Here Are the Top Gifts You Need to Get Your Favorite Scorpio

Because you’re definitely going to need help gifting for this star sign.

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Born between October 23rd and November 21st, the scorpio star sign is known for being quite mysterious and secretive. However, there is so much more to a scorpio than that! They are also very passionate people that are aware of what they want and what they need. Scorpios are categorized as a water sign, which means that they are able to tune into their emotions. In fact, it is actually where their emotions tend to derive from. Though, you may be intimidated by what you should be giving them as a gift? Well, the short answer is anything that shows that you really know them.

If that’s not enough, here are a few places you can start as you look for the best gift for your favorite scorpio:

  • Let Your Favorite Scorpio Tune into Their Sentimental Side
  • Help Your Favorite Scorpio De-stress with These Self-Care Gifts
  • Giving the Gift of Alone Time
Woman looking at a photo album.
A photo album or scrapbook will show your favorite scorpio how much they mean to you!

Let Your Favorite Scorpio Tune into Their Sentimental Side

Whether you know it or not, scorpios actually have a very strong sentimental side.

Scorpios passion and care tend to stem from an emotional place, which means that they hold an emotional connection to a lot of things. If you’re not sure that your favorite scorpio has this sentimental side, rest assured, they most certainly do. Here are a few sentimental based gift ideas to tell your scorpio that they aren’t a mystery to you!

Journals: Adding a journal to any gift you give can be a really cute added touch! It will especially tell your favorite scorpio that you really know that they have an emotional side that they enjoy tuning into. While it may not be the most luxurious or exciting gift, it is a gift that your favorite scorpio will be sure to cherish! For those scorpios that journal, they will be so excited to get a cute, new journal. While for those that aren’t journalers, they will most likely be eager to start!

Scrapbook or Photo Album: Okay, this gift idea may take quite a bit of planning and a bit more effort on your part. So, if you are looking for a quick gift to run and pick up, this definitely isn’t it! But, how cute would it be to gift your favorite secretly sentimental scorpio a scrapbook or a photo album of all your favorite memories and adventures together? Hint: it’d be super cute!

This is also a great gift idea for a group of friends to collaborate on! If you and your group of friends all take a section of the photo album or scrapbook to work on, it would make your favorite scorpio the happiest and most sentimental scorpio that there ever was!

Beautiful Stationary: Stationary may not be sentimental by itself, but what you use the stationary for certainly can be sentimental! Items such as thank you notes, stickers, or decorative paper are all very fun and especially useful. While stationary is also not all that exciting, it can be a bit pricey when you add it all up! So, your favorite scorpio will certainly see you as a big spender for adding in stationary! Plus, you are guaranteed to get an adorable thank you note from your favorite scorpio with the stationary you get for them!

We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game: While scorpios love a heart to heart conversation - given their close connection to their emotional side - scorpios also love that sense of mystery. So, why not combine the two and give them a game that is meant to create that connection with others. The game “We’re Not Really Strangers” is a great example of these types of games.

While just one example, “We’re Not Really Strangers” is a card game that consists of questions that allow you to really get to know the people that you’re playing with. With this gift, your favorite scorpio will not only walk away having a deeper connection to the people they play it with, but they will also get the satisfaction of “winning” a game. And honestly, if you’re feeling up to it, you could always create your own version that is personalized to your favorite scorpio! That’s just one added bonus to tapping into their emotional side.

Woman practicing her nightly self-care routine.
Help your favorite scorpio destress with these relaxing self-care gift ideas!

Help Your Favorite Scorpio De-Stress with These Self-Care Gifts

Scorpios tend to be stressed for no reason, which is the perfect gift you can give them!

Chances are that your favorite scorpio really knows how to worry themselves. However, they hardly ever have an actual reason as to why they’re worried! By gifting them self-care related gifts, they will have to take time to destress and stop worrying about the nothing that they are worried about!

Air Diffuser: An air diffuser is a great gift for your favorite scorpio that doesn’t realize that they have a worrying problem! Adding in a few essential oils that are good for de-stressing and calming the mind, this is the perfect gift to help your favorite scorpio take a deep breath. The best part is that they won’t even notice! Allowing the essential oils to do the work is all your favorite scorpio will need!

Self-Care Kit: If you want to be a little more forward in your approach to getting your favorite scorpio to take some time off their busy schedule and relax, you can put together a nice self-care kit that will be sure to get the message across!

If you find yourself stumped as to what you want to put in your favorite scorpio’s self care kit, do not overthink it! There are dozens of self care items that will fit perfectly into your kit that will make it the perfect gift. As long as all of the items are for self care, like sheet masks, nail polish, and jade rollers, your favorite scorpio will have no excuse but to pamper themselves.

Planner: While this may not exactly be a traditional self-care item, it can certainly help your favorite scorpio stay organized and worry less! Self-care is taking care of the mind, body, and soul, so if your mind is taken up by trying to keep track of all the things that need to get done, you will never be able to cleanse your mind! Help your favorite scorpio out by purchasing them a planner that they will be able to use all year long to keep them on track!

Woman reading by a window.
Give your favorite scorpio the chance for some alone time with books!

Giving the Gift of Alone Time

Give your favorite scorpio an excuse for a little me time with these gift ideas!

Your favorite scorpio more than likely cherishes their alone time, so gift them something that will allow them to take a little time to themselves! There’s no shame in supporting your favorite scorpio to avoid as many people as they can.

A Thrilling Book: Scorpios always want to be swept away into a dark and mysterious world where they can truly escape. This is a perfect gift even for those scorpios that aren’t big readers! If you find a book that speaks to them, they will have to pick it up, and most likely won’t be able to put it down! Not sure what book to get? A steamy thriller is always a good choice for scorpios, mixing sensual with scare.

Noise Cancelling Headphones: Noise cancelling headphones are the ultimate gift that you could buy your favorite scorpio. Not only will the headphones signal to all around your favorite scorpio that they don’t want to be bothered, but it also allows your favorite scorpio to completely tune out the surroundings of the world around them.

And if you aren’t sure if they need a new pair of noise cancelling headphones, buy them a pair anyways, because they’ve probably got an area of their life that they could use an extra set of headphones! Whether it’s for the gym, for in the car, or to keep in their bag, an extra pair of headphones is an important necessity!

Bath Bombs: While bath bombs can also be categorized as a self care item, they are unique in that bath bombs are for private, individual use. With other items, you can have a face mask night or paint your friend’s nails. However, a bath bomb is an excuse for your favorite scorpio to be completely alone with themselves and enjoy the gift of a colorful, warm bath.

Hopefully, with these gift ideas, you don’t see your favorite scorpio quite as mysterious and secretive as before, giving you a window into the perfect gifts that you can get them! When in doubt, go with something that shows you really know them and cherish their friendship!

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