How IVF Offers Hope to those with Endometriosis

IVF can be the answer to your problems

Science has proven that women with endometriosis are much more likely to experience infertility, but it also now shows that IVF can be the answer to those problems.

The Truth Behind Endometriosis

7-10% of women live with endometriosis, and for them, proving to be fertile is more often than not a challenge. Endometriosis contributes to infertility when endometrial cells found in the uterus begin to grow outside of it. When this scar tissue interferes with the fallopian tubes egg capture ability after ovulation, infertility is likely to occur. 20-50% of women owe their infertility to endometriosis, but popularly used surgical treatments of the condition are commonly found to improve fertility by 25%. Now with the right treatment and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), fertility is a much stronger possibility.

How can IVF help?

If you suffer from Endometriosis and are dealing with infertility, IVF could be the solution. IVF can offer greater chances of pregnancy for patients dealing with moderate to severe diseases like this one. The procedure involves collecting a woman's eggs and then fertilizing them with sperm in a lab setting. Once the eggs are fertilized, they are then placed in the uterus via the cervix. It is this placement that results in a more likely fertility, as the embryo is attached through IVF, and pregnancy may occur.

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