return your samples to its lab to await your results.A simpler alternative is home fertility checks you can do in just minutes. The first test is to scan your balls for any bulging veins (fear not, surgery can fix this). A vein like this heats up your testicles, hurting the production of your sperm. You can also buy a test called Yo Home Sperm Test for $50 using your smartphone! You can see a live video of your swimmers in action and the test will tell you how many of them are capable of reaching an egg.

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