How to Use A Pillow to Get Pregnant

Debunking Common Myths About Conception

Dealing with the complications of trying to conceive? You've probably tried everything under the sun from changing your diet to only having sex in certain positions. But have you gone as far as purchasing a special pillow to elevate your hips after conception? If you haven't... don't. Reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Jennifer Hirshfeld-Cytron, offers her expert opinion on the matter. "Don't spend money on a special pillow when trying to conceive. No pillow will make a difference when trying to achieve a positive pregnancy test," she insists. 

While this particular myth may have just been debunked, aren't there other hacks, like specific sex positions? Hirshfeld-Cytron holds her ground and says no. "Sex positions that increase conception odds are a huge myth-- all positions work similarly for purpose of fertility. Have fun and do the sex positions you enjoy." She goes on to confirm that gravity has nothing to do with conception. Whether you think you have to prop yourself up with a pillow or have sex in a certain position, both are irrelevant to sperm's natural travel habits. 

"Sperm are motile and have already 'taken off' the moment intercourse occurs; getting up will not necessarily impede any success," she concludes. While it can't hurt to try all of these things when trying to conceive (TTC), keep in mind many of these cheats are not scientifically backed up. So what can you do? Have patience. "Remember if it was this hard, none of us would be here," Hirshfeld-Cytron says.

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