How To Use Rare and Precious Stones to Heal Your Soul

Rare and precious stones come in many shapes and sizes, and are gaining popularity in recent years, and for good reason! There are plenty of reasons to get into owning and collecting precious stones. From the way they look to the many health and wellness benefits, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate rare and precious stones into your life. From enhancing your health, happiness, mood, or prospects, precious stones can do it all!

If you’re new to the world of crystals, precious stones, and their benefits, there are a few things you need to get caught up on. If you’re looking for some inspiration, or to learn something new about stones, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about precious stones and how they can help soothe your heart and soul. 

Energetic stones

Most people often suffer from low or bad energy, both in their body and spirit. This negative energy can make your life harder and can lead to unnecessary pain and suffering. One way to heal the hurt in your mind and body is to use energy-positive or transformative stones. 

These stones either amplify your own energy, transform it, or get rid of bad juju and negativity. Those at say that moldavite is a powerful transformative stone that can keep your energy levels up and positive. Other energetic stones like clear quartz and citrine, although less potent, are also a great choice.

Healing stones

When it comes to healing your soul, you can’t go wrong with healing crystals in most cases. While some stones can boost your energy, help you fall in love, or bring you more luck, there are certain stones that focus only on healing energy. Healing stones can help strengthen your core energy and cleanse it from any bad vibrations or energies. 

Stones like amethyst, jasper, agate, and amazonite are good examples of stones with healing powers. These stones vibrate and interact with the body’s natural energy field in a positive way and can help the wearer feel calm and at ease. 

Protection stones

Some would say that defense is the best offense, and this rings true for crystal healing. When it comes to healing your mind and body, it’s a good idea to have some protection stones lying around. Whether someone may be wishing something bad on you, or you’re suffering from a case of bad luck, protection stones might be able to help you. 

Stones can help ward off many things that can bring you harm from curses to bad luck, to psychic attacks. Stones like black tourmaline, obsidian, and amethyst are powerful protection stones. These stones can help keep your body and soul from harm. These stones are commonly worn as pendants and can help ward off nightmares and bad energy and can help cleanse.

Stones for wealth

Protecting your mind and body can be done in many ways, and sometimes, through monetary gain. Money is something that invokes stress and pain for a lot of people today, so making sure you’re financially stable is a good way to heal your spirit. Certain precious stones can help bring more luck in the money department, and help you de-stress. Investing in wealth-promoting stones like citrine, pyrite, and tiger’s eye is a good move. These lucky stones are said to bring luck, wealth, and prosperity to the wearer, and make for a great accessory.

Stones for love

Last but not least, if love indeed concerts all, then love can surely save and soothe your spirit. If attracting love into your life is important to you and your health, you might want to try using some love stones and crystals. Stones like rose quartz, pink kunzite, and rhodonite are said to attract love to the wearer in a variety of ways. Though boosting your own self-love and strengthening bonds and communication. Through healing emotional wounds, these stones bring love back into your life. If you find yourself lacking in the love department, try turning the tables with these precious love stones.

So there you have it! With all this crystal knowledge under your belt, you're ready to embark on your healing journey in no time! Healing your mind, body, and soul with crystals can be done in many ways, starting with your energy. Heal your energy and life source with powerful energetic crystals. 

Focus on healing with specialized, precious healing stones. Ward off evil and bad vibes with protection stones and protect your energy. If money can help you heal, then invest in some wealth and prosperity attracting stones. Bring back some love into your life and heal your emotional wounds with stones for love. Whether you want to elevate your vibration, guard yourself against bad energy, or attract love and prosperity, precious stones can do it all!

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