How to Know When You're Officially Pregnant

Navigating Conception is Tricky-- Here's Help!

Anxiously awaiting to find out if you're pregnant is never fun, especially if you're trying to plan the month you wish to give birth. Let's face it, no one wants to be super pregnant during the hot summer months because you're uncomfortable as is. It's also good to know because you have ultrasounds to schedule, milestones to hit, progress to track, announcements to make, and birth plans to time. Knowing when you're "officially" pregnant may be a difficult thing to know for sure.The development is counted from the first day of your last period and calculating 12 to 16 days from your next expected period. Each time a woman has a period, her body is preparing for pregnancy which is why you calculate pregnancy from the last menstrual period. Though the development of the fetus does not begin until conception nearly two weeks later. As for pregnancy tests, at home tests aren't sensitive enough to pick up the small amount of hCG produced. Therefore, taking an at home pregnancy test three weeks into your cycle is the earliest time to receive close to accurate results. Navigating conception is difficult to do and scientifically you are officially pregnant much sooner than you'll be able to detect so hang tight and try apps to help you make it through this period! Ovia Fertility Tracker & Ovulation Calculator is free and teams up with you to take control of your cycle.

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