Here Are The Best Zodiac Inspired Gifts For Your Favorite Aquarius!

Your Aquarius friend is a spontaneous, independent, and free-spirited person. Give them a gift that’s as exciting as they are!

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Aquarius, the eleventh of the zodiac signs, is born between January 21st to February 20th. Aquarians are known for being smart, independent, and adventurous. They are very social but greatly value their alone time. They are very thoughtful people with a strong humanitarian streak. They care a lot about the people in their lives and tend to be idealists. Contributing to a better world is something they take great pride in. They feel a sense of responsibility towards others that drives their kindness. 

But that doesn’t mean that they can be taken advantage of. They are strong and resilient people. They are fearless in the face of the world around them, and their inner sense of independence shines through in the way they carry themselves. 

Air signs are often incredibly quirky. They are often up for an adventure and can easily skip out on certain obligations to seek them. Will they postpone working on a project to have fun? Maybe. It depends on how much fun they could have, or simply how bored they might be. Aquarius people do not do well with boredom. They need to stimulate their senses, otherwise they’ll get restless. This is likely a quality that you see prominently in your Aquarius friend. They constantly surprise you with their spontaneous whims. You should return the favor! 

There are many great gifts that your Aquarius will appreciate. Since they are quiet, deep thinkers with a penchant for eccentricity, you can cater to their quiet side by giving them a gift that helps them to relax and unwind. Since they are friendly and sociable, and bound to make some last-minute excursions, you can choose to indulge their adventurous side. Prepare them for one of their many adventures. They might be on the run too often to consider certain accommodations for themselves. You could be the one to do it. There are many possibilities to look into for your Aquarius friend. Here is a list of gifts that fit the Aquarius personality most!

Give the Gift of Relaxation

A lot of nice-looking bathing supplies.
This assortment of bath items looks very soothing. Imagine jumping into a bath with these!

Bath Salts: Aquarius people need time to relax. As an air sign, they spend a lot of time in their heads. Get them to focus on their physical needs with a gift that will encourage them to take relaxing baths. Bath salts are excellent for relaxation and they provide great aromatherapy. You can choose from different scents available. Some are infused with lavender oil, some with rosehip oil, and some contain other oil infusions. You can even find bath salts infused with different rose petals to add a visual experience.  

Bath Bombs: Bath bombs will heighten your Aquarius friend’s bath experience. They add softeners and emollients to the water that will leave your friend with gorgeously smooth, well moisturized skin. Their bathtub will be transformed into a spa that indulges their senses. They will leave the tub with a glow and a lingering aroma on their skin. It makes for a great ending to a tiring day. Your Aquarius friend deserves time to decompress! Make sure they know that. 

Scented Candles: Scented candles will bring a relaxing atmosphere into any room your Aquarius friend desires. Help them turn their home into an oasis by giving them candles made of their favorite scents. The fragrance will stimulate their senses while the glow adds a great ambiance to the room. It’s an amazing mood booster. Help them appreciate their home life and relax after one of their many exciting adventures. They will find out that home can be exciting in a different way than the outside world is. 

Give Them the Gift of Adventure

An open book, a hat, sunglasses, and grapes lying on a beach towel.
This scenario will look like an amazing afternoon for your Aquarius friend. 

Portable Battery: Aquarians love adventure. They continually surprise you with their spontaneity and willingness to do things on a whim. Make sure they’re prepared for their future excursions! Doing things on a whim can leave a person unprepared. Having your phone lose charge when you’re out is always the worst! You can’t call anyone and you can’t listen to your favorite songs when the mood strikes you. Your Aquarius friend has probably had a few moments when their phone or another electronic device lost power before they could make it home. Make sure that doesn’t happen to them again! They’ll be so appreciative of having safer adventures when their devices are always available to use.

Pocket Blanket: A pocket blanket is an outdoor blanket that can fit into a tiny pouch in your pocket. Since Aquarians are liable to take on an activity last minute, this blanket will make life more convenient for them. They can stick it in their pocket before they leave home for the day, or they can simply keep it in a purse or a backpack to grab whenever they need it! It causes no hassle, unlike the average large blanket. If the mood for a picnic strikes, they can pull it out and lay it down in the park! They can head to the beach if they want to! They can even lie down on the grass and read a book whenever the mood strikes them. 

Mini Espresso Machine: Your adventurous friend needs lots of energy to carry them through the day. A mini espresso machine is the perfect gift for someone who is often on the go. Your favorite Aquarian can enjoy a delicious cup of espresso wherever they are! They could be in class, at work, or on a bus headed an hour away from town. It doesn’t make a mess and is easy to clean. No matter their location, this small espresso machine will add some pleasure to their day along with an energy boost. The energy boost from a cup of espresso could be much needed for an Aquarius. 

Give the Gift of Self Expression

A yellow duck tea infuser with loose leaf tea scattered on the table.
Your friend will love how fun this tea infuser is! This makes drinking tea more fun than it already is. Image courtesy of Amazon

Unique Wall Art: Give your Aquarius a piece of artwork that reminds them of their favorite things. There is a great feeling of pride and joy that you get when you look around your abode and see all the things that represent who you are. Your Aquarius friend likely has a home filled with various unique items. You can add to that scenery with an art piece that makes you think of them. You know some of the things they like. Use that information to find them an art piece that represents them! 

Does your friend like pandas? Why not get them this painting of a panda smoking hookah? Does your friend think monkeys are super cool? Are they a huge fan of music? Get them this painting of a pensive monkey in multicolored headphones! Make sure it is something that will put a smile on your friend’s face. This Deadpool mural would be great for a superhero lover! The modern character in old-style clothing fits well with the propensity Aquarius people tend to have for both modern and old styles. When it comes to art work, the possibilities are endless! There is sure to be something out there that sparks your eye and reminds you of your friend. 

Passport and Luggage Tag Set: Your independent friend can jet off at any time. You’re not always aware of where they’re going. They might not even know where they’ll end up later when they leave the house. Their trips are not always planned. Anything can happen for them on an average day. Make sure they don’t lose their bags with a fun and stylish passport and luggage tag set. There are many different brands, colors, and styles available. You can choose one that has your friend’s favorite colors, one that has a saying they love on it, or you could even get them one that is customized! There are options with uniquely shaped luggage tags, like dogs, eye balls, and avocados. Make sure your friend travels in style!

Fun Tea Infuser: Get your friend’s day started on a fun note with a unique tea infuser. Drinking tea can be a great way to start your day and is also a great way to relax later on. When your friend goes for a cup of energizing black tea, or a calming cup of chamomile, the interesting and funny tea infuser you’ve gotten for them will put a smile on their face! There are many different kinds, each unique in different ways. You can choose a Mr. Tea Infuser. It is shaped like a person and has a really relaxed look on its face. It will look like a person enjoying a hot tub dip when steam rises up around it. You can choose an adorable rubber duckie tea infuser, or a super cute Russian nesting doll infuser. 

These gifts are perfect for a headstrong Aquarius. Your Aquarius friend is sure to appreciate your effort when they receive one of these awesome gifts! 

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