How Quickly Can You Get Pregnant Again?

The Truth Behind Fertility After Birth

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There are many rumors on how quickly a woman can get pregnant after giving birth. "Your hormones will make you infertile!" "You can't get pregnant immediately after!" Each of these are false, but there is still no set certainty when it comes to fertility. The average women begins ovulating postpartum 74 days after delivering, but some women can ovulate as early as 25 days. So what does that mean about your fertility? Yes, the data would show that you are, indeed, less fertile after pregnancy. But that doesn't mean you can't get pregnant again, and even again after! Doctors recommend waiting about 12 months --that way your body will have enough time to recover before trying to get pregnant again. Doctors also recommend postpartum patients research birth control options until they are ready to conceive again. It is better to take precautionary methods in case you are able to ovulate immediately postpartum. Meet with your OB-GYN to discuss the best alternative for you. Whether you are eager to conceive again or not, give your body time, rest, and care following birth.. Every woman's body is different, so don't be upset if your body needs a little more recovery time than others.

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